My New Neighbour

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Chapter 33

I turned around and saw Alex, standing with a shotgun pointed directly at Aiden. Wait! What? No wait? Am I dreaming or is this real? Alex with a shotgun, ready to fire if needed! A SHOTGUN! And ALEX! How come he’s here? Wait! He couldn’t have been the one who was making that sound alongside the road, right? I think he was the one!

But wait! There’s a shotgun pointed right in front of me!

Knife! I could deal with but freaky shotguns pointed right in front of me?

No thank you!

I froze and stared at Alex with wide eyes. What the freaking hell?!

“Shelly! Watch out!”, Alex shouted and I leaped out of his way. What was happening? This better be some nightmare! Please god! I wanna wake up from this horrible dream! This better be some nightmare! This better be some nightmare! This better be some nightmare! This better be so -

“Ahhh”, I screamed when someone caught me, breaking me from my trance.

“Chillax! It’s me!”, Max whispered in my left ear and I calmed down. Freak! This isn’t a nightmare! This is real!

“Max! M- Max!”, I began hyperventilating and everything around me was going round and round! What the hell? Everything sounded so far away! Everything was blurring! I felt dizzy!

“Shelly! Shelly! Calm down!”, Max shook me slightly and I closed my eyes tightly for a bit before opening them again. I concentrated on my breathing. I breathe in and out. In and out! I need to calm down.

“Max!”, I whispered slowly and hugged him tightly. I could still feel a little bit dizzy. What’s wrong with me? He tightened his hold on me when I pressed myself into him, letting him hold me. I felt so tired! Maybe sleepy!

“Shelly, I need you to calm down! Wait!”, Max said and loosened his grip on me. No! I can’t even hold myself! I was about to stop Max from walking away but he ran off towards Alex and Aiden, who were fighting, all at once. I sunk down on the road and held my head. Why was my head pounding like that? It felt as if someone was throwing a heavy hammer on my head repeatedly!

“Shelly!”, Alex cried out and soon a pair of arms were lifting me from the ground. Was it Alex or Max? I couldn’t see who! Oh my god! My head! I just want to get in bed and cuddle up in my sheets to sleep! I can’t bear this pain.

“What’s wrong? Shelly! Can you hear me?”, I heard someone questioning me worriedly. Who is it?

“Max!”, I answered feebly.

“It’s me! Alex!”, he exclaimed and pressed my head in the crook of his neck.

Hmmm! I wanna sleep!

“Look! There’s Max!”, Alex said and pointed ahead. I opened my eyes and saw him fighting with Aiden. Noooo! Stop! I wanted to stop him but I couldn’t even open my eyes well! I winced when Max suddenly bashed Aiden on the back of his neck, causing him to fall down.

“Now, tell me! What were you saying?”, Max asked him threateningly and grabbed his collar, pulling him on his feet again.

“Hey! Hey!”, he said through gritted teeth when Aiden tried to break free from his grip.

“Not so soon, Aiden! You listen to me well! If I ever see you near Shelly ever again, then I swear that day would be your last day! And yeah tell that to all your freaking fucking friends! And I swear if I ever see Seb again, I will fucking kill him right then and there!”, he sneered at Aiden and pushed him away, causing him to stumble.

“Now! Piss off!”, Max yelled at him. Aiden scooted toward Seb and pulled him up easily. He walked a few steps away from us but then stopped to turned back around. He glared at Max and Alex and straightened Seb who was still unconscious but was groaning with pain.

“You’ll regret this, Max!”, he shook his head and smirked.

“You -

“Max! Enough!”, I cried and Alex also nodded.

Max turned to glare at Aiden but he was walking away, pulling Seb along with him.

Max approached us and pulled me in a hug.

“Are you okay?”, he asked softly and cupped my face in his hands.

I shook my head positively and smiled at him.

A bark of laughter ricocheted down the street and my eyes darted to the source. It was Aiden! Is he mad or what?

“What’s his problem with you?”, I asked Max suspiciously. Max glanced back at me but then looked at Alex who also avoided my questioning face.

“Max tell me!”, I deadpanned and looked at them.

“Shelly! I think it will be better if we just go home -

“No! Tell me now”, I recoiled back and stumbled on my feet when I felt another pounding in my head. What the hell is that? Why is my head paining like that?

“Shelly! Are you okay?”, Alex asked and a hand seized my right shoulder.

I looked up to find Alex staring at me while Max tightened his right arm around my waist, holding me.

“I-I I don’t know! Just a headache, I think!”, I mumbled and gulped hard. I’m thirsty! I need to drink some water!

Max and Alex shared a knowing look as if mind linking each other in their minds. What the hell? Are they freaking werewolves or what?

“What’s wrong? Will you tell me?”, I demanded furiously.

“Not now, Shelly! I -

“Why not now? I want to know wh -

“Okay fine! I promise I’ll tell you! But tomorrow! You have to get some sleep! You seem so pale and tired!”, Max said calmly but I know he’s trying his level best to control his anger.

“Okay”, I agreed and we started walking back home.

“Shelly! Wait!”, Max cried out when we reached at my doorsteps.

“Here”, he handed me my phone and then walked away with Alex.

Okay then! I better go to bed!

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