My New Neighbour

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Chapter 31

“Don’t you think that it is really rude to stare at and touch someone else’s property? Seems a little rude, even for you, Seb!”, a voice spoke smugly. I buried my face into his chest, unable to restrain the smile which made its way on my face. The strong arms held me securely and I felt safe with him. Oh god! I was so damn scared! He is the one who I needed right now!

He’s the only one who I needed right now! Only him!

“Max!”, I exclaimed happily throwing my arms around Max’s neck but then I started sobbing uncontrollably, squeezing him tightly. I could have died if he didn’t come at my rescue!

“I-I was so s-scared uhh I-I - ” Max pressed a finger to my lips.

“Shhh”, he wiped at the tears rolling down my cheeks.

“Stop! Stop”, he kissed me on the forehead tenderly and hugged me again. I calmed down a little bit. I really felt safe with him!

“Oh Max! What a pleasant surprise?”, the guy sneered and I could feel his gaze on my back. I just wished that the ground would opened up and swallow me. I just can’t bear violence and that guy behind me was really giving me the creeps right now.

“I think I made myself pretty clear that you shouldn’t be staring at someone else’s property!”, Max grunted out. His arms tightened around my waist and I could even feel him breath heavily. Max was getting angry! I’m sure about that! Oh god! How am I going to handle him now?

“Oh oh! I’m really scared! Look I’m trembling with fear!”, the guy responded sarcastically.

“You! -

“Max!” I cried and grabbed his right arm when he stepped forward.

“Leave it! Let’s go! Please!”, I pleaded and tightened my hold on his right arm. He glanced at me and for a moment, I saw his eyes softened but then he frowned and turned his focus back on the guy in front of us.

I really don’t want Max to get in trouble because of me but he shrugged off my hands and stepped forward all at once to grab the collar of that guy. I screamed! That’s the only thing that I could do! I was really scared. There was no one around to help us. That day at the mall, there was people surrounding us, that’s why maybe that Aiden guy left but now, there was no one around! Who knows what could happen? I shuddered at that thought. I really don’t wanna think about that! I just can’t let Max get in trouble because of me. It’s all my fault! I shouldn’t have left the house. I really shouldn’t!

The guy managed to pushed Max away in spite of being completely drunk.

But I could see that Max was now definitely pissed off. He punched the guy square in the jaw and the latter stumbled.

Max did not stop there! Maybe he was satisfied with the guy’s drunkard self because he caught the guy by the neck and kept hitting him with his right hand which was now bruised and had blood gushing out.

I kept screaming at Max to stop but he was as if in a daze and kept on hitting him but his next words made me froze completely.

“No one touches my girl”, he yelled in the guy’s face.

What? I’m not his girl! I’m not yours! If we weren’t in such a situation, I would have told him that grudgingly but I pressed my mouth in a thin line and waited for him to end his torture on the guy. What? I can’t really do anything now! He’s like a monster who came back form the walking dead and was looking forward to some pleasure. I kept quiet, totally in shock from what Max has just shouted to the guy! Only the grunts and groans of the guy and Max’s punches were being heard in the chilling night air.

“Hey!”, someone suddenly yelled from behind me, breaking me from my thoughts and I turned around to freeze completely.

That someone was holding a knife in his right hand and before I could even scream to alert Max, he plunged forward and grabbed- wait! What? What the hell? Why did he grab me? That’s when I screamed in fright and started fighting back to escape him but in vain!

Max whipped his head in my direction and I saw his eyes widened with shock evident on his face. He released the guy and the latter collapsed on the ground with a loud thump. He was clearly in a worst shape now, considering the fact that he was already injured. And by facing the wrath of Max, he’s now beaten like a pulp. He was groaning in pain and was even trying to stand up but he fell down again.

The man wounded his left hand around my belly and trapped my hands behind my back, squeezing me tightly. I let out a cry of pain but I stopped moving when I felt a cold metal being pressed against my neck. It’s the knife! I gulped hard and started sobbing quietly.

“Shut the fuck up or I won’t think twice before I slash that pretty neck of yours!”, the man threatened, his voice eerily familiar and tightened his hold on me making me whined in pain. I started breathing heavily while trying to calm down and stop crying but some tears still rolled down my cheeks which made the man press the knife more into my skin. I looked at Max but I couldn’t see him properly! My eyes were so welled up with tears that I could only see his blurred figure standing in front of me. I couldn’t decipher his expression nor figure out any of his next move! I just saw him standing there, looking at us. I was so freaking afraid that I didn’t even thought of blinking my eyelids, in complete fear that the man holding me will be even more disgruntled if he noticed more tears.

It will be probably the end of me!

But then a single tear fell down on the ground! My voice was caught in my throat. I was too afraid to even breath now, let alone move! The street was eerily still for the moment, as though stuck in freeze - frame.

I sucked in a deep breath and closed my eyes.

That’s when all hell broke loose!

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