My New Neighbour

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Chapter 19

“So, how’s my little sis doing?”, Alex asked loud enough to make everyone in the class gasp and look at us with surprise evident in their eyes.

Oh god! I think it’s gonna be a long long day!

I slapped Alex on his right arm with the first thing that I saw which happens to be my poor little water bottle! Ouch! My water bottle is hurt!

Alex hissed in pain with an annoying smirk on his face. He surely knows how to pretend being hurt. He should really start thinking about being an actor after university. Wait! Do bad boys go to university? I think some of them do! I don’t know!

“Why do you keep hitting me, sis?”, Alex whined while snatching my water bottle.

“Oh no! Give that back”, I cried and stood up to get my water bottle.

“What?”, he feigned as if he is confused.

“My water bottle!”, I screeched when he nearly raised his hand to hit me back with it but stopped midway in the air.

“How about no?”, he asked chuckling at my reaction and raised his hand higher up, far from my reach.

“Give it back”, I yelled and glared at him but he smirked back, content that I am mad.






“Ye -

I got cut off when something heavy was placed in my arms which were crossed over my chest in anger. I looked up and saw Max, glaring at Alex.

I grabbed my water bottle and threw it in my bag before Alex could snatched it again.

“Stop it Alex, you are acting like a five year old”, Max scolded him, throwing his hands up in the air with frustration. Connor chuckles and shook his head at us.

To say that I was shocked was an understatement. Connor McAllister has never ever smile. And I mean it. Never! And yet here he is, smirking amusedly at us. But when he saw me looking at him, he gave me one of his hard look and that was enough for me to turned my face away from him and move closer to Max.

Don’t even ask me why I moved closer to Max. I could have moved closer to Alex but I don’t know myself why I chose Max instead of Alex.

Max noticed my uneasiness and looked up to glare at Connor.

“Now, don’t tell me you are trying to scare her off”, Max deadpanned and shook his head at his best friends as if, he is too tired of handling them.

“What? No! She got scared”, Connor tried to defend himself but failed miserably when Max raised his hand to stop him.

“Yeah right! You and your attitude”, Max said sarcastically and then looked back at Alex who was now fumbling with the hem of his jacket while looking down.

I chuckled at his childish behaviour which caused Max to glance at me, his eyes softening while he looked at me silently as if taking in my appearance, his eyes moving up and down and then, flicking to my lips making my breath hitched and then he smirked as if happy to know that he has a certain effect on me. I blushed and looked down, hiding my red face from him.

“Would you not forgive me, Maxis?”, Alex suddenly said trying to imitate Max’s little sister, Ashton. The keyword being tried.

With that I burst out laughing, squeezing my stomach as after some time, it started hurting.

“O-o-h-h- oh g-g- god! T-t- that wa- was h- horrible”, I wheezed out and tried to stop laughing but I could not stop once I saw Max’s red face.

Max was indeed very embarrassed that Alex called him by his nickname.

Soon, Alex started laughing and I just started crying while laughing. I just couldn’t stop. Alex’s laugh was contagious. Some of the students in the class were laughing too. That too, because of Alex, otherwise they wouldn’t dare laugh at Max. But Sandy’s face was so red with furry that she looked as if she could just grabbed anything to stab me in the chest.

After a while, Max smiled and chuckled at us. You see, I told you, Alex’s laugh is contagious. Even Max freaking Jackson couldn’t avoid that.

However, Connor seems unaffected. He is surely a solid hard person. Oh! Have I told you that Connor is Aubrey’s twin brother? No! Then, I am telling you now! I know it’s unbelievable! This devil like, cold and hard hearted guy is the twin brother of my best friend, Aubrey.

Our laughter was cut off when a booming voice filled the classroom, silencing everyone.

“SHUT UP”, the teacher standing in front yelled again who happens to be Mr Hemsworth. Oh great! Not the sarcasm here! He is just an annoying teacher.

Now that he was the one assigned for homeroom for our senior year, we better be good like angels with him because he could do everything to get anyone in trouble if someone messes with him.

Everyone groaned and Mr Hemsworth smirked in satisfaction. See! I told you! He is so annoying!

“Mr Maynard!”, Mr Hemsworth shouted causing Alex to stumble off the table and look at him. Some of the students snickered at his reaction while I tried my best to hold in a chuckle.

“Do you want a detention on your first day for sitting on the table, your back to me and disrespecting your teacher?”, he shouted yet again, placing his bag on his table.

“What?”, Alex asked confusedly while scratching the back of his head.

Everyone was amused by what Alex is trying to do. He surely does not mind getting a detention on the first day of school. He is after all one of the bad boys. That was really cheap Mr Hemsworth! Trying to scare the bad boy with detention. I snorted a bit too loud, causing every head in the classroom to turn and look at me.

Shit!!! What have I done?

“Do you have something to say, Miss Anderson?”, Mr Hemsworth asked through gritted teeth and glared at me.

“I-I- um umm”, I stuttered and tried to come up with something.

Just then the bell rang and everyone ran out of the class, eager to get the hell out of here before Mr Hemsworth explode with anger.

I huffed out with relief.

“Saved by the bell!”, I muttered and ran out along with Max, Alex and Connor.

I lost them when we got merged in with the other students who were also hurrying to get to their morning classes on time.

Oh well!

This is surely gonna be a long long day!

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