My New Neighbour

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Chapter 42

“You are leaving me too! Go! Go away! I know you wouldn’t want to be with someone so pathetic and heartless! Leave! Just like my father did!”, he yelled at me and turned around to walk away but I ran after him.

I won’t give up and I won’t let you give up too!

I hugged him from behind and when he tried to pull away, I tightened my hold on him and pressed my face in between his shoulder blades.

“Leave me! Shelly, I know! You want to leave me too! Go”, he whispered slowly, but I could sense that he was holding himself from crying.

“No! I don’t want to leave you, Max! I can’t leave you! Never! I really like you Max! Not just as a friend but more than that! I like you!”, I began sobbing and squeezed him tight! He wasn’t telling anything! Why?

“I - I really like you M -Max! I don’t wanna l- leave you!”, I said in between sobs but I left him when his body went stiff! I knew it.

He would never like me back! Why did I have to tell him that? Why?!

I turned around to walk away when he did not say anything but a hand seized my left shoulder.

“I like you too, Shelly but just as a friend and nothing more! I’m sorry!”, he said and I broke down! I couldn’t help it! I broke down in front of Max! I was indeed true about him! He played me! All these kisses meant nothing for him! He was playing me all these time! Just like his sluts! And he managed to make me fall in love with him! I, Shelly Jessica Anderson has been played and crushed by Max Jackson! All these feelings came crashing! All my doubts! Everything! All these were lies!

I abruptly dropped down on my knees on the ground, not caring that Max was watching me like a hawk! This was of course not new to him! I don’t know how many hearts he usually breaks everyday and those girls crying means nothing to him. He must be enjoying my plight right now!

I needed air, everything around me felt like it was closing in on me. My heart was rapidly beating in my chest. I tried taking gulps of air but nothing was working. Suddenly, more tears started pouring out, but I covered my eyes, trying to conceal my tears.

“Shelly! Shit! Shelly! Please”, he cried frantically and shook me.

“Go away!”, I yelled at him but he hugged me.

Despite my punches, he kept holding me to him and caressed my hair in a soothing manner but I couldn’t help my chest from tightening in despair again. Maybe,this is how break downs feel like! This is how Aubrey felt when Ethan, her ex-boyfriend, left her and since that day, she hasn’t been able to forget him and move on!

“Shelly! Listen to me! I was only kidding!”, Max shouted and pulled at his hair in frustration! What?!

When I looked at his amused face, all came crashing down on me !! Sneaky bastard! He was joking around and I just made a real fool out of me! God! I glared and pouted annoyingly.

“Huh!”, I choked and started slapping him repeatedly. How dare he?

“I hate you!”, I whined and pushed him away but he pulled me toward him.

“Oh! Stop lying baby! You know, you love me!”, he chuckled and pulled me into a kiss but I pushed his face away.

He leaned toward me again but I pushed him back again.

He leaned again but I pushed him back again!!

“No! I don’t! I hate you!”, I shrugged and wiped my cheeks.

“But I love you!”, Max whined and my eyes widened in surprise.

When he saw my shocked face, he shrugged and pecked my cheeks when I failed to push him away.


“What?! Can’t I love you?!”, he whispered into my right ear and I gaped once again in surprise. Hell!

When I did not respond, he pulled back to look at me!

“What’s wrong?! Is it crime if I admit that I love you?!”, he asked and looked at me worriedly, as if fearing my answer.

“Uhhm - I - I ! You love me?!”, I stuttered and looked down.

I began playing with the hem of my turquoise sundress and avoided him.

“Hey!”, he tilted my chin up meeting my eyes and then spoke.

“I don’t like you! I love you!”, he spoke softly and then smirked at me.

“You like me as more than just a friend but I don’t like you as more than just a friend! I love you!”, he said and then frowned.

“Does that make any sense?!”, he asked and pouted at me.

“Shut up!”, I groaned and slap that back of his head.

“Owww! What was that for?!”, he whined and caressed the back of his head.

“That’s for joking around!”, I said and got up.

I dusted the back of my dress and lifted my bag off the ground but Max grabbed my bag and placed it next to his on the ground. I frowned at him.

He knelt down on his right knee and held out his right hand. On no! Gosh! Don’t tell me he’s about to do what I’m thinking he’s about to do!

“Be my girlfriend?!”, he asked and I covered my mouth with my hands. Hell!

I grabbed his hand and he intertwined our fingers while straightening up.

I nodded and he smiled like he won a trophy! He hugged me tightly and then lifted me up to twirl me around in circles. I giggled at his reaction and held on his shoulders.

When he placed me back on the ground, he leaned forward to kiss me but I pushed him back again.

“You don’t wanna forgive me after what I pulled off, huh?!”, he grimaced and then pouted.

“Nope!”, I shrugged and crossed my arms over my chest.

“But ! But …. “, he trailed off and stomped his feet like a five year old.

“But you love me!”, he winked and nudged me jokingly.

“Unfortunately yes!”, I winked back, grabbed my bag and took off.

“Wait!”, he yelled and chased after me.

And this is how we wasted out first period, playing around!!

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