My New Neighbour

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Chapter 23

Max opened his mouth to say something but he was interrupted by the bell, signalling the end of lunch period.

There goes my lunch break!

I think I will have to spend the rest of the day with an empty stomach.

I huffed out in irritation.

“What happened?”, Max asked while nudging my left arm. I crossed my arms over my chest and looked away.

“Nothing”, I spat and drank my juice before dumping my food in a nearby dustbin.

“Why didn’t you eat your food?”, Max edged further in front of me to get a better view of my face.

I gave him a long look but his eyes were fixed intently on me.

“Are you deaf or what? The bell just rang!”, I cried flipping my hands around.

“But it’s just the first bell! You could hav -

He was cut off by the second bell.

“As if !!!”, I said and walked straight away.

He kept calling me but I ran to get my things from my locker to get to my calculus class before the teacher.

I just don’t want to get in trouble and that too on my first day back at school!

Unlike Max!

He is just a troublemaker. It’s as if he gets happiness in causing troubles and be in troubles. He doesn’t seem to be like the bad boy who is always grumpy and furious. He is like that one who seems to enjoy and find amusement in getting in big big problems. But, he isn’t always like that. He does have his time of being grumpy too. But I’m glad that he is not the always annoying one.

“Mom! Mom!”, I screamed at the door and discarded my bag on the nearby couch.

The rest of the day went by well at school. Well! I was just hungry! Like really really hungry!

I am so tired!

The first day is always tiresome!

And above all, I am so hungry!

I walked all the way back home when my dad called and told me that he would not be able to fetch me from school.

But it was also not that far! I could have asked my mom to come and get me but then, she would have had to leave the house and that would have only be like a huge disruption in her dinner preparations. Like I told you before, my mom is like really bizarre. She always wants everything in perfect order and to be done in time.

“I’m here!”, my mom yelled from the kitchen, breaking me from my trance.

Thank god!

“Hey!”, I gave my mom a quick hug and then grabbed a granola bar from the fridge. I tore the wrapper off the granola bar with my teeth.

“Hmmm”, I munched on my first bite and moaned out loud in satisfaction while swallowing it down. This is like heaven. I swear, I could eat this everyday.

“You had a nice day, Shel?”, mom asked making me turn to look at her.

She was of course wearing her white little cotton apron. That apron was gifted to her by grandma and to say that mom loves that apron is an understatement. She loves that apron more than her life! Once, she could not find that apron and she threw a ruckus in the kitchen, and had also refused to cook that day!

She was chopping a piece of carrot into little slides and putting them directly in an already warmed pan on the stove, making the air filled with a drizzle sound while the carrots fried at an even temperature.

“Yeah! Other than the fact that I could not eat, the day went by well!”, I said sarcastically.

“Why didn’t you eat?”, mom asked and gave me a pointed look, wagging her finger at me.

“I just did not get the time to eat”, I said and threw the wrapper in the dustbin after shoving the last piece in my mouth.

What? I know I’m a girl but I’m a growing girl!

I should eat and eat well!

Hmmm! What can I say? I just love food!

“Oh really”, my mom said and raised her eyebrows at me. You see! Now you can say that I have got that attitude from my mom.

I held out my index finger at her, as if telling her to wait and swallowed before answering. Mom looked at me while wiggling her nose a little bit, disgusted by my unladylike manners.

“Hmmm yeah!”, I shrugged and smiled at her.

“How many times should I tell you to eat like a young girl? This is really annoying!”, she cried while flicking the pan here and there slightly over the stove, making the little pieces of carrots turned a little bit rosy.

“Yeah! Yeah! Whatever!”, I snickered and went through the cupboards to find some skittles.

“Don’t you use that tone with me, miss!”, my mom cried, a little bit too over dramatically.

“You know, you love it”, I muttered while flipping through the items kept in the cupboards.

Where are the skittles? I had hidden them well!

“What are you doing, Shel?”, I heard mom asking but I kept trying to find the small little white bag of skittles.

“Mom? Have you perchance, found or eaten my skittles? Or have you seen dad eating them?”, I asked and turned back around to look at her with my hands on each side of my waist.

“Oh yeah! I found some the other day. I gave them to Cindy, Max’s mom. I thought that maybe Max and little Ashton would love them”, mom answered and continued with her cooking but she jumped when she heard my booming voice.


You can’t really blame me!

Those skittles were the last ones that I had.

I know! I know! I can always buy some more but I already had some and I really don’t like it when my food are misplaced or missing!

I am really protective of my babies!

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