My New Neighbour

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Chapter 20

A couple of minutes after squeezing through the crowd to find my classroom, I walked in my English class for my first period of the day just when I heard the bell ringing for the second time.


The class was already full with students.

I scanned the classroom for any spare seat but I saw Max leaning back in his seat with his arms crossed behind his head at the back of the class. When he saw me standing at the door, his monotone, hard and serious look changed and his signature smirk appeared on his face.

I glared at him but once I saw that the only empty seat in the whole classroom was the one beside him, I huffed out silently in frustration and mentally cried in irritation.

Why? Why me?

Someone cleared his throat from behind making me jump out of fright. What the fudge?

I turned and saw Mr Finn, the English literature teacher. Cool! I mentally screamed in happiness. Mr Finn was assigned our class for this year. This year is really gonna be the best year of my life.

If you are wondering why I am telling that, it’s because Mr Finn is the ideal teacher one could ask for to achieve in English literature. His way of teaching is so different. He surely knows how to make his class interesting and great.

“Sorry if I scared you Miss Anderson but I think it’s time for me to start my class, so, would you mind taking a seat?”, Mr Finn asked after chuckling at my reaction. You see! I told you he is the best teacher.

“Yeah sure, I was actually finding a seat, Sir”, I smiled at him and he nodded in understanding.

Despite not wanting to sit beside Max, I made my way toward him and sat down as Mr Finn was watching me like a hawk and waiting for me to sit down to start his class.

Once i sat down, Mr Finn started explaining about the books we will be studying for this year. I nearly squealed when he told us about studying Romeo and Juliet first but I composed myself and kept quiet before I humiliate myself like in homeroom. He distributed the textbooks around and soon one textbook of Romeo and Juliet was in front of me. I smiled in content and went through it.

I love that book. I read it last year during my spare times but now that we are gonna study it, I am really thrilled to learn and to know how Mr Finn interpret it in class.

For each book, we usually act it out and see if we should perform it at the end of the year. We choose the best one to perform. But I wish that it will be Romeo and Juliet. During the whole class, I was concentrating on every little things that Mr Finn was telling about the book.

I jotted down some important notes but when my eyes fell on a certain someone beside me, I had to stop whatever I was doing. Why? Well it’s because Max freaking Jackson is watching me like a hawk. What is his problem? Ughhhhhhh!

“What?”, I whisper yelled at him but you wouldn’t believe what he did. He ignored me like a plague and acted as if he is concentrating in the lesson.

What the hell?

I shook my head at his behaviour and continued jotting down in my notebook. But I was disturbed when something fell on my table. It was a folded piece of paper. I frowned and looked up to see one of the jocks pointing at the piece of paper in my hands and winked at me.

“Open it!”, he mouthed at me.

I opened it and read what was written.

‘Hi, myself Nick, here’s my number, call me when you need someone to date you. You know, no one will want to date a nerd like you, so, I was wondering if you would like to go out with me, you know, for some pleasure time??’

How dare him? I don’t even know him? Yeah I know that his name is Nick but over than that, I don’t know him.

I looked up at him again and glared at him. He smirked back and winked again.

‘Just fuck off!!!’ I scribbled messily below his so called message which wasted my time. Yeah! Yeah! I know I am a nerd to them. I shouldn’t cuss but no one messes with me while am in my English literature class. What can i say? I am not even a nerd! If by studying hard and being serious in class makes me a nerd, then, so be it.

And that too if we are studying one of Shakespeare’s most romantic plays, you can’t expect me not to concentrate and act like those who are not interested in class. And then some dickhead decides to disturb me. I groaned.

I folded up the note and flicked it hitting him in his head. Nick narrowed his eyes at me and I grinned back making him more angry. His face was worth looking at. I quickly covered my mouth covering up the giggle fighting to escape.

But I heard laughter beside me. Max had just bursted up laughing making everyone turned around to look at him. He definitely saw what happened.

“Is something funny, Mr Jackson?”, Mr Finn asked angrily while glaring at him. Oh oh!

“Oh you know, just your face”, he replied, grinning widely at him.

Everyone started laughing at what he said and a few even dared to snicker and cried ‘burnnnnnn’ and ‘ooooohhhhh’ at Mr Finn. Wow! This is so hilarious. I giggled quietly amused at the scene in front of me.

“Mr Jackson! Principal’s office! Now!”, Mr Finn yelled while pointing at the door. He looked pissed. His face was red, fuming with anger and embarrassment.

“Yeah! Whatever!”, Max muttered and got up. While standing, he winked at me and gathered his things. He was taking his time in zipping up his bag making me chuckled at his attitude.

While he walked past Nick, he glared at the former with his killer look and that was enough to make Nick gulped down in fright and look down.

Oh how much I love Max at the moment.

But he is still a jerk!

When he walked out, he slammed the door making everyone, even the teacher cringed.

I glanced at Nick and saw that he was wiping his forehead, his hands shivering with fright.

I smirked in satisfaction and continued listening to Mr Finn who has restarted his explanations after being disrupted by Max.

I just hope Max only gets a detention and not worst.

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