My New Neighbour

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Chapter 24

Those skittles were the last ones that I had.

I know! I know! I can always buy some more but I already had some and I really don’t like it when my food are misplaced or missing!

I am really protective of my babies!

I swung opened my bedroom door and froze once I walked in.

You wouldn’t believe me!

What the hell is he doing in my bedroom?

How dare he?

Max freaking Jackson was positioned halfway through my window, reaching for the opposite seal!

“What are you doing in my bedroom?”, I demanded petulantly and narrowed my eyes at him.

His head jerked up and he almost lost his balance when he caught sight of me. His cheeks turned bright pink and he almost dropped a small white thing that he was holding. Almost instantly, he stuffed the small thing behind him, hiding it well.

“What are you hiding?”, I asked and gestured behind him.

He was definitely taking something from my room.

“W-what? N-n-nothing!”, he stammered and pursed his lips, frowning at me.

I walked toward him and squinted harder at him.

“W-what?”, he asked and stared at me.

I avoided him and smiled a little bit too sweetly at him despite my doubts.

As I got closer to him, he tried to look away but he glanced back at me to mirror my advancing steps.

“What are you doing?”, he asked again, his eyebrows knotted together.

I tugged at his sleeves and tiptoed to peak behind his back.

“Nooo!”, he yelled, his eyes wide opened as he finally realized what I was doing.

I peaked again but I yelped when he grabbed the sides of my waist to push me back.

He began struggling but I wounded my arms around his neck and reached behind to pull his hands from behind his back.

The small thing was fluffy and soft!

What was that?

I tilted my head to the right to get a better view of the small thing. I could feel his breath on my neck. He was a bit too close for my liking. As he was sitting on the window seal, his face was face to face with mine. In other words, we were kinda positioned in a really weird way but I did not pay any attention to that.

No wait! Is that Ted?

I screamed once I saw that it was indeed Ted!

It was Ted!

“Nooooooo! No way!”, I muttered loathingly under my breathe and squeezed his collar tightly.

I furiously seized Ted and thrust it out from his tight grasp. I clutched it to my chest and pulled back to glare at him.

He began moving around to get it back but I hide it behind my back, out of his reach.

“Noooo -

“Give that back!”, he recoiled and tried to get up but I got in between his spread legs. He traced my movements as I ran my right hand through my honey black hair.

No way! You can’t stand up!

If he stood up, I wouldn’t be able to keep it away from him. He was so tall after all and I wouldn’t stand a chance if he stood up.

I raised Ted higher up to one side in my left hand.


As long as he is seated, I had the upper hand!

“Noooooo! What the hell were you going to do to Ted? Oh my god! Don’t tell me you were going to kill him! He is so innocent! And what has he ever done to you? You sneaky little -

My barb was brought to a stop when he pressed his lips to mine, parting my mouth with his soft, tantalising tongue. I hugged him, wrapping my arms around his lean, muscular body. I nestled against his chest, fitting my body against him. He puts his arms around me, pressing me more into him. I shut my eyes for a moment. Falling for Max was the best thing that could have ever happened to me in life.

As he kissed me, he stroked my neck with his fingertips. I moved in closer, pressing our bodies together, for more. I could feel the heat radiating from him.

His right hand trailed downwards, brushing the right end of my white laced crop top. I shivered when his hand came into contact with my skin. I drew in a sharp breath, half of indignation, half of desire. He chuckled through the kiss. My whole body was tingling when he finally straightened up and pulled away.

I leaned toward him, staring into his beautiful chocolate eyes. He stared back. The wind was ruffling his hair. I suddenly closed my eyes again and kissed him. My lips melted into his, kissing him passionately. He responded back almost immediately and for a moment, I started to lose myself. After a while, I pulled away, feeling strange as it was the first time that I started a kiss.

Oh my god! I kissed him first!

I opened my eyes to look at him but looked away when I noticed his eyes strained on me.

He brushed a strand of hair out of my eyes and plunked it behind my right ear.

“You should really stop rambling like that. You are just so kissable. I just have to kiss you, I can’t resist!”, he murmured and looked at me, his eyes determined and full with desire and temptation.

I blushed and looked down but he tilted my chin up interlocking our eyes.

We kept staring at each other but after a while I looked away, my cheeks still on fire.

Had he really said that?

Had that really just happened?

Of have I imagined it?

St-Xavier’s bad boy and player, Max Jackson has just said something so cheesy!

That was so hard to believe!

It seemed like a dream!

But Ted was real and solid in my fist.


What was Max going to do to him?

“What the hell were you going to do to Ted?”, I asked and pushed him away but he pulled me back.

“Ted! Who’s Ted?”, he asked, frowning at me.

“Ted! The one you were going to kill, you know? This one! My teddy bear Ted!”, I shook Ted slightly making Max look at him.

He yanked it away from my hand and got up, taking me by surprise.

“Nooooooo!”, I yelled and started jumping to get it back but he kept it up in his right hand.

After some time, I stopped and clenched my jaw.

“Oh this one! That’s mine from now on!”, he shrugged and held my hand up to kiss the back of my hand.

I opened my mouth to say something but he winked at me and swung his legs outside, jumping back in his room with Ted tucked in between his right arm.

My mouth hung opened and I rushed to stand at the window seal.

I stared at his receding figure.

How did he do that?

And what just happened?

And why did he take Ted?

Just then, I heard three soft knockings at my bedroom door, making me wheeled around at once. Oh shit! My gaze was arrested by a familiar figure.

Mom! Shit! Shit! Shit!

Don’t tell me she heard what just happened in here!

“Oh! You haven’t taken a bath yet? You have to get ready, Shel. Cindy invited us for dinner”, mom said and smiled at me.

I exhaled in satisfaction.

Thank god, she has not heard anything!

“Okay mom”, I smiled back.

She placed my school bag on my bed and walked out. Oh my god! That was close!

Oh no! Dinner at the Jacksons!

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