My New Neighbour

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Chapter 38

“Shut up!”, both Alex and Max exclaimed at the same time and I drew back!

I just sat and drank my milkshake while staring at the two hulks in front of me with puppy eyes!

Hope it works with them!!

“This girl is just impossible!”, Alex cried and pulled at his hair in frustration.

What the hell?!! I’m not impossible!!

“Shelly! Listen to me! Will you just calm down and talk like a normal person?”, Max whispered as if he was talking to a five year old.

Well mister! You can’t just expect me to calm the hell down when I’ve just learned that you and Alex are car racers for crying out loud and to top it all, illegal car racers!!

I was about to scream all that to him but when I saw Max’s serious face, I just retreated back in my seat and kept quiet.

“Well! I’m normal, you know?!”, I grumbled and then took another sip of my milkshake. Hmmm! I just love chocolate!

“What?!”, Alex asked, looking confused.

“Nothing!”, I shrugged and glared at Max.

“Now! Will you talk or have you lost your voice?”, Max asked irritably.

“Hey! Don’t you dare talk to my sister like that?!”, Alex nudged Max at his side, who in turn, hissed in pain. Oh! What a baby?!

“What do I have to say?!”, I asked stupidly and looked at them like an idiot.

“Well! Uhh I - I - I don’t know!”, Max stuttered and glanced at Alex who shrugged in response.

“Just promise that you won’t tell anyone about this!”, Alex said and looked at me hopefully.

“I promise but on one condition!”, I said quickly but noticed how Max went stiff in front of me.

“What?”, Alex asked slowly, looking at me suspiciously.

“I wanna see you race!”, I gushed out but then got up as Max shot up from his seat… “I don’t - please Max! Just once!”, I whined and pouted at him.

“God! No! That’s a big no!”, Max deadpanned and shook his head negatively.

“Please! Alex!”, I stomped my feet childishly.

“I think I don’t really have a say in this!”, Alex shook his head while raising his hands up in surrender.

Hell! God no! I just wanted to see them race, that’s all! Is that too demanding? Fuck you Max freaking Jackson! And fuck you Alex for being such a coward!

“You know what? Just forget it!”, I said through clenched teeth and grabbed my milkshake and school bag to get out but of course, a hand seized my right shoulder and turned me around.

“Wait Shelly! There’s more to it! Your -

“No!”, Max said interrupting Alex and the latter threw a glare back at him.

“But we need to tell her!”, Alex cried out and pursed his lips when Max grunted in frustration.

“Will you just shut up?! I’m trying to figure a way out! Shelly can’t be a part of this! We have to keep her out of this!”, Max rushed out and Alex’s shoulders slumped in defeat.

“I think you’re right! Shelly can’t be -

“I’m right here, you know?!”, I asked in disbelief.

I can’t bear it when someone just talk about me when I’m right there in front of them. I mean, like really!! Well, hello! Can’t you see I’m right here or maybe you’re blind!!

They both looked at me, as if finally noticing that I was right there with them but then they avoided me like a plague and looked back at each other.

What the hell?!

“But they already saw her! They would do their best to harm her!”, Alex said, his voice cracking at the end and I swear I saw Alex secretly wiping at his eyes. What the hell is wrong? Who wants to harm me?

“Alex!”, Max said soothingly and shook Alex’s left shoulder lightly, consoling him. God! Alex!

“Please, tell me what’s wrong?!”, I asked and shifted uncomfortably under their penetrating eyes.

“Listen to me!”, Max said and sat down.

I sat down too and looked at them. Alex was looking down, gulping his drink once in a while and glancing past us. I followed his gaze and you wouldn’t believe this! He was looking at one of the waitresses who was eyeing him like a piece of candy. Woah! Alex is just so full of surprises!

“Alex!”, Max groaned and then, slapped Alex on the back of his head.

“Hey!”, Alex whined and rubbed the back of his head.

“It’s serious business, Alex!”, Max scoffed.

“Okay! Okay!”, Alex agreed and crossed his hands over his chest.

“Well Shelly, you remember Aiden and that guy Seb, right?”, Max asked and looked up at me. I nodded and waited for him to continue.

“Well! They are our rivals!”, Max continued but stopped when he saw the look on my face. I’m hundred percent sure I look like someone who saw a ghost right now!

“You - you mean to say that - that you -

“Yeah Shelly! We do have rivals! But unfortunately, Aiden happens to be part of a gang! So are all of our rivals who are loyal to that asshole!”, he said, looking unconvinced, maybe wondering if he was doing the right thing by telling me all of this.

Okay! Now, I’m definitely screwed! What I thought about my senior year and what have I gotten myself into? I sighed and banged my head onto the table in defeat.

“Shelly are you okay?”, I heard Alex asking me but I shook my head, not really wanting to answer him right now.

“Shelly!”, Max grumbled and shook me slightly. I could tell that he was pissed and annoyed by my behaviour but well, you can’t really blame me! I’m totally screwed!

“Please Shelly, tell something!”, Max said and I looked up to see both of them looking at me sadly and disappointedly.

“So, what have that got to do with me?!”, I asked and crossed my hands over my chest and huffed in irritation.

“Shelly! Your life is in danger!”, Max sighed and looked down.

What the fuck?!!!!!

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