My New Neighbour

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Chapter 14

I kept all my shopping bags on my bed and ran back downstairs. I smiled in content when I saw my parents watching the television.

I huffed a sigh of relief when I sat down on the floor, curled up by the foot of the sofa with my eyes glued to the only source of light in the living room.

Leaning against my mom’s legs, I sighed again as her fingers raked through my long curls in an absentminded motion while she watched the television. I loved it when she does that.

“How was your shopping spree?”, mom suddenly squealed and shook my shoulders slightly. Calm it woman. I am tired, for crying out loud.

I groaned and glared at my mom.

“It was perfect”, I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm. I glared at the screen while thinking about Max. He left me there, and completely alone. That asshole!

“Oh that’s great”, my mom chirped out loud.

“Yeah right”, I muttered quietly.

“Anyway, did you have a nice time with Max”, mom asked again, not noticing that I was currently not in the mood to chitchat.

“Just stop it, mom. Max is not even my boyfriend and he did not even hesitate to leave me at the shopping mall alone today. He is such a jerk and a complete idiot”, I shouted and jolted up from sitting cross legged on the floor. My father got startled and stood up, looking at me.

“What are you trying to say, princess?”, he asked and grabbed my arms, turning me to face him.

“Shel, what’s the matter?”, mom asked and walked to stand beside dad. They both looked at me and waited for me to say something.

“H-he he -

“He what, princess?”, dad asked worriedly.

“He lied when he said that he was my boyfriend”, I finally told them.

“WHAT?”, they both yelled in unison, their eyes wide with shock and their faces appeared expressionless. Mom looked appalled and dad was fuming with anger.

“B-but he- h- why?”, mom stuttered.

“He was only joking around, mom”, I replied slowly and rolled my eyes when I thought of Max.

“But, why didn’t you tell us about it, princess?”, dad asked calmly and frowned at me as if trying to read the thoughts spiralling in my mind. Gee dad, that’s scary and so not you.

“Did you even gave me the time to tell you about it?”, I asked and rolled my eyes at them. I think I have been doing that a lot lately.

Mom looked down ashamed of herself or maybe also a little sad that she thought that her little nerd was actually getting into the shoes of an actual high schooler. Like really mom!

When I glanced at my dad, I felt the guilt in the pit of my heart. He looked hurt.

“You could have at least told me, princess. If he did something to you there at the mall, I would have never been able to forgive myself. I should have known that you could never have had a relationship with that boy. Anything could have happened to you there at the mall. You were alone with him, princess”, my dad said softly while he caressed my hair. He looked so vulnerable and weak.

“I know dad. I am sorry but I know that Max would never do something bad to me. He may look like a bad boy but he wouldn’t do anything like that to me”, I hugged my dad, nuzzling my head in his chest. He hugged me back slightly and then pulled away to look at me.

“How can you be so sure, princess? That boy screams trouble, Shel. You should stay away from him”, dad said through gritted teeth and once he saw me looking at him, he soften his gaze and smiled at me.

“I know dad, don’t worry. He would never do something bad to me”, I assured him and he hummed at my response.

“Come here, Shel”, mom raised her arms and I walked into her open arms giving her a warm embrace.

“Are you hungry?”, mom asked and pulled away to look at me.

“No mom, I had eaten something at the mall with Alex”, I told her but regretted it once it left my mouth. Shit! Slip of tongue! Why did I have to say Alex’s name right now? As if there wasn’t enough trouble already!!

“Who’s Alex?”, my dad asked suspiciously. Shit! Shit! Shit! Shittttttt!

How can I say that Alex is one of Max best friends? That Max asked him to check up on me? And I think that my parents would almost have a heart attack if I tell them about the little fight Max had gotten into at the mall. Oh god! What should I do?

I can’t really lie because they would know. I am a great loser and retard in lying. Don’t know how they always catch my lies. Maybe it’s written on my forehead that I am lying. Like really!

I looked at them and smiled weakly.

My dad was now sitting in one of the armchairs, still having a questioning look on his face while mom looked amused. Oh god! Don’t tell me, my mom is already thinking about Alex like one of my admirers who came at my rescue when Max left me at the mall!!!

“H-h he is one of Max’s best friends”, I said slowly and waited for an outburst from my parents.

“And I bet he is just like Max?”, dad exclaimed while the dreamy look on mom’s face disappeared.

“No dad, he is the complete opposite of Max”, I replied and gave him my puppy face.

“Are you sure?”, he asked as if he was having a debate in his mind. He looked funny. I would have laughed if I was not in such a situation.

“Yes dad, he helped me when Max left me there. He was really nice and friendly. He is just like my twin brother born from a different mother”, I replied smiling at him sheepishly. He chuckled.

“Silly girl”, he laughed lightly and shook his head slightly from my stupidity.

“Okay then princess, if you say so”, he said after a moment and smiled, I squealed from inside and hugged him again.

“Thank you dad”, I gushed out and pulled away. Mom was smiling lovingly at us.

“I think you should go to sleep a bit early today, Shel. Tomorrow you have to wake up early for your first day back at school”, mom said and switched off the television.

“Okay, goodnight mom and dad”, I hollered while running upstairs, eager to get a good sleep.

I am so tired.

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