My New Neighbour

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Chapter 30

When he finally stood up, he glanced at me, smirked evilly and walked out.

My phone! I have to get my phone back!

“Oh! I’ll just go to the washroom!”, I said and got up too.

I can’t live without my phone! Phone! Phone! Phone!

Where the hell is Max?

Where did he go? He just walked out! He couldn’t have just vanished like that! I rushed upstairs to check if he was in his room but in vain! He wasn’t there!

I frowned but then sprinted back downstairs. I flew opened the main door and sure enough, a dark figure was walking down the road. Is that Max? Without hesitating, I ran after him.

“Maxxxxx”, I yelled but he did not even stop! Maybe he didn’t hear me but I practically screamed at the top of my lungs then how could he not hear me? Or maybe he’s just pretending!

“Maxxx”, I yelled again, closing in the distance between us. It was actually easy to catch up with him quickly as he was walking at a slow pace.

I stopped just a foot behind him and perched down, already out of breath. Oh god! I really regret not following gym classes now. I’m definitely not in form. Gosh! I just ran a little but I’m breathing so heavily like as if I ran a marathon. I gulped hard, trying to relieve the dryness in my throat. It’s as if someone tried to choke me. Okay! Okay! Maybe I’m over exaggerating here! But you can’t really blame me! I’m indeed not an active teenage girl! And I sucked at gymnastics!

I stood up straighter and tapped Max lightly on his right shoulder. The latter stopped walking and turned around to look at me. No wait!

I gasped out loud! That’s not Max! But what horrified me more was the fact that this guy in front of was injured brutally. He looked at around our age but I’m hundred percent sure that this guy doesn’t seem to be a resident around here. I don’t think he even goes to our school! I choked when I smelled the air around him. He smelled of cigarettes and of a sort of boozy aftershave. Or maybe it was just booze! And this smell was so intense that I suddenly felt suffocated.

Freak! What the hell am I doing?

I shouldn’t stay over here! This guy may be a sadist or something! My eyes widened with fright when a sudden thought struck my mind. Oh god! What if he’s a murderer or some criminal wandering around? Even if he’s at around our age, he may be dangerous and judging by the fierce look on his face and his injuries, he’s someone you shouldn’t be messing with right now.

I started backing away from him but he suddenly smirked evilly making me froze on the spot? He started advancing toward me while wiping the blood that was gushing out from the cut on his left cheek with the back of his right hand. Oh no! Why did I even came out?

My phone! Stupid Max!

Stop it Shelly! Compose yourself! It’s not the right moment to think about your phone!

Yeah right! Who knows it may be the last day of my life?

I glanced back at the house over my left shoulder. Thinking about it, the house is not that far. It’s just around the corner but I could still feel the pain in my legs after running after this fellow who I mistook as Max in the dark. I don’t think I will be able to make it even if I put all my effort in sprinting back home. And with this guy staring at me as if he could jump on me at any moment and eat me alive got me afraid to make even a slight movement. I gulped hard and started feeling my eyes welled up. I feel so helpless, weak and pathetic! I opened my mouth to cry out for help but no sound seems be coming out!

He suddenly started laughing out loud enough to make me suck in a deep breath and shivered slightly. But soon, I started shivering like a wet dog. As if it couldn’t get any worse, my teeth began clattering. His teeth were covered with blood and he threw his head back laughing like his life depended on it. He seems like a mad guy! Shivers ran down my spine and goosebumps rose up on my skin.

It wasn’t the same kind of feelings I felt for Max whenever Max was around me! This one gave an eerie kind of feeling making me realised that there is no escape from here now! Why was I even thinking about Max right now?! It’s not like he’s gonna save me from this creep! I suddenly felt a lot more frightened and tears rolled down my cheeks. I’m missing Max right now! Don’t even ask me why I’m thinking about Max when I should have been thinking about my parents and about my brother?!

He suddenly stopped laughing which broke me from my thoughts and I looked back at him. Silence! Complete and utter silence! This seem like the silence before the storm. The silence was killing me and the fact that it was so dark didn’t help either! His black eyes were pinned closely on me, observing my every reactions and movements. I felt really uncomfortable under his penetrating gaze. He suddenly grasped at my left wrist pulling me toward him but I screamed and pulled away, causing him to stumble on his own feet. Good thing that he’s drunk!

I stiffened when i suddenly felt footsteps behind me. Could it be someone else who came to kill me too? Maybe it was an accomplice of this maniac! But the next thing I knew, that someone was right beside me, just a foot behind. But I couldn’t make out his face in the dark. What the hell, Shelly? You are about to die and you are worried about the appearance of your murderer?

I was abruptly turned around by a pair of strong arms and I collided with a strong, nostalgic surface and steadied against them. I could feel tears come to my eyes again.

“Don’t you think that it is really rude to stare at and touch someone else’s property? Seems a little rude, even for you, Seb!”, a voice spoke smugly. I buried my face into his chest, unable to restrain the smile which made its way on my face. The strong arms held me securely and I felt safe with him. Oh god! I was so damn scared! He is the one who I needed right now!

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