My New Neighbour

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Chapter 16

I groaned when my alarm went off in the morning. I reached for it and tapped it repeatedly to turn it off. I opened one eye to look at the time. It was still six o’clock.

Great! If you are thinking why I set my alarm at six o’clock, well, I just wanted to get up early to get enough time to prepare myself for my first day back at school.

I just wanted to look good. I may be a nerd but I am not a nerd. I just love to get all A’s in all my subjects. If that makes me a nerd, then well so be it. This is actually what some students at school call me but I never corrected them. I really just don’t care.

I am what I am and I don’t believe in what other people say. I just don’t want trouble at school. All these years, I have gone unnoticed and with Aubrey by my side, no one dares call me a nerd again like they used to do before Aubrey told them to fuck off.

You must be thinking how I met Aubrey. Then, let me enlighten you. When I was in seven grade, some of my classmates were teasing me in the parking lot. Even if Aubrey was my childhood friend, she did not know about how some of the students were bullying me. Well, I just never told her.

I gulped hard when the same students who used to teased me surrounded me in the parking lot.

I was cornered by them in the now deserted parking lot. I squeezed my books hugging them more tightly to my chest.

“Just look at her“, Sandy sneered and punched me in my right arm, making all my books fall down on the ground. I yelped in pain and quickly knelt down to pick up my scattered books.

“She thinks she is intelligent and smart but just look at her, she is like an example that Mr Freddie could use when explaining about what ugliness is about“, she said while circling me. Her other friends laughed at what she said. Mr Freddie was our English teacher and I was one of his favourite students. She was always jealous about that.

I quickly wiped up the tears which were flowing down my cheeks and stood up with my books in my hands. I looked down and waited when they would get bored with me and walked away.

“Look at me when am talking to you“, Sandy pinched my right arm making me cry in pain. I looked up and met her blue eyes.

“If you are really that intelligent and smart like Mr Freddie was praising about in homeroom then why don’t you do my English homework? I want to see if you are really that intelligent. What to you say?”, she said through gritted teeth.

“Here take it“, she grabbed my hands and gave me her English copybook, making all my books fall on the ground again.

“Complete all of them by tomorrow, do you get that?”, she asked and pointed her index finger at me.

“Answer me you -

“Hey“, someone yelled and pushed Sandy away. My eyes widen with shock when I saw the familiar face standing in front of me. Aubrey!

Aubrey wrapped her right arm around my shoulders and then turned back to look at them. She raised her left hand and pointed her index finger at them shaking it lightly.

“Listen well because I won’t repeat what I am going to tell you. If I see anyone of you near Shelly ever again, then, I wouldn’t hesitate to punch you right in the face“, she calmly said, her voice a bit too calm and menacing. She looked at Sandy when she said the last part. And I think I saw Sandy fringing with fright. I would have laughed if we were not in such a situation. Aubrey has scared Sandy.

“So, just fuck off before I do the needful”, Aubrey added taking a small step forward and raised her arm ready to punch her. Oh my god! Don’t tell me she was being serious about punching her.

Everyone ran away in different directions, ready to get the hell out of here before Aubrey started beating them. I held back my laughter when I saw Sandy almost falling while running off.

“Are you okay?”, Aubrey asked softly turning to look at me.

“I am fine, Rey“, I answered and picked up all my books again.

Aubrey helped me pick them up and carried some of my books for me.

After some time, she stopped and huffed out a sigh.

“You should have told me, Shel“, she said, her face twisting into sadness. She was hurt. I was feeling really guilty for not telling her about them sooner.

“I would have helped you“, she added and gave me a one sided hug.

“I am sorry“, I simply said, my voice cracking at the end. I hugged her back with my free hand.

“Best friends and Sisters forever?”, she asked grinning widely once she pulled back.

“Yeah, best friends and sisters forever and ever“, I replied smiling back at her, glad that she changed the subject.

“Promise?”, she winked at me and made the peace sign with her fingers.

“Promise“, I said cheerfully and made the peace sign too. She hugged me again and then we went home.

I shook my head lightly from side to side to forget about that day. I smiled when I thought about my first day. It’s my senior year and just like every year, I will go unnoticed at school this year too. This is just how I am. I don’t like being the centre of attention at school. Unlike Sandy. I scoffed when I thought about her. I may be quiet but having a sister and best friend like Aubrey sometimes help me to rebel when needed.

And I am sure as hell gonna hit it off at school this year. It’s after all my last year and I want to show that bitch that she shouldn’t have messed with me back then. I wouldn’t do anything UNLESS Sandy, the bitch herself, try to mess with me.

No one will be able to save you from me, Sandy.

I smirked and got up.

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