My New Neighbour

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Chapter 18

He was scrolling through his phone held in his right hand. His hair was styled nicely but he still kept his rugged look. He looked up as if sensing someone looking at him and caught me staring at him.

He smirked and gave me a I-know-you-are-checking-me-out look. Freak!

Why did I have to look at him?

Because he is so hot and gorge-

Shut up!! I shook my head slightly to shut that annoying voice in my head. Like really! I am talking to myself. I am going crazy! Yeah right!

I tried my best to not roll my eyes and smile at him. He after all abandoned me alone at the mall. If I hadn’t met Alex back there, I don’t know how I would have got home. Even if the devil bad boy himself sent Alex there to check if I was fine, I am still angry at him for leaving me.

Instead, I glared at him and walked past him to get to class. I could feel his eyes boring into the back of my head. I blushed when I looked back and saw him looking at me intently without giving a care about the crowd who was staring at him, shocked that he was looking at me as if I am the only person who is visible to him.

I chuckled and turned back around to avoid his stare. He sure is something else. I wondered if he likes me too. Maybe that’s why he sent Alex to check up on me. But still, he is one of the popular guys at St-Xavier. And not like any of the other popular guys, he is after all the bad boy and player at St-Xavier. He wouldn’t like me.

It’s not a cliché story going on here about the good girl falling for the bad boy. No, wait, let me correct that. This actually doesn’t happen in real life that the bad boy will start liking the good girl. It only happens in movies or in books.

I turned back around to look at Max but he was not there. Where did he go? He was right there. Freak! He disappeared like a ghost.

I shrugged and went to homeroom while scanning my new schedule. Cool! I have English Literature first period. I just love literature. Call me a freak or whatever! But, literature is just like a leisure time for me. I just love reading about the great books and plays writers and playwrights have wrote about long ago.


I pushed opened the classroom door and almost immediately, I felt twenty pairs of eyes on me. What’s wrong? Am I late or something? because last time I checked, I was running on time.

When I glanced at the teacher’s desk, the chair was still empty. The teacher is not here yet, so what’s wrong then? Do I look ridiculous?

What the hell is wrong?

I walked to an empty window seat and sat down still feeling self conscious that they were all still staring at me, some with shock, some of the guys with jealousy, some having a disgust look on their faces, mostly the girls.

And by those girls, I mean, the cheerleaders and sluts group. And Sandy was like ready to jump up and kill me on the spot.

But wait, why are the jocks looking at me with jealousy? Have I done something?

My questions were answered when I heard a few girls whispering among themselves at the back of the class.

“Don’t know what Max saw in that nerd!”

“She must have seduced Max!”

“Such a bitch!”

“She must have been desperate!”

They laughed among themselves and continued saying inappropriate things. I could feel some tears welling up but I closed my eyes tightly to stop them from flowing down my cheeks.

So, that’s the matter. I could tell that almost everyone was looking at Max when he was staring at me as if there was no tomorrow in the hallway.

I opened my eyes when the class went quiet. Maybe the teacher came in but my eyes widen when I saw Max and his two best friends waltzing in the classroom. Alex, being Alex, was smirking slightly and nodding at all the guys that he knew while Connor had a hard killer look which could make anyone piss in his pants.

Max was merely looking as if he could be anywhere but here! I smiled at the look on his face. He finally kept his calm and his face turned emotionless and hard like Connor. See, I told you that Alex is the sweetest one among them. Wait! Have I told you! If no, then, here I am telling you! Alex is the sweetest, calming, loveable and cutest one among them.

When Alex saw me, he grinned and ran to hug me tightly nearly making me fall off my seat. If it wasn’t for Max who grabbed the back of my chair to prevent it from falling, both Alex and I would have fallen flat on our faces on the ground by now.

Both Max and Connor chuckled at Alex’s behaviour.

When he pulled back, he sat on the table beside me while Max and Connor both sat behind us.

“So, how’s my little sis doing?”, Alex asked loud enough to make everyone in the class gasp and look at us with surprise evident in their eyes.

Oh god! I think it’s gonna be a long long day!

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