My New Neighbour

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Chapter 29

“You must be kidding! Can’t you see how hurt Cindy is right now or are you blind?”, I shouted back at him.

He stood up, threw his phone roughly over his bedside table and wheeled around to look at me.

He took a step forward and I took a step back. I felt a kind of déjà vu and the scene back at the library flashed into my mind. Oh oh!

“W-What?”, I stuttered and gulped hard, trying to keep my calm and acting as if I wasn’t afraid of him right now but I couldn’t avoid my heart which was hurtling like an express train.

Freak! What do I do now? I looked around frantically, trying to find a way to distract him but I couldn’t even think straight right now.

“What’s wrong, Shelly?, he asked, saying my name with distaste.

What the hell is wrong with him? I narrowed my eyes and scorned at him.

“What?”, he questioned again and took three more steps toward me.

“N-Nothing!”, I stuttered yet again and looked down.

I really don’t understand this guy! Sometimes, he’s fun to be around, sometimes, he’s being a big flirt and sometimes, he’s too much cocky and arrogant. When he’s fun to be around and being a flirt, I don’t really mind! Is it wrong to admit that I like it when he flirts with me and tease me? I don’t know that answer too! But when he’s being such a conceited jerk, I really hate him or maybe despise him. I’m so confused! I don’t really know if I have feelings for him! If I like him or dislike him!

Oh god! This is so difficult!

I was so immersed in my thoughts that I didn’t notice when Max came right in front of me. It was when he twirled a strand of my hair round his index finger that I broke up from my thoughts. I sucked in a long and deep breath. Oh god! He was a bit too closed but then I frowned and I noticed Max frowning too, maybe thinking about my sudden change of expression. I’ve been remembering God a little bit too much these days. Don’t you think so? Oh god! Oh no! I did not just said that again! Oh god! I chuckled at my mixed up emotions and then giggled silently but I tried to muffle it once my eyes felt on Max’s angry face. Oh oh!

“Oh you know! Cindy is calling you down for dessert”, I chirped out loud and Max covered his ears quickly, wincing while taking a step back.

Oh great! A chance to escape from the devil’s cave. Yupeeee!

Without wasting another second, I sprinted downstairs with Max rushing behind me, trying to catch up with me before I reach the living room but he was a bit too late. And with that, my friends, I won!

“Oh you’re here! I know you would join us back. Come have dessert”, Cindy said, her voice softer, with a genuine smile playing on her lips. I smiled when I saw her smiling. A real smile this time. Great! Little Ashton started slapping her hands on the table, clapping and laughing at her brother’s sudden appearance. Awww this is so cute. I chuckled at her behaviour.

Max’s eyes softened a millisecond when he saw his little sister before he grunted and grabbed the chair next to me, pulling it back a bit roughly and plopping onto it. Cindy placed a plate of ice cream in front of us. Max’s eyes noticeably brightened at the look of it.

“That’s actually Max’s favourite”, Cindy winks at all of us before placing the last plate in front of him. He smiled gratefully at Cindy before returning to his usual expression when he saw us eyeing him. Him and his so called ego!

Taking a spoonful, I moaned lightly at the taste. Chocolate ice cream, freshly chopped and crisp chocolate, strawberry syrup and sprinkles. Hmmm! It tasted like perfection.

“Too good, huh? I bet I could make you moan even more louder at night”, Max whispered teasingly my left ear, smirking and then winked playfully. I blushed once I realised that Max heard my appreciation for the dessert.

I looked down and started playing with the hem of my t-shirt.

“Oh by the way, your phone is currently with me!”, he leaned toward me again but this time a little bit too close which caused goosebumps to rise up on my skin. Oh god!

What the hell? My phone! I squirmed slightly in my seat to see if I could feel something in my back pocket but felt nothing.

Where’s my phone? I kept it in my back pocket. Don’t tell me he really took my phone! But when?

I glared at him but he only winked back at me.

How dare he?

“Umm, am done! If you’ll please excuse me”, Max said politely and smiled at my parents and at Cindy. Oh! Being a gentleman, are we?

My dad nodded while my mom smiled kindly at Max. Cindy only stared dreamily at Max, as if feeling proud of his son’s behaviour right now! I mean, who wouldn’t react that way? If you had a son like Max, such situations are rarely to be found.

When he finally stood up, he glanced at me, smirked evilly and walked out.

My phone! I have to get my phone back!

“Oh! I’ll just go to the washroom!”, I said and got up too.

I can’t live without my phone! Phone! Phone! Phone!

Where the hell is Max?

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