My New Neighbour

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Chapter 32

But then a single tear fell down on the ground! My voice was caught in my throat. I was too afraid to even breath now, let alone move! The street was eerily still for the moment, as though stuck in freeze - frame.

I sucked in a deep breath and closed my eyes.

That’s when all hell broke loose!

The man’s arms tightened around my waist and I know I would surely feel the stinking pain if he made a slightest move with the knife but the pain never came. I opened my eyes to see Max looking around confusedly.

What’s wrong? I wondered and tried to look around too but I didn’t dare when the man pressed the knife even more. I gasped? I could feel tears trickle down my eyes.

I couldn’t breathe now! He wasn’t letting me breathe! I started choking. God!

I can’t breathe!

I jumped slightly as a loud rattling sound came from within some bushes at the left side of the road. The man jerked towards the noise all at once, pulling me along. Ahhhhh! That hurts, you scoundrel! I squeezed my eyes tightly. Ahhh! I think my neck is broken! Shit!

The rattling sound became more louder and nearer. It was really scaring the hell out of me. Oh god! This wasn’t some freaking horror movie for crying out loud!

That surely got a reaction from the man holding me. He released his hold on me a little bit and started scanning our surroundings.

I frowned and glanced at Max. He looked up as if sensing someone staring at him and caught my eyes. He winked at me and suddenly grinned, looking wickedly at the man holding me.

Then, Max started taking small cautioned steps towards us. My eyes widened when I understood what he was planning on doing but that may be dangerous! For him and for me too!

I tried to warn him to stop whatever he was doing with my eyes but he only smirked and refocused on taking advanced steps forward.

He was coming nearer! YES! Just a few more steps. Come on! Come on!


Two more steps!

“Hey!”, the man suddenly shouted and Max froze. OH NO!

“Maybe you thought that I was kidding! Huh? Right? You really think that I was kidding about slicing your little girlfriend’s neck? Huh!”, the man sneered and then chuckled darkly.

Why do I find his voice familiar? It was eerily familiar! I just can’t figure out where I heard this voice! Where?

“Why don’t I show you that I can really do that, huh?”, the man whispered in my right ear, loud enough for Max to hear. Oh god! Please, save me! Max took another step forward to reach us…

“Uh huh! Or she dies!”, an arrogant snicker leaving his lips as he shook his head from side to side.

Causing Max to stop again…

“I dare you to try it and I promise you won’t see day light again!”, Max sneered through clenched teeth, venom dripping from his voice and glared at the man. Oh oh!

What’s wrong with him? Is he sick or what? I think he lost it! I think he should really reconsider the fact that I was currently being held with a knife at the throat!

Just then another rattling sound was heard but this time it was from the right side of the road. But this was surely an advantage for Max as he jumped forward and knocked the knife out of the man’s grip. Woah! That was a smart move! I don’t think he lost it!!!

Yupeee! Escape!

I shouted, leaping in the air but delivered a spinning kick square in the face of the man by mistake! Oh no! What have I done?

The man - wait! What? That was a guy! Ouch! He landed loudly, flat on his front with his back toward me.

I glanced at Max with a puzzled look on my face.

Max looked surprised and then smirked at me, as if really impressed with me. Hmmm I think that was kinda a good thing!

But still, that hurts!

Without wasting another second, I sprinted toward the man to help him get up but froze on the spot when he suddenly got up.

“Oh, sorry about that!”, I apologized and grimaced when I saw his pained face.

I heard someone snorting and I looked up to find Max shaking his head mockingly at me with a ‘Are-you-being-serious?’ look on his face. What! I know this guy tried to kill me but still, I can’t see others in pain!

I glanced back at the guy just in time to see him approaching me. I just couldn’t see his face clearly! Who was he? And what’s his problem with Max? When he took another step forward, the streetlamp light flickered on his face and for a split second, my heart went wild. What the hell? Aiden! His face contorted into a fierce one, making me back up. He glared at me while wiping his mouth as blood drippled down his chin. BLOOD! Was I the one who caused that wound? But it was a mistake! I swear! Aiden’s eyes were penetrating and murderous. Oh no!

“Take another step forward and I’ll shoot you”, someone shouted behind me. Shoot! What? SHOOT! Freak! Did I hear shoot? No wait!

I turned around and saw Alex, standing with a shotgun pointed directly at Aiden. Wait! What? No wait? Am I dreaming or is this real? Alex with a shotgun, ready to fire if needed! A SHOTGUN! And ALEX! How come he’s here? Wait! He couldn’t have been the one who was making that sound alongside the road, right? I think he was the one!

But wait! There’s a shotgun pointed right in front of me!

Knife! I could deal with but freaky shotguns pointed right in front of me?

No thank you!

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