My New Neighbour

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Chapter 40

I pouted in frustration and crossed my arms over my chest.

Well! I avoided both of them and looked out the window!

But some awful and horrible thought came in my mind when Alex swerved the car to drive in the parking lot of St-Xavier high school, making me actually say or rather scream something breaking the silence in the car which had been lingering between us the whole ride.

“Shoot! Stop! Stop! Stop!”, I cried out loud and waved my hands at Alex to stop the car. Alex jumped and pressed the brake all at once.

The car came to an abrupt stop, making a screeching sound and all three of us were nearly thrown out of our seats. Thank god we had seatbelts on! I huffed out a sigh of relief.

“What the hell, Shelly?”, Alex exclaimed out loud and narrowed his eyes at me. Oh no!

“Uhmm- uh … “, I trailed off and looked down at my hands rested on my lap.

Shit! How will I tell them? Bloody shit! God, are you free right now because I really need your help?! How will I tell them that their reputations will be destroyed if they are seen entering school with me?! With me! A pathetic loser and a nobody! Well! I’ve always been considered a nerd which I’m definitely not! I’m just a nobody and a loner who care only about her grades to pass high school and get the hell out of here! Freak!

I’m glad that they have given me a ride to school but this shouldn’t be the case from now on! I don’t care about Aiden or his gang! Oh maybe I do! But i can’t risk Alex and Max’s reputation like this! I agree my life is in danger but - hell! Oh god! This is so difficult! I finally looked up to meet Alex’s worried eyes and Max’s penetrating glare! I breathe in a lungful of air when my eyes met Max’s. I gulped hard and shuddered under his stare.

“I- I should p-probably get o-out!”, I stuttered quickly and unbuckled my seatbelt with my trembling hands but I couldn’t! Shit! My hands were shaking a bit too much!

“Hey! Cool down! What’s wrong?!”, Alex asked worriedly and unbuckled my seatbelt for me. He studied me and waited for an answer but I just couldn’t! I don’t know! How the hell will I tell them that?!!

“I- I n-need to g-go!”, I simply replied and Alex nodded after a while but I could still feel like he wanted an answer but he did not push it! He opened the door for me and I grabbed my bag to get out but a hand seized my right wrist and pulled me. I yelped in fright!

“Where the fucking shit do you think you’re going?!”, Max whisper-yelled through gritted teeth and seized my wrist even more in anger.

“Please Max!”, I tried to pull away but he wouldn’t let go. He did not even blink or bulge ! It was as if he was deeply in thought! Like in a daze! Thinking about something!

“Please, Max! You’re hurting me!”, I cried and tried to remove his grasp on me but in vain. A few tears began flowing down my cheeks when I couldn’t endure the pain and hold them back anymore.

“Dude! You’re hurting her!”, Alex shouted at Max but the latter kept staring at me fiercely.

“Max! Stop it!”, Alex shook him and Max glared at him with so much intensity that I bet on my skittles if he would have given such a look at Asher, our school one ass of a nerd, the latter would have surely pissed in his pants!

“M-Max -

I began sobbing uncontrollably! I just couldn’t bear it! What have I gotten myself into? This guy is mad! They are all the same! Aiden and Max! They are both sickening! They are both dangerous and gang members!

Alex too?

Nope! I just cross my fingers and hope that Alex is not like that!

Max too?!

Shut up you annoying voice!

I don’t bloody know anything about them! They might also be lying to me! And I don’t give a damn! I just want to get as far away as possible from this asshole and this dreadful moment! Max’s grasp on my wrist loosened and without wasting another second, I pulled my right hand to my chest while massaging it.

It’s as if Max regained his consciousness and came back into the real world when he finally realised what he was doing and looked down guiltily. He glanced up at me with an apologizing look and gulped hard. I only shook my head from side to side at him and wiped the tears but they wouldn’t stop!

Suddenly, all came crashing on me! I felt betrayed! The guy with whom I’ve always felt protected has finally showed me that he could actually hurt me too! He is probably worst than the others!! I felt really betrayed! Damn! Why did I fall for the one who I knew would eventually hurt me, who would never catch me while I’m falling?!

And how dare he look at me like that after what he did?!! Is he crazy or what?

“Shelly! Listen to m -

“N-no”, I choke and shook my head negatively at him again.

“Shelly! Please I - I …. “, he trailed off and got out of the car.

At first, I thought that he was walking away once he got out but he stopped in front of me and held his right hand.

“W-what?”, I stuttered once again and squeezed my bag to my chest.

Aghhh! Fuck my stuttering! You can’t really blame me right now! This guy just scared the hell out of me! And I was behaving like such a coward! Screw me! Hell!

“Shelly!”, Max whispered or sort of ordered when I saw his jaw hardened at my behaviour and attitude toward him! Well then, mister, you shouldn’t have done that and what do you think I am to you? Your puppet? I’m not gonna follow your orders!

I pushed him away which took him by surprise! He almost fell down when he stumbled backwards but he managed to keep his balance! Good! He wasn’t expecting this. Good for him then!

I swear that I’m not gonna be scared of you and I’m not gonna let you play with my heart! I may have already fallen for you but I won’t let you crush me!

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