My New Neighbour

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Chapter 22

I felt all of them staring at me and I smiled sheepishly and I swear it was a forced smile as I squeezed Max’s hand more tightly.

And of course, Sandy was also sitting here!

Oh hell! No way!

I just wish that the ground will open up and swallow me right then and there.

Oh hell no!

Why should I sit here?

Has Max lost his mind, or what?

“What’s wrong?”, Max whispered.

“What’s wrong? Are you kidding? You dare ask me what’s wrong? What am I gonna do? I barely know anyone. They will find me wei -

“Stop!”, he squeezed my hand slightly and smirked at me. Oh how much I want to wipe that smirk off his face.

I glared at him and slapped his hand away, breaking his grasp on me. I crossed my arms over my chest and looked away.

“What the hell? You -

“Hey, stop harassing my little sister”, Alex yelled, got up and raised his hand to slap Max on his right arm but he stopped midway as Max sent him a if-you-do-that-you-better-run-away-before-i-kill-you look.

“I was only saying”, Alex said softly, looked down and dropped his hand by his side, afraid of facing Max’s wrath.

You may be afraid of Max but I am not afraid of that so called bad boy!

I turned back around and slapped Max on the back of his head. His head wiped toward me with such a force that I thought his head would have fallen down, his eyes wide with shock which soon turned into red ones, angry ones like hulk. I would have laughed if I was not in such a situation.

Oh oh!

Silence! Total silence!

The whole cafeteria was like in mourning or what!

“Run!”, Max said through clenched teeth and narrowed his eyes at me.

“What?”, I asked a bit confusedly.

“She is surely gonna have it today. She thinks she can control Max. Lol! Max is only gonna have some fun with her and then off she goes! She is just a nerd! She must have lost it when she slapped Max! This is like the most shocking news that we have ever had at St-Xavier”, Sandy sneered loud enough causing everyone to look at her.

Some snickered at what she said while some only look at her as if what she said meant nothing.

Alex looked as if he could grab anything to slaughter her right then and there!

I looked down, avoiding everyone’s eyes. Maybe that’s true! He is Max Jackson! He would never be interested to even talk to me. And to be friends is like out of subject here!

“I said run!”, Max said again but now I could tell that he was taunting me, completely avoiding what Sandy has said.

That a**hole! Ughhhhh!

“But why”, I asked again.

My eyes widen when he took a step forward. I took a step back. With each step that he took forward, I took several steps back.

What the hell?

Don’t tell me he is going to do what I think he is going to do! Wait! Does that make any sense?

“Max, no w - Ahhhhhhhh”, I screamed and ran away when he lunged at me.

I heard laughter behind me but I did not look back as I felt Max hot on my tail.

But I was caught before I could even run away.

“Nooooooo”, I screamed and wiggled out of his arms but he caught me again, pressing my back to his chest.

“Gotcha babe”, he whispered in my left ear making my legs go weak.

I heard several gasps from the table where we were currently standing by. He turned me around and hugged me in front of everyone. I wounded my arms behind his neck, hugging him back.

“You know, I was thinking of tickling you but then when I saw everyone looking at us, I hugged you because I know you love it when I do that”, he said jokingly and pecked me on my right cheek.

“Shut up”, I cried and slap him lightly on his right cheek. He pouted at me but I stretched his lips in a smile. He chuckled.

“No way! I kissed you on your cheek but you slapped me back!”, he cried and pouted yet again.

“So, what?”, I asked, while grinning at him.

“So what?”, he asked imitating me while waving his right hand in the air girlishly.

Oh my god!

I giggled at him and tried to push him away. The keyword being tried here! I just could not.

“Leave me!”, I whined and pouted.

“Don’t you dare pout at me! I want my kiss back!”, he deadpanned and pulled me more in his embrace.

I blushed and turned away, allowing my hair to fall beside my face, completely hiding my cheeks from him. I am thankful to have worn my hair loose today.

I think he is trying to kill me with his cheesy lines.

“No way”, I pushed his face away from me.

“But why?”, he asked and glared jokingly at me.

“I would never kiss a eunuch!”, I screamed and everyone erupted into guffaws.

Oh hell no!

Don’t tell me everyone was listening to our conversation! This is so embarrassing!

Max’s face was worth looking at. His face was so red like a tomato! Lol That must have been really humiliating for him!

I started laughing when I heard a certain someone’s laughter behind me.

And you guessed it right!

It was Alex who was sprawled on the floor, laughing his ass off while sitting and falling back again and again. That boy was too funny for his own good.

But my laughter was cut off when someone captured my lips for a kiss.

And who was it?

Max freaking Jackson!

I could feel every pair of eyes on us.

Some were even tapping on the lunch tables, making some sort of music while whistling loudly.

I could hear Alex hollering really loudly from behind and I could not stop myself from smiling through the kiss.

After sometime, Max pulled away and winked at me. I looked down, blushing again causing Max to chuckle a little bit.

“I finally got my kiss”, he whispered and pecked my right cheek once again.

I rolled my eyes at him.

Max opened his mouth to say something but he was interrupted by the bell, signalling the end of lunch period.

There goes my lunch break!

I think I will have to spend the rest of the day with an empty stomach.

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