My New Neighbour

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Chapter 25

Oh no! Dinner at the Jacksons!

“Mom, do we really need to go?”, I yelled but mom chuckled in response.

Really! Will I have to go have dinner at Max’s place? Oh no!

Wasn’t today’s event not enough?

“Ughhhhh”, I groaned and walked in my closet to grab a dress to wear.

Let’s see!

A dress? No!

I will just wear my new pair of red jeans and a white loose t-shirt with ‘You are just so cool’ written in bold red letters on it.


We are only having dinner next door!

It’s no big deal!

Yeah but I will have to take a nice bath.

Just when I finished my last touch of make up, I heard my mom calling me from downstairs.

“Coming”, I yelled and twirled a strand of my hair over my right shoulder.

I hummed in content and smiled at my appearance in the mirror. I look good. When I heard my mom calling once again, I bolted up and ran back in my closet to wear my white converse.

“Coming! Coming! Comingggggg!”, I rushed downstairs and almost stumbled on the last step but I got saved by a pair of arms.

“You alright, Princess?”, I heard my dad and I look up. Oh thank god!

“Phewwww! Thank you dad”, I managed to thank him even with my heart beating like a drum.

“Come on!”, mom yelled again at the door steps.

“Coming!”, dad and I screamed at the same time and then look at each other questioningly.

Soon, we erupted into guffaws and I fell down while laughing.

What? I just can’t handle it! I can’t bear see or hear someone laughing.

What can I do? I am just like I am!

“Why is your mom so excited to go next door?”, dad asked when he had finally composed himself and raised an eyebrow in question. I love it when he does that. He appears more severe and serious. I just love it! You must be wondering why I like it when my dad is sometimes serious? It’s just that my dad is always joking around when he’s at home but one should also be serious in life and my dad looks even more funnier when he does that.

“I don’t know!”, I answered and frowned. I really didn’t know why my mom is being so excited like that!

“I know!”, dad whispered and motioned at me to lean a little bit forward.

“Your mom found a new best friend who is as insane as she is and they would like to live happily ever after!”, he whined girlishly and tried to imitate mom’s voice. The keyword being tried here! He failed lol! He actually sounded like a newborn koala!

I bursted out laughing yet again and tried to stand up but I kept perching forward to squeeze my sides to lessen the developing pain from laughing so much.

My dad fell on his bum on the last step of the stairs since he was laughing too.

That was too hilarious! We froze when we heard someone’s real fast advancing steps moving towards us.

“What are you both doing?”, mom cried and walked in to stop short when she saw us.

Her eyes were wide with shock but then they were narrowed down upon us.

She had her hands on each side of her waist and she was fuming with anger. Her cheeks and neck were burning with rage and she was biting her lower lip. Both dad and I stood back up to look at mom.

Oh oh!

Silence! Total silence!

Was it the silence before the upcoming storm?

It was way too calm!

“What’s going on?”, mom asked and looked at dad.

I glanced at dad and tried to signal him to coin something up.

When our gazes were finally interlocking, I begged him with my puppy face.

Come on! Come on! Come on!

“Please!”, I mouthed at him and he eventually gave up by rolling his eyes in response.

“Uhh-uu-nothing!”, he stuttered and I face-palmed myself.

“Oh mom, look at the time! We are gonna be late!”, I cried and her eyes flicked on me.

She smiled a little bit too sweetly and I watched her suspiciously.

What is she up to?

Just then she pinched my right cheek slightly and I winced at the sudden impact.

“That hurts, mom!”, I whined and pouted at her.

“Oh really?”, mom asked and pinched me again.

“Awww”, I yelped and she suddenly started tickling me.

Oh shit no!

“No! Stop it mom! Mommmmmm!”, I squealed when she continued on poking my sides.

“Hey, you are hurting the king’s princess!”, dad cried from behind.

“What? I know the little princess but I don’t see any king over here”, mom said jokingly and I covered my mouth with my right palm to prevent the upcoming giggles from coming.

“Oh it’s me the king!”, dad cleared his throat and pushed out his chest to show his well built up body.

“Oh really? Thanks for telling me otherwise I would have never know”, mom said monotonely and waved her hands around.

“What?”, dad asked and pouted at her but mom only shrugged in response.

“Come on Shel, we have to go and tell your king to hurry up”, she yelled as she walked out.

“So, you do admit that I’m a king?”, dad hollered and hurried behind her.

“You bet?”, I heard mom asking him and I shook my head at their immature behaviour.

You see, I was definitely not joking when I told you that they would sometimes act like they are back at high school.

“You coming, Shel?”, mom yelled from outside and I walked out to join them.

“Am here!”, I smiled at them and dad closed the main door to lock it.

“Let’s go”, dad said and we walked next door. Mom rang the door bell once and the door flew opened to reveal Cindy with little Ashton in her arms. The latter started squirming in her mother’s arms, so, Cindy set her down.

“Oh good evening. I’m really happy that you people came. Come in. Come in”, she said and smiled.

We walked in and sat in the living room.

Both mom and dad got in an intense conversation with Cindy and I just traced my fingers over the couch on which I was currently sitting, pretending to be utterly absorbed in its mottled pattern.

But I was brought back into reality when I heard my parents and Cindy getting up.

“Come, let’s have dinner”, Cindy said and picked up Ashton.

“Oh Shelly, would you mind calling Max for dinner?”, Cindy turned and looked at me.

No wait no! Is she kidding?

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