My New Neighbour

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Chapter 36

What the freaking hell just happened?

I dragged myself out of bed and walked into my closet. On my way to the bathroom, I grabbed a white towel and shrugged my shirt off, leaving my chest bare. I brushed my teeth as fast as possible and hopped into the shower. As I turned on the water and let the hot steam surround me, I started humming ‘Love yourself’ by Justin Bieber. I pretended like I was some international pop star as I danced around in the shower, throwing water here and there.

“Nice moves you got there, babe!”, his voice boomed as he walked into my bathroom like he owned the place. What the hell?

“What the freaking hell?!”, I shrieked and flung my shampoo bottle at him which unfortunately, missed him!! Freak! I covered myself quickly with my towel and stepped out of the shower.

“What are you doing here?”, I asked him angrily as he checked himself out in the mirror. My mirror!! Doesn’t he have his mirror in his bedroom?!!

“I came to see my girl!”, he whispered in my left ear and then leaned back while smirking. He ran his right hand through his soaked hair.

“It’s seven in the morning, Max! And we have school!”, I scowled and shoved him away from the mirror and toward the bathroom door.

“Get out of my house, Jackson!”, I almost yelled but he wouldn’t bulge. God! He’s so freaking heavy! Is he a bulldozer or what?!!

“I’m not going anywhere unless you give a kiss!”, he winked and stayed rooted to his spot.

“In your dreams, Max!”, I recoiled back and reached for my clothes.

“Oh really! I do dream about many other things that we would be doing on my bed in the future!”, he said huskily and sexily, his eyes turning a shade darker with desire and lust. He then puckered his lips at me, making weird sounds. Hell! I couldn’t stop my cheeks from reddening! I was blushing like a mad woman. Oh god! I need something to fan myself!

“What babe? Cat got your tongue?”, he chuckled and then smirked!

“W- what?”, I stuttered, completely dumbfounded.

Now that I think about it, what were we? Does Max consider me as more than just a friend or does he really mean what he said earlier? His words still ringing loud and clear in my mind!

I like you!

Does he mean it or was it a slip of tongue? But still, the way he protects me and then, he even yelled at Aiden and Seb that I was his girl!! But then again, maybe he did that just to protect me! Like he protects all his friends!

I frowned and almost felt like crying my heart out. What if he doesn’t like like me? !! I felt my chest hardening at that thought and it was at that moment that I realized that I really like Max! Yeah! I really really like him! A lot!

But does he feel the same about me?

Kiss !

Kiss!! He did kiss me a few times! Did he kiss me for just fun? Is he playing with me? He’s after all one of St-Xavier’s player! I felt like I was being played by him and you can’t really blame me, he may have had a bet among his friends! He couldn’t have just recognized me like that! I’m after all the loser and nerd of St-Xavier highschool!

Well! I won’t get crushed by him! He will never be able to break my heart! Even if he does, I would never let myself get crumbled in the mess, I will definitely passed through this. It would merely be a heartbreaking situation and not more than that. I could easily pass through this!

I composed myself and mustered the biggest smile on my face. Well then Max Jackson! If you wanna play, let’s play! I would never lose nor let you win in this thing that you are trying to get!

“O - okay!”, I suddenly said after regaining myself!

He looked confused at first but then understood what I meant when he smirked. Oh oh! It’s only one kiss! Nothing could go wrong, right? And would it be wrong if I admitted that I really like kissing him? Maybe but my fallen heart wouldn’t understand this now! Not anymore!

Max leaned down slowly but I pushed him back by pressing my hands firmly on his chest.

“At least let me put my clothes on!”, I sighed in defeat.

“No!”, he deadpanned but then started laughing hysterically when he saw my shocked face.

“Just kidding! You should have seen your face!”, he chortled out loud but I slapped my right palm over his mouth, shutting him down.

“Quiet!”, I shushed him and he shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal! It was indeed a big deal!! If my father saw Max in my room early in the morning like this, with no shirt on and only a pair of pale blue jeans hanging loosely around his waist and with me having only a towel, which barely reached my knees, wrapped around me! It would indeed be a big deal! A very big deal!!

“My father is downstairs!”, I said through gritted teeth and glared at him.

He pushed my right hand away and pouted. After some time, he huffed out and shrugged.

“Fine! But I’ll be waiting, babe!”, he smirked and walked out, shutting the door as he left.

“Just lock my bedroom door!”, I cried out loud. I can easily let my dad catch Max messing around in my bedroom but i don’t know, my heart wouldn’t cooperate!

Well, I breathed in a whole lot of air to calm down my heart which was currently doing some gymnastics in there! Freak! What the hell is wrong with me? I let the dizziness in my mind settle down as I let the fact that, this stupid idiot like player and bad boy is in my bedroom and has most definitely saw me naked, sink in! Quickly, throwing on my clothes, I quickened out my pace before Max could burst in through the bathroom door again!

He may have not saw my naked body earlier but I wouldn’t want that to happened now! Right? Of course no! Then, I rushed out!

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