My New Neighbour

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Chapter 39

“Shelly! Your life is in danger!”, Max sighed and looked down.

What the fuck?!!!!!

“What do you mean?!”, I cried out in disbelief and got up shakily. My life is in danger! My life is in danger!! But why?

“Please! Shelly!!”, Max shook me slightly and I looked up to find him staring at me worriedly.

“B- But why me?! W- why me, Max?”, I asked him pleadingly.

“Shelly!”, Alex said slowly and I glanced at him.

“They’ve been trying to get Max into their gang and Max has been refusing them but now, I- I think t- they are trying to harm you so as to make Max accept their pledge! They…. “, he trailed off and looked at Max sadly.

“What do you mean? Why would they harm me to get to Max?!”, I asked him confusingly.

“They think that you’re my girlfriend!”, Max said through gritted teeth and ran his right hand through his hair in frustration.

“Which is not true!”, Alex added after sometime and held up his hands at me.

“Come here!”, he grabbed my hands and pulled me in his arms. I held on him and closed my eyes to relax but I just couldn’t! There was so much questions zeroing around in my stupid head that I can’t even think straight!!

“Why me?!”, I muttered quietly into Alex’s chest and then looked up at him. He pulled away but held my arms at the side. He shook his head from side to side and then looked down, loosening his grab on my arms and then slowly, he withdrew back. That was enough to make me feel that I had no hope! At all! Nothing! Am I really in danger?!!

“Shelly! I think we should always stick together wherever we go… At least, till I find some solutions to all these problems! You, me, Alex and Connor would be together at school but I will be the one picking you up for school in the mornings and dropping you back at home in the afternoons and then we will have to figure something out!”, Max said slowly, really calmly. I mean like really! How can he be so calm about this?!

“How can you be so calm about this?”, I exclaimed out loud.

“Alexxx!”, Max whined.

“Let’s just go! This girl is driving me crazy!”, Max shook his head annoyingly and pulled me toward the door.

“Heyyy!”, I cried and pulled away from Max but he wrapped his right arm around my waist from behind and pushed me outside.

I groaned out loud and thrashed around to pull Alex from behind but the latter kept his distance at the back.

“Stop behaving like a mentally disturbed person!”, Max hissed out angrily and removed his grasp on me.

Well mister! I could have easily walked out by myself! Right? Ughhh

We both stopped at Alex’s black Lamborghini while Alex got in the driver’s seat. We were both debating on who would get to sit in front! I’m sure that that’s what Max is thinking about right now!

I glared at Max who gladly returned my gesture.

Well! If you haven’t figured out yet, let me just -

I screamed out loud in Max’s right ear when he pulled opened the passenger’s door next to Alex!

“What the hell, Shelly?”, Max cried and covered his ears with both his hands, leaving the door opened!


And that’s how it’s done, my friends!!

I jumped in quickly and buckled up before Max could pull me out! Alex was cackling with laughter beside me and I couldn’t help chuckling too. Damn! His laughter, though!

“No! Get the bloody out right now!”, Max yelled at me but I smiled sweetly at him.

“Please! Just for once!”, I pouted and gave him my best puppy face that I could pull off right now.

“Okayyyy…”, he trailed off and I grinned back at him in response.

But then, I froze completely when he leaned down to my level.

“But babe! I already planned to do a lot of things in the backseat with you! You know, like …..”, Max whispered sexily in my left ear. His lips brushing slightly on my skin making me shiver. Gosh! His voice sounded so husky and his perfume was to die for! Hmmm! He kissed my neck lightly and I pressed my lips tightly together to avoid from moaning out loud! Freak! I could feel my heartbeats and I swear it sounded like I have just ran a marathon! I swallowed hard and closed my eyes to control my heartbeats!

“God! Don’t tell me you two are making out in front of me as if I’m invisible and that too, in my car!”, Alex cried in fright and pushed Max away from me but the latter wouldn’t bulge.

And now, even some early morning people passing by were shooting us disapproving looks. Fish! They were wrong! We were not doing anything but then, maybe that’s now it looked like from outside!

When I looked up to warn Max, that was probably the biggest mistake one could make in such a situation! Because you know what happened?!!

I froze once again!

The only difference is that this time, Max froze too!

Worst part?!

Our lips were frozen together!

I accidentally kissed him!!

Freaking shit!

Now, it really looked like we were making out in Alex’s CAR with ALEX in the car, watching us like a creep and with all these old early-morning people walking around in hope of starting their morning in peace!!

Well then! I think we just ruined their blissful early morning moment!

Acting on impulse, I pushed Max away but he started kissing me while keeping his right palm on the back of my neck. His other hand was on top of the car, keeping his balance.

Kiss him!


Kiss him, Shelly!

Should I kiss him?!

Ahh fu - no foul word!

Yeah right!

Just when I was about to respond to his kiss, I was yanked away all at once, and Max stumbled back.

Max glared at Alex after regaining his balance and Alex glared back.

“No making out in my car!”, Alex hissed out loud! Ouch!

This guy has just maybe made me reconsider the fact if whether Max was really the most furious guy among the three players!! I think I should cross out Max’s name and put Alex there, on top of the list!

“Now! Get in!”, Alex added.

Max groaned and squeezed in the back grumpily. Well, I was the one at the back on our way to Starbucks! I think karma is a bitch, huh! Max?!!

I chuckled but it died out when Max glared at me.

“So, what about the cars you race in?! Is this the car you race in, Alex?”, I asked him and avoided Max as he was shooting daggers at the back of my head right now.

“Oh! I think it’s a bit too early for you to find out!”, Alex said naughtily and winked at me.

“Please!”, I whined.

“No can do!”, he shrugged and then started driving.

I pouted in frustration and crossed my arms over my chest.

Well! I avoided both of them and looked out the window!

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