My New Neighbour

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Chapter 37

“WHAT?!?”, I screeched aloud and shot up from my seat, nearly knocking my chocolate milkshake down.

“Calm it sis!”, Alex cried out loud and pulled me back in my seat.

“No wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!”, I said more calmly but couldn’t stop jumping in my seat.

“Will you please take a chill pill?!”, Max suddenly exclaimed and leaned forward to glare at me.

“What?! Don’t you dare look at me like that!!”, I shouted and huffed out loud in irritation while crossing my arms over my chest.

Confused? Me too!! Let’s go back!

One hour before.

I nearly cried out loud when I saw Max sprawled like a dog in my bed, with no shirt on. He smirked when he saw my reaction.

“Nice bed!”, he comments and then started bouncing on my mattress, making weird noises while my bed began shaking.

“What the hell are you doing? Get off!”, I yelled at him, completely forgetting that my parents were currently downstairs and could most probably hear me shouting like a maniac!!

“What do you think I’m doing?”, he asked and then moaned out loud. He just moaned out loud!! Freak! He was making sexual sounds in my bed! No freaking way! I’ve got to stop him.

“Stop it, Max”, I jumped on top of him to tackle him and throw him off my bed but I think god had something else planned for me because I ended up straddling him in a very WEIRD way!! Oh god! This made him freeze and he stared at me with desire and love. Wait what? Love!! I gulped hard and stared back at him. We were just like in a daze, maybe completely in shock. After sometime, not knowing what to do, I tried to get up to escape from such an embarrassing situation but Max suddenly groaned out loud.

“I wouldn’t have moved if I were you!”, he whispered while he closed his eyes tightly. Oh fish! Don’t tell me I ….. No way! He must be kidding!

I’m getting off of him right away!!

I tired to climb out of bed again but Max’s hands shot out to grab my waist all at once making me squeal like a giddy girl. Freak! I pressed my hands on his cheat to steady myself and my breath quickened when I noticed that our faces were now only a few inches away from actually making contact.

“Fuck! Shelly! Stay still!”, he cried and tightened his hold at each side of my waist. What the hell did I do? Why did I to move? His eyes widened when he saw how close we were when he opened his eyes to look at me. Just then, both our features all of a sudden turned speechless and expressionless by the current situation. We did nothing but just lay there and continued gazing into each other eyes.

I feel my face suddenly heat up as I realized that Max was leaning closer to me, making my heart pound more quicker and louder. His lips brushed against mine in a very soft and tantalising way making my heart go wild. Oh god! I could feel my heart beating a lot more faster than it already was! And the tingling sensation that ran up my whole body wasn’t really helping right now! Why do I keep getting such rushing and bizarre like every kind and different type of feelings and emotions whenever this idiot is near me?!!!

And the butterflies that were currently zeroing around in my belly seems like they are making more babies who made more babies who got more babies!! Hell! Oh god! What was that feeling? Is it because I like Max or is it because I’m falling hard for him or is it because I’ve never been in such an intimidating moment like this one before? I’m so confused!! Or is it because I OH FREAKING HELL!! Am I in love?! With Max freaking Jackson?!! No wa -

I came out of my trance when someone suddenly pulled me away from behind, making me screamed out loud, thinking about last night. Max got up quickly, ready to punch that someone but he froze when his eyes caught up with something behind me. Max suddenly bursted out laughing like a hyena and then fell down during his laughing fit but he continued to cackle. What the hell? Why is he laughing?

Just then the person released his hold on me and without wasting another minute, I pushed him away and wheeled around to see WHAT? Alex! He yelped, rubbing his ribcage where I landed a particularly good blow with my right elbow.

“Fuck!”, he hissed out loud and I grimaced at him.

“Bad sis!”, he muttered and then pouted at me.

“What?!”, my mouth flew opened and I gasped in shock.

“Drama queen!”, he raised one of his eyebrows at me. I glared at him but he only winked and then smirked at me.

“Drama king!”, I recoiled back. It was my turn to smirk when I saw his fallen face. Well suck it up!!

“Chicken!”, he chided back.

“Oh no! You didn’t!”, I cried out loud in disbelief.

“I just did”, he shrugged and then looked at me teasingly.

“Dog!”, I shouted back at him.

“Tiny meeny Mouse -

“Ugly donkey -

“The fattest monkey -

“Did you just - ughhhh I’m not fat!!! You big stupidest brainless koala!”, I cried out loud in a go and then took a lungful breath.

“I’m not stupid nor brainless, you wicked witch!”, he fired back. We were both glaring at each other but I could easily see the amusement in his eyes and I bet it’s the same for me.

“Shut up you two!”, Max suddenly exclaimed from behind me.

“What?!”, both Alex and I responded back at the same and then we looked at each other before laughing out loud. When I saw Max’s confused face, I just couldn’t stop! Freak!

“Alex! Will you tell me what the fuck are you doing here?”, Max boomed out loud and the room went eerily quiet and still. I look at Alex to see that he had frozen and he was staring at Max like a deer caught in headlights.

I kept quiet and sat on my bed, staring at the two Greek gods who were currently busy communicating with their eyes like last night. Okay! That’s not creepy at all!

The humour in Max’s eyes had faded completely and he seemed to come to a decision, one that I could already make out! I’m totally sure it’s about last night!

“Okay guys! Stop! You’re freaking me out!”, I cried and sat cross legged in my bed, hugging the nearest pillow to my chest. I miss you Ted!

“Shelly! Get dressed! We are going to Starbucks for breakfast!”, Alex said calmly and dragged Max near my window. He jumped out and landed neatly on the other side in Max’s room.

Just when Max swing his right leg over my window, he stopped and looked back at me.

“I promised that I’ll tell you everything about last night! So, get ready! We gonna talk there! And yeah, don’t forget your school bag!”, he said softly, smiled and then jumped out too. I nodded but then shook my head when I realized that he was already gone! I chuckled.

Hell! I’m turning into a lovesick giddy girl!

Okay! So, they are gonna tell me everything!!

I glanced at my clock and saw that it was six thirty! Fish! I better get ready!


One hour later!

“So, what do you expect me to do?”, Max fired back and then looked around at all the early morning people who were glaring at us.

“Well! You can’t expect me to calm down when you two are - mmmmphhh

Alex pressed his hands over my mouth, shutting me up! I pushed his hands away and sat up straighter, ready to talk again but ….

“Shut up!”, both Alex and Max exclaimed at the same time and I drew back!

I just sat and drank my milkshake while staring at the two hulks in front of me with puppy eyes!

Hope it works with them!!

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