My New Neighbour

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Chapter 21

The day went on until the bell rang, signalling the beginning of the lunch period. I huffed a sigh of relief and slumped in my seat, waiting for the hallway to clear out a bit before heading to the cafeteria.

I pack up my things slowly and then zipped up my bag. The teacher was already gone and soon the hallway was empty without even one person wandering around. Great!

I got up and made my way to my locker to keep my bag. Then, I proceeded toward the cafeteria. I pushed the cafeteria’s door and walked in. I stepped into line to buy some food. Unlike in other high schools, the food that they sell at St-Xavier was pretty good.

I ordered some chips and an apple juice. As I paid for the food, I grabbed my tray and turned around to find an empty table.

I spotted one at the back and made my way over there. I kept my tray over the table and was about to sit down when suddenly, I let out a slight cry of surprise when I felt a strong arm wrapped itself around my waist.

“Missed me?”, someone whispered in my left ear making my legs turned jelly.

I immediately recognised him when I felt the instant sparks ignite.


I would always feel that way when he touched me or whenever he was near me. And for now, I just can’t ignore the clowns who were cartwheeling in my stomach.

I swear I couldn’t have been able to stand up if he was not holding me.

God damn it! Shelly! Compose yourself!

I cleared out my throat and stood up more straighter. I smiled sweetly at him. A bit too sweetly which made him frowned while pouting, maybe wondering why i was reacting like that to his little prank that he was currently pulling on me. Oh gosh! He was too cute for his own good.

I shrugged off and gave him a pointed look.

“Oh yeah! I really missed you!”, I pouted back at him and hugged him with my free hand as my right hand was behind my back held in his left hand. It was a one sided hug but he nonetheless froze for a bit before I felt him relaxing.

I amusedly grinned wickedly while hiding my face into his shoulder.

“Oh really?”, he asked bewilderedly and pulled a little bit away to look at me with his signature smirk playing on his lips. He tucked some bits of my hair which fell on my face behind my left ear. I felt my cheeks warm up.

I had to try my level best not to lean more towards him. He is making me fall for him without him noticing it. I also wanted it to remain like that. I will never be able to tell him that I like him. Never ever! Why? Well, he is St-Xavier’s bad boy for crying out loud. I glanced up at him and smiled again.

“Maybe yes maybe no”, I replied childishly and feigned being deep in thought.

“Ouch! It hurts”, he gasped and held his hand over his chest.

“Stop acting like a girl!”, I cried and flared my hands around jokingly.

“Oh my god! I can’t breathe”, he cried over dramatically and squeezed the part of his shirt covering his heart a little bit.

“Yeah! Yeah!”, I punched his arm playfully which caused him to glare at me.

“What the hell? For a girl, your punch is pretty good”, he said while nudging my left arm.

“Stop being sexist, Max”, I rolled my eyes at him and wiggled out of his arms but damn! I just couldn’t!

“What? Me and sexist? Of course no! I am not a sexist. I was just complimenting you”, he cried as he tighten his grasp on me and turned me around completely to face him directly. He freed my right hand and held me by my sides.

“Hey mister, keep your hands to yourself”, I groaned and grabbed his arms to pushed him but he shook his head negatively from side to side.

“I’m kind of liking this position right now. Don’t you think so? We are currently in a crowded lunchroom with every pair of eyes focussed on us”, he winked and then leaned down to peck my left cheek.

It was only then that I noticed all the eyes that were staring at us. Some girls with jealousy while some were throwing daggers at me.

Damn it!

I was hoping to go unnoticed this year too!

I swear I am so gonna kill Max freaking Jackson!

Screw you, Max!

“That’s all because of you”, I glared at him and slapped my hands repeatedly on his chest.

“Woah! Easy there tigress!”, he grabbed my two hands preventing me from beating him and intertwined our fingers together. I felt my heart fluttering and beating a little bit faster. I blushed and looked down to hide my face from him.

He left my right hand and tilted my chin up meeting my eyes. He raised one of his eyebrows and smirked again. I swear it is kind of a casual thing that all bad boys do, huh?

“I love it when you do that”, he whispered huskily and pecked my forehead. He leaned his head down toward me and pressed his forehead against mine.

“Do what?”, I whispered and closed my eyes when I felt him trailing his fingers on my exposed shoulder.

“Blush like that”, he replied, making me look back at him and then winked at me.

I chuckled and punched him on his right shoulder lightly.

“Shut up”, I cried and stomped my feet childishly.

He was watching me amusingly and shook his head slightly at my childish behaviour.

I felt his eyes strained on me.

He was making me blushed more harder. He snickered when he noticed my red cheeks.

“You will surely kill me when you blush like that”, he admitted after some time and then squeezed my left hand which he did not leave since he grabbed it slightly. My hand moulded with his perfectly as if it belonged to be held in his forever and ever.

I was really turning into one of those girls who keep swooning over hot boys all the time. Or is it just because it is the first time a boy is talking to me in such a way.

Yeah! You heard that one right! I never had a boyfriend. I just never felt the need to have one. Aubrey always tried to make me talk to a certain boy to see if I liked him to go out with him. But, I was never interested.

Anyway, there’s always a first.

“Come with me”, Max said breaking up my trance.

“Where?”, I asked as he lifted my tray of food and began walking dragging me along with him never breaking his hold on my hand.

He stopped at his usual table and placed my tray in front of an empty seat.

And guess where?

If you haven’t guess it yet then it was where he usually sit along with all the populars aka the bitches, the jocks, the cheerleaders and, most importantly, the players and the bad boys.

I felt all of them staring at me and I smiled sheepishly and I swear it was a forced smile as I squeezed Max’s hand more tightly.

And of course, Sandy was also sitting here!

Oh hell! No way!

I just wish that the ground will open up and swallow me right then and there.

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