My New Neighbour

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Chapter 35

Soon, I drifted into a peaceful and deep slumber….

I woke up the next day to the sound of my phone going off like crazy. Yawning, I did my usual stretch and winced as the memories of last night came rushing in my head. I barely wanted to move, let alone get my lazy ass out of my well comfy bed but I have school today and I know better than to try and skip!

Anyway, who the hell is calling me at this time?? It was six o’clock for god sake!! Damn! I think it wouldn’t shut up until I take the call! I just have to reply back! Yeah right! I reached for my phone on the side table.

“Hello!”, I responded bluntly.

“Hey!”, a voice replied back.

“Who are you?”, I groaned into the phone. Really! At six o’clock in the morning, I get a call from an unknown number!!! Ahh! Oh my god!! Take me now! I just wanna sleep!

“You don’t recognise my voice?”, he asked, surprise evident in his voice.

“Hey, you aren’t Justin Bieber! Just tell me who the hell are you?”, I yelled back into the phone.

“Woah! Calm down woman!”, he replied calmly but I could still tell that this guy was currently enjoying my plight right now. My eyes were half close as I snuggled in my little pillows and I just want to sleep a little bit more before waking up for school! But this guy - ughhhhh!

I hate it when people do that! I mean like really! How would I know you if I don’t even know your number?!

“Would you just talk?”, I groaned in the phone, getting irritated by him.

“That’s what I’m doing! Talk!”, he replied and then chuckled.

“You find this funny, huh? I’m trying to sleep, you know? And you -

“Stop! Stop! I know! I can see you from here!”, he cut me off and I sat up quickly, looking around. What the freaking hell?

“Over here, babe!”, he said and then I heard a snap! My head whipped toward the sound and I saw Max freaking Jackson leaning against his window adjacent mine, smirking at me.

“What? How? I’m - I - I”, I stuttered and looked around my room. My window was wide open! How?!

“Chillax! Your mom just opened your window and walked out!”, he shrugged and then winked at me.

“So, you thought staring at me when i was asleep was a great idea? Don’t you think that’s creepy?”, I deadpanned and glared at him.

“Oh! I was just bored! And looking at you when you are sleeping is kinda cute!”, he replied and my cheeks reddened at his penetrating eyes which kind of made me shivered in a good way. A tingling sensation ran up my whole body, making me look down.

What the hell, Shelly?

I composed myself and then noticed that we were still talking through our phones even when we were just across each other!! I chuckled at that!

“What?”, he asked, smiling amusingly.

“You do realise that we are still talking through our phones!”, I said and he chuckled too.

“Oh! Anyway, I just had to tell you that I would be taking you to school today”, he said and then hung up.

Wait! What? Did I hear properly? Has Max just told me that he would give me a lift to school today?

“Wait, Max!”, I called out just when he turned to walk away.

“What?”, he asked as he walked back toward his window to hear me out.

“I - oh!”, I froze when he suddenly took off his shirt, showing off his upper body! Oh my god! I think I’m gonna faint! His well-built shoulder and chest puffed out showing his masculinity even more! His abs - so hot! He had six - freak! I’m sure I’m swooning right now and i can’t really help it! He was just so sexy and hot! His muscles flexed when he stretched out, his arms crossed behind his neck. Oh! He -

“Take a picture! It’ll last longer!”, he suddenly yelled out from his bedroom making me jump out in fright! Oh gosh! What the hell was I doing? Checking him out!!

Take a picture!

Yeah that!

“Wait! …. I’ll just grab my phone!”, my voice cracked at the beginning but when I cleared my throat, it went back to normal. Hell! This guy just rendered me speechless!

“What? Are you serious?”, he cried out loud, probably freaking out. Oh! How much I’m loving his plight right now! That’s what you get when you disturb a sleeping girl!!

“Yeah! Just pose for me, baby!”, I said as sexily as I could and winked at him while I held my phone in my hands, getting ready to take some pictures of him.

He stayed like he was, maybe completely frozen at what I said but then he smirked evilly.

“I like you”, he suddenly whispered calmly and quietly but I eventually heard him! What? Did Max just admitted that he like me? Is it true? But what does he mean? Did he meant it in like really liking me or in like liking me as just a friend? !! I looked at him confusedly.

He finally seemed like he realised what he said as he stiffened and then looked up at me.

“Uh! I - I - I better get ready!”, he stuttered and then rushed out of his bedroom quickly.

What the freaking hell just happened?

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