My New Neighbour

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Chapter 41

I swear that I’m not gonna be scared of you and I’m not gonna let you play with my heart! I may have already fallen for you but I won’t let you crush me!

I got out and pushed Max out of my way when he tried to block me from leaving. What’s the hell is his problem?! I’m feeling really frustrated right now! With Max bringing his bullshit about gangs, racers and whatever nonsense it’s all about and to top it all, for pulling me into all these mess along with him, is really annoying me right now! All this is just confusing!

And I think I should have acted a little bit more quickly and asked Alex to stop the car on the road itself but I think fate has really chosen this time to play because Alex, my so called brother stopped the car just in front of St-Xavier high school’s gate with people sashaying around to get in their respective classes before the bell goes! And the bell goes in like about two minutes!! Ughhh ! What a wonderful beginning of my second day back at school!! Note the sarcasm!

“Wait, Shelly!”, Max whispered and grabbed my right arm to pull me back in front of him. I rolled my eyes at him and crossed my arms over my chest. I looked behind at Alex who was making all types of smiley faces at me. Probably to make me smile or whatever which was not really working right now !! I glared at him and he nodded and looked away. Soon, he drove off to park his car in the parking lot and I followed his actions, completely avoiding Max who was glaring at me at the moment! I shrugged, then glared back at him!

“The feeling is mutual!!”, I hoisted my bag onto my right shoulder and shrugged his hand off at the same time.

“Shelly! Please! I’m sorry!”, he groaned and tilted his head to one side, an inscrutable glimmer in his eyes. Wait! Is he crying?!

I gaped and leaned toward him but he retreated and glanced past me, avoiding me like a plague.

“Max!”, I whispered and cupped his face to make him look at me.

He finally looked at me but his eyebrows were knotted together, as if trying his level best to control his tears.

“What’s wrong, Max?!”, I asked him and gulped hard to prevent myself from tearing up! God! I really can’t handle it when someone cry in front of me! And seeing Max Jackson, the bad boy and player of St-Xavier high school’s, breaking down in front of me was killing me! I can’t bear it!

He exhaled through his nose slowly and opened his mouth to say something but closed it quickly to wipe his tears with his sleeves. God! Nooo!

“Max!”, I mumbled and made him look at me again.

Suddenly, he squeezed the hell out of me. A little bit too tight but I suppressed myself from crying out loud. I hugged him back when his body started shaking while crying! Hell! Why is Max crying? Oh god! Make him stop! He hide his face in the crook of my neck when I patted his back.

“Stop, Max!”, I ran my fingers in his hair and he let out a sigh of relief. He breathed on my neck giving me a tinkling sensation which made me almost collapse on the ground! Gosh! Thank god, Max is holding me to him. I closed my eyes and concentrated in controlling my beating heart.

“Are you gonna leave me too?”, he whispered quietly and my eyes flew opened. Too!

“Max, what are you talking about?”, I asked him and tried to pull away but he pulled me more into his arms.

“My father…. H- h left me when I needed him the most!”, he answered and snuggled deeper into the crook of my neck, hiding his face from the people walking around, looking at us. That’s when I noticed all the curious eyes looking at us from afar. I may have always felt self-conscious when Max hugged me in front of people but now was a different matter.

What does he mean? What happened to his father? Oh god! Don’t tell me his father is dead?!! Freak!

“Max, why -

“Noo! Are you gonna leave me t -

“Stop it, Max! I’m -

“Please, Shelly! Please don’t leave me!”, he almost begged and then pecked me on my right cheek.

“Max!”, I pulled away slightly and looked at him.

His eyes were bloodshot red and I bet he was still trying to hold in his tears. He wasn’t ready to tell me everything!! He doesn’t want to talk about it!

“Shelly! I’m really sorry about what I did in the car and about everything that I did to you since the beginning! I’m really sorry!”, he chuckled and shook his head from side to side.

“You know! You’re the first person I’ve ever apologized to! I find it weird but at the same time, comforting! It’s as if a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders!”, he shrugged and sniffed slowly.

I smiled at him and chuckled at his attempt. He’s really really too cute for his own good. Really, cuteness overloaded!!

“You know, since my f -father left us, I had to start working to look after my mom and after my newborn sister! It was just really hard, you know, school and work and family!! It was hard to manage! I had to work when it was my time to play around with my friends! I was only thirteen at that time! And I grew up into a cold and hypocrite person because I had to discover the world before my actual time! I had to look up for a job to take care of my family. I agree I’m a really bad person, Shelly! But I have never wished to become into a heartless person, Shelly! Fate made me into what I am today! And I blame myself for that! I - I ….. “, he trailed off and wiped my tears with his thumbs.

I touched my left cheek with my index finger and sure enough, I was crying! Hell! I did not know that Max went through all this in his life! It’s so painful! How can God be so unjust to someone?!

He suddenly withdrew back and pulled away all at once like he was allergic to me. No! Wait!

“Max! What’s wrong?!”, I cried out loud and reached for him but he pushed me away.

“You are leaving me too! Go! Go away! I know you wouldn’t want to be with someone so pathetic and heartless! Leave! Just like my father did!”, he yelled at me and turned around to walk away but I ran after him.

I won’t give up and I won’t let you give up too!

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