My New Neighbour

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Chapter 34

“Shelly! Wait!”, Max cried out when we reached at my doorsteps.

“Here”, he handed me my phone and then walked away with Alex.

Okay then! I better go to bed!

“Wait!”, Max called out again. I turned around and looked at him, my hands hovering on the door knob.

“What?”, I asked and crossed my hands behind my back to try and warm myself a little bit.

“Just keep this a secret!”, he said but he seemed a bit unsure about it.

“But I -

“Please, Shelly! Just keep it a secret until I tell you about it!”, he deadpanned and that was enough to shut me up. Okay! Better not get into his bad side! But I really wanted to tell him that I suck at lying but he wouldn’t even let me talk! Stupid!

I merely nodded and he walked away.

I opened my front door and squeezed my eyes shut, thinking about a way to avoid my parents. God! Please help me! I swear I’ll even stop reading books after bedtime! Oh! If this won’t be enough, then, I promise I’ll avoid chocolates, my babies and junk food!! Please god! Only this time!! I shuddered when I thought about sacrificing my babies but I think there won’t be a better compromise than this one!

I snuck in quietly but yelped when I saw my parents right in front of me, with their arms crossed over their chest.

Of course it didn’t work!! Why god? Maybe you wanted my oreos too!!

My mom had a pointed look on her face while my dad looked like hulk!! I think looking like a hulk might be an understatement as he looked like he could easily kill anyone who will dare cross his way!!

Oh oh!

What do I tell now? And lying is really not my cup of tea!!

“Where have you been?”, my dad asked, finally breaking the silence. I gulped hard. This is the first time I’ve seen my dad reacting like that and I really don’t like it!

“I- I- uhh-

“Shelly!”, mom cried and looked at dad.

“I- I was …. with Max!”, I finally said it and waited for them to explode with anger but what I got was a squeal from mom and a chuckle from dad.

What the freaking hell?

“I so knew ittttt”, mom cried out and dad smiled at her.

“Come on! Pay!”, mom outstretched her right palm at dad and the latter huffed out with irritation before grudgingly, slipped something into her hand.

Wait! Was that money? Oh no! Don’t tell me they ….

“Did you guys just -

“Yeah right, Shelly! Your dad argued that you and Max can never be a thing but I said that you two are definitely gonna be together someday! You two are meant to be together! Oh! You two are so cute together!”, mom gushed out loud, grinning like a cheshire cat!

“So, you had a bet about it?!”, I asked shockingly.

“Yeah and your dad lost! Yupeee!”, mom yelled with joy and then sauntered upstairs leaving me completely frozen.

What? Like what really happened?

Dad shook his head slightly, amused at his wife behaviour and then smiled back at me.

“Don’t worry, Shelly! As long as you’re happy with Max, I’m happy too but don’t hesitate to tell me anything, okay?”, dad asked and caressed my hair lightly.

“But -

“Oh! Do you want hot chocolate? I’m just gonna make one for me”, dad suddenly said before I could even tell him that they are being delusional again! I mean like really!

Oh I better go get some sleep! I’m so tired!

“I’ll just go to bed! I’m tired!”, I shook my head negatively.

“Okay! Sure, princess”, dad agreed and then went into the kitchen.

“Just lock the door before you go upstairs”, dad cried from the kitchen.

I turned back around and locked the door.

“Done!”, I yelled and I heard him saying goodnight when I passed by the kitchen.

“Goodnight!”, I responded and then went upstairs.

When I closed my bedroom door, I just jumped in bed after changing into my pajamas and snuggled deep under my bedsheets.

How am I going to tell my parents that they were just assuming things again? But then if I try to tell them that what they are thinking is completely false, they would want to know the truth and I just wouldn’t be able to lie! Yeah right! I know I’m a big sucker at lying!


I groaned when I felt my head pounding again. Shit! That headache!

I wanted to get some painkillers but I was just too lazy to get up again. I was already half asleep, so, why get up? Maybe the headache will be gone by next morning! Hope so!

I just cross my fingers and pray to god!

Why do my head feel like it weighted more than me?

Just when I closed my eyes, I saw Max! Hmmm

Oh god! Shelly! You’ve got to stop thinking about that jerk!

But he saved me and protected me today!

But he’s still a jerk! He’s just trying to be a gentleman!

I snorted out loud! Him and gentleman! Bullshit!

Yeah right! See! That’s what I’m trying to show you! He’s just pretending to be nice! You shouldn’t really be mingling with such guys!

What do you mean by such guys? He isn’t like ‘such guys’!

Don’t tell me you’re falling for him!!

I smiled!

Yeah I think I’m falling hard for him! And I just hope that he will be there to catch me!!

Oh really!


Oh my god! What’s happening to me? Am I talking to myself? I’m feeling really stupid right now! Maybe I am stupid! There’s no denying that! I’m going insane! Was this how it feels when you started liking someone? I could feel my heartbeats quickening when I felt all kind of feelings swooning around in my belly. The way he hugged me today, protecting me from Seb and Aiden! Oh gosh! These feelings! It was a mixture of all! Anxiety, happiness, and so on. I just couldn’t explain myself right now!

I kinda like this feeling!!

Hmmm yeah!

Soon, I drifted into a peaceful and deep slumber….

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