My New Neighbour

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Chapter 43

And this is how we wasted out first period, playing around!!

But our moment was soon ruined by someone!

“What is happening over here?!!”, someone suddenly shouted, making me froze in fright and Max…. Well Max being Max wasn’t expecting this and knocked against my back.

“Ouff”, I groaned and stumbled on my own feet.

“Shoot!”, Max panicked and wounded his right arm around my waist from behind to hold me still. He quickly pulled me against his front, my back to him. Hell!

We were too close! God, help me!!

His hot breath fanning on the back of my neck while he held me close to his chest. I could almost feel his heartbeats and his rapid breathing. Hell! This guy will the death of me! I closed my eyes to control my own heart and breath. I swear I don’t know what happens to me whenever Max is near me! It’s as if I ran a marathon when this idiot is around me! It’s been always like that. I mean like really!! Why does it feel so? Is this how lovers feel? The confusing feelings, heart beating frantically as if it could break my chest and sprung out all at once and the sudden giddiness?!! The goosebumps! Oh god! Like everything feels so different whenever Max is around me! Like I’m in a completely different world! Is this how being in love feels like?!!

“Are you alright?”, Max asked me while he turned me around in his arms to look at me.

I nodded, fearing my own voice right now! I swear I won’t be able to speak without stuttering and stuttering does not appear so cool in front of your boyfriend! Boyfriend ! My boyfriend!!

Why does this feel so strange but at the same time, good?!!

I, Shelly Jessica Anderson have a boyfriend !!

Why do I find this so hard to believe?

I still can’t believe this!!

Someone cleared his throat, breaking me from my trance and I looked up to find the principal, Mr Heathcliff, with his eyes narrowed on us. Shit! I don’t get a good feeling about this!

Yeah right, Shelly!

And the award goes to Shelly for finally knowing that she is in trouble! Wow! Told you, Max was trouble!!

Shut up annoying voice !!

Max pulled away slowly and looked down. I copied his actions and looked down too! Wow, I never knew that I would find the ground so fascinating someday! It seems interesting, well polished and all!!

Shut the heck up, Shelly!

Oh no!

“Mr Jackson and Miss Anderson! May I have the honour of asking you two what are you doing over here instead of being in your respective classes?!!”, Mr Heathcliff asked calmly but I could still decipher the anger arousing from his voice. Shit! Shit! Shit!

What will happen now?!

“Well, Mr Jackson is well known for his rude and notorious behaviour and I’m not really shocked to see him bunking his classes! Well, let’s just say, it’s not really your first time, right Mr Jackson?!”, Mr Heathcliff asked through gritted teeth and crossed his arms over his chest.

Max shrugged and grunted at the same time.

“Am I right, Mr Jackson?”, he shouted and glared at Max but the latter glared back at him. Shit! If Max ever looked at me like that, then I wouldn’t think twice before running away and getting my ass as far away as possible. I just hope that day never comes! Well, he would never hurt a girl, right? I frowned and looked up at him! He would never!! But why do I seem so unsure of myself? I’m so confused!!

“Well Miss Anderson, I wasn’t expecting such a behaviour from your part!”, Mr Heathcliff quickly averted his eyes from Max and settled on me. I swear I saw him gulping in fright! Heck! Even Mr Heathcliff was afraid of Max!

“Uhh! I- I uhh…. “, I stuttered and looked at Max for some help but the latter did not notice my begging eyes. I pouted and looked down. Well, I really think there’s no escape from this! I’m in trouble and it’s all because of Max!

I knew you were trouble Max but my heart wouldn’t agree and I think it still wouldn’t agree!! And why?! I don’t know!

“Just give us the damn detention and fuck off!!”, Max suddenly yelled out at Mr Heathcliff and ran his right hand in his hair.

Woah! What the hell? I covered my opened mouth with my palms in shock. What just happened?!! Is Max mad or what? Like really! How could he talk to the principal like that?

Being shock was an understatement for Mr Heathcliff here! He looked like he was knocked out cold with a bulldozer!! Everything went completely still and it was like the silence before the upcoming storm!! Hell!

His face was so red with anger! If I wasn’t in such a situation, I would have taken his picture! Haha! His face was worth looking at! I don’t know but I’m kinda liking this right now! I’m just enjoying this moment! And I don’t know why?!! Maybe it’s true that behind every good girl, there’s a bad girl!! Yeah! Yeah! I know! I’m being silly over here, thinking about such things but I don’t know, maybe it’s the bad girl hidden inside me who’s resurging right now! I mean, it feels good, falling in troubles like that!!

“Detention after school for both of you!!”, Mr Heathcliff’s authoritative command boomed in the empty hallway and I stepped back. Shit!

“Right! Thank you, Mr Deathcliff !!”, Max said sarcastically and turned around to walk away but he stopped when he heard me bursting into guffaws. What?! I just couldn’t hold it anymore!! I fell on my bum and laughed till I was out of breath and I still couldn’t stop!!

Like really! Deathcliff ?!! Smooth Max, real smooth!!

Mr Heathcliff stomped away in frustration and anger and I just giggled even more with the way he walked away! It was like a huge bear taking large large heavy steps to show that he owned the place!! Haha!

When I looked at Max, his figure was blurry! Heck! I was laughing so hard that my eyes were welled up with tears but when I wiped the tears away, I saw him looking down at me amusingly. He smirked and chuckled at my behaviour.

“W- what ! O- oh my god! T- that was h- hilarious!!”, I whizzed out and cackled at the same time and Max shock his head from side to side slightly.

“Come on! Get up, you idiot!”, he laughed and held his right hand out to me. Oh hell no! He just called me an idiot!

How dare he call me an idiot?!!

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