My New Neighbour

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Chapter 3

My dad rang the doorbell and soon the door opened revealing - No freaking way! Max Jackson!

Max is, no doubt, the hottest guy at school. He has the looks, the talents and the body. Yet, he was a bit mysterious and calm while his two other friends, or should I say the two guys who come after him in the most hottest guy’s list at school? Note the sarcasm here!

Max is known as the ‘player’ of St-Xavier high school and yet most girls still sleep with him and get their hearts broken when they find out that he was just using them. He is a complete and utter jerk. Thank God Max has never spoken to me or even looked at me since seventh grade.

But now I don’t think that I would be able to go unnoticed at school now. After all Max is standing in front of me in all his glory and hotness. Was I really thinking about his hot body right now? Oh God save me, please.. My palms were sweating. His brown eyes were fixed intently on my face as if my parents were not present right here. I need something to fan myself. Am hot!

I have never saw him being the bad boy that everyone talks about at school. I have always heard such things about him. But sometimes, a look into his level brown eyes that was almost frightening made me feel a weird kind of feeling. As if there was something underneath that quiet guy exterior - something primitive and deadly that could do a lot of damage if aroused. So, I know for sure that I should not mess with him.

I shook my head sightly and tried to look normal. But it was too late. When I glanced up, I saw my parents and Max staring straight at me. My parents wore a worried look on their faces while Max was smirking at me. Good, now he will say that i am a creep. I was after all staring at him and studying him like a biology project.

“Shel, are you okay?”, mom asked while grabbing my right arm and turned me to face her.

I felt a hand grabbed my shoulder from behind and i jumped out of fright. I huffed a sigh of relief when I saw that it was my dad and not Max.

“Princess, are you okay? What happened? You are sweating profoundly. Do you wanna rest?”, dad asked and placed his right palm on my forehead.

I nodded and opened my mouth to say that I was okay but Max cleared his throat behind as if to show that he was still present. He walked towards me and smiled a genuine smile. Oh no! He is up to something.

“Babe, are you okay?”, Max whispered in my ear, making a shiver go down my spine. He wounded his left arm around my waist and pulled me towards him making my back crashed into his broad chest lightly. I tensed up and looked at my parents.

To say that I was shocked was an understatement. Even my parents looked at us as if we were some descendants from an alien world.

I tried to break free from his embrace but couldn’t. I glared at him but he only smirked back amusingly. How I want to wipe that smirk off his face. I should slap him. Yes, good idea but I can’t, considering the fact that my parents are watching us like they have seen a ghost. Max is being really annoying.

“Are you two a couple?”, my mom asked grinning like a cheshire cat after breaking from her thoughts.

“No”, I replied a bit to quickly to which mom’s grin turned even bigger and she winked at me. Come on mom, don’t get started you too. My mom is a romantic person and she is always telling me to go get wasted at parties and to go get a boyfriend before I turn into a grandma.

“Oh really babe, are you gonna lie to your own mom now, huh?, Max whispered in my ear but loud enough for my parents to hear.

“Princess, is that true?”, my dad asked while glaring at Max. Oh no! If looks could kill, Max wouldn’t have been alive to make his next comment.

“Yes sir”, Max replied gently as if calculating his choice of words. Oh really Max? Trying to be a gentleman, huh? I thought and smiled sweetly at my dad to ease the tension between them.

I am ready to kill Max. If only I could get a knife from the kitchen. I smiled evilly when an idea crossed my mind. Time to put it in action. Without wasting another second, I jumped on his foot and released myself from his grasp when he screamed in pain, hopping on his other leg while squeezing his so called sensitive leg.

When he composed himself, he got in my face and narrowed his eyes. He was fuming like hulk when enraged. Oh oh! What have I got myself into? I don’t think he will let me rest in peace for the rest of my life for what I have done. I shivered, feeling chilly all of a sudden.

“What the f - “, oh no, don’t you dare. I pressed his lips together to stop him in time from cussing out loud in front of my parents. He removed my hand and opened his mouth to yelled something foul again at me but he stopped when he heard someone at the door.

“What happened, Maxis?, a small voice called out from behind us. We turned around and came face to face with a little five year old in a pink cotton dress. She is really pretty, with curly dark hair like Max and sparkling dark eyes. I giggled at his nickname.

He glared back at me and I tried my level best to show that I was actually having a fit of cough.

“Nothing, Ash”, Max answered and lifted her up. The little girl wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled widely for being in his brother’s arms.

I smiled at them and remembered Liam. I should really give him a call later and ask him about his college life and see if he has got any new girlfriend. I chuckled when I remembered the last time when he came back home for his holidays. He was mourning like a romantic fool because his girlfriend left him and I was the one consoling him.

Like really! He acts like my little brother sometimes when he is the elder one. He can be really over protective too. I remembered clearly when we had gone shopping for Christmas gifts last year. He had beaten a guy who asked for my phone number like a puppy.

That boy was cute but my devil like brother did not let any other boy approach me till he was here. Now that he is not here, I had to take care of myself. Surely from delinquent like Max Jackson.

Then, a woman appeared at the door and smiled warmingly at us. I guess that she’s Max’s mother. She had hip length silky black hair and brown eyes like Max. How could an angel like her give birth to a devil like Max? She looks very calming while Max was always hot tempered.

“Hello am Cindy, looks like you have already met Max and Ashton. Come in, come in”, she shook hands with my parents and gestured for us to get in and we followed her inside.

My parents were walking ahead in a talk with Max’s mom and I saw as Ashton ran to her mother.

Suddenly, muscled arms wrap around my waist and pulled me backwards against someone’s chest.

“Beware, you have just gotten yourself in a whole lot of troubles, babe”, Max whispered in my ear and walked away, leaving me star struck staring at his retreating back.

What have I done wrong?

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