My New Neighbour

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Chapter 17

I got up from my bed, feeling annoyed that I have to leave my baby. Yeah right! My bed is my baby! I love it so damn much. It is so soft and so warm.

I yawned and sluggishly walked in my bathroom for my daily morning routine. As I closed my bathroom door, first thing that I looked at is my hair. It was like a bird’s nest.

Gee! I looked like a freaking ghost.

After brushing my teeth, taking an extra long bath, I walked in my closet with a white towel wrapped around my body. I grabbed the new clothes that I chose last night.

I walked back in my bedroom before checking if my curtains were closed and laid my clothes on my bed. I then got ready. I wasn’t going to wear anything special to be noticed but good enough for my first day back at school. I chose a pair midnight blue jeans which I bought along with Aubrey the last time that we had shopped together. I had never worn it.

I grabbed a white laced crop top to match with it.

Next I decided to tackle my hair. I sauntered over to my dressing table and grabbed my hair brush. Instead of putting my hair up into a messy bun as I usually used to do, I let it flow down over my shoulders. I applied a small amount of eyeliner, a little bit of concealer and softlips pink tinted chap-stick and then I was done.

I felt content with my appearance. I looked pretty good. I smiled and then grabbed my new white converse. I tied up the laces and then snatched my school bag up from the ground.

I headed out and skidded down the stairs humming a One direction song. What? I love 1D. I saw my parents walking around in the kitchen as they both prepared breakfast.

On school days, my father always helped my mom in the mornings as they both have to get to work in time. I walked in and grabbed an apple to eat.

“Good morning”, I chirped out loud.

“Good morning, princess”, dad answered and kissed my temple. I smiled at him and then pulled a chair to sit.

“Good morning, Shel”, mom said while she continued flipping a pancake.

“Ready for your first day back at school?”, dad asked while he sat down beside me.

“Yeah”, I replied after taking a bite of the apple.

Mom then placed the pancakes along with some boiled eggs, toasts and bacon in the middle of the table and sat down too.

I ate some eggs and bacon and drank some apple juice along with it.

“Why are you not eating, Shel?”, mom asked and looked at me.

“What? I just ate”, I replied while finishing my apple juice.

“But you did not even eat a pancake!”, mom deadpanned and I smiled sheepishly at her.

“I ate some eggs, mom. It’s just that I am not that hungry”, I looked down at my plate which still had some eggs and bits of toasts.

“That’s normal, Lucy. She is just a little bit nervous for her first day back at school. It happens”, dad tried reasoning with mom.

After a while, mom smiled and got up. They were both already dressed for the day. I wonder at what time they got up to get ready for work.

I got up too and threw my leftovers in the dustbin. I started washing the dirty dishes but mom stopped me.

“What are you doing, Shel? Leave it I will do it. It’s time for you to go. You will be late. Come on, dad will drop you off at school”, mom said and when I glanced at the kitchen clock, my eyes widen when I saw the time. I had only fifteen minutes to get to school before the bell goes.

“Shit! Bye mom”, I yelled while I ran out grabbing my school bag in a hurry.

“Language, Shel”, I heard my mom chiding out loud from the kitchen.

“Sorry, mom”, I managed to yelled back while I closed the main door. I looked up to find my dad sitting in his car and leaned up front to open the passenger door wide open for me.

I smiled and jumped in, laying my school bag beside my foot. I closed the door and pulled my seatbelt across my cheat to buckle up in my seat. Without wasting another minute, dad reversed the car out of the driveway and soon we hit the main road. I rolled down my window a little bit and looked out at the passing trees, buildings and people walking around getting at their daily routine too.

Soon, we reached St-Xavier highschool and I got out quickly after giving my dad a tight hug. It’s been forever since my dad had lastly dropped me off at school. I felt great that my dad has been able to drop me off today. I missed those days.

At the beginning of June, I had been sure that summer holidays would last forever but now as I stood in front of the main door of St-Xavier, I am like ’wow, this summer holidays have gone by so fast’, I mean like really, I can’t believe it. Did you ever felt as if you haven’t got enough time to do all the things that you were hoping to do during your holidays? I am feeling like that right now.

I walked toward my new locker after getting my new schedule from the office.

I froze when I spotted Max leaning against his locker, his left hand stuffed in the pocket of his black jeans and his white T-shirt hugging his body in all the right places. It’s sad to admit that he is absolutely gorgeous!

He was scrolling through his phone held in his right hand. His hair was styled nicely but he still kept his rugged look. He looked up as if sensing someone looking at him and caught me staring at him.

He smirked and gave me a I-know-you-are-checking-me-out look. Freak!

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