My New Neighbour

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Chapter 44

“W- what ! O- oh my god! T- that was h- hilarious!!”, I whizzed out and cackled at the same time and Max shock his head from side to side slightly.

“Come on! Get up, you idiot!”, he laughed and stocked his right hand out to me. Oh hell no! He just called me an idiot!

How dare he call me an idiot?!!

And this is how all humour went out through the window and I glared at Max who immediately raised his hands up in surrender but I couldn’t avoid the smile which was threatening to show up on my face due to the fact that Max freaking Jackson is afraid of me!! And that’s how, I melted and smiled sheepishly at him and he chuckled once again.

“Get up!”, he held out his right hand again and I grabbed it to pull myself up.

“I’m tired!”, I groaned and covered my mouth with my palms while yawning.

“Oh really?! You don’t look tired to me!!”, Max frowned at me and opened his locker to keep his things. When did we reach his locker?!!

And my locker was a long way down this hallway. Ughhh!! I hate this! I’ll have to walk there! I pouted annoyingly and crossed my arms over my chest. I know! I know! I’m being a little bit whiny right now b -

A little bit whiny? A lot more than that !!

Shut up !!! Ughh!

“What’s wrong?”, Max asked once he turned around to look at me.

“I’m tired!”, I groaned again and pouted at him.

“Babe! You really don’t look tired to me!!”, Max muttered and raised one eyebrow at me. Gosh! I swear he looked so sexy when he does that. Nope! That’s not the right moment to think about all this!

“I woke up early this morning!”, I deadpanned and glared at him.

“And -

“So?!”, he asked and frowned again.

“And that was because of you and Alex!”, I added and let my bag fall on the ground. Heck! It’s so heavy!!

“And this bag is really not helping! It’s so heavy like hell and ….”, I continued on talking but stopped when I saw Max grinning boyishly at me. Gosh! Don’t swoon, Shelly! Don’t swoon!

“Like what you see, babe?!”, Max asked and smirked at me. Conceited hot asshole! Wait what?! Hot!!

So, you do admit that he is hot !!

Nope, I don’t !

Yes you do!

No I don’t!









Haha !!

Wait! You just tricked me!!

“Hello there!!”, Max waved his hands in front of my face, breaking me from my mentally annoying debate trance!!

“Oh baby! I really did not know that you think about me in that way!”, he chuckled and draped his right arm over my shoulders.

“What a -

“Tell me what’s going on in that filthy mind of yours! Huh?!!”, he nudged me and pecked my left cheek secretively.

“Uhhh- I - I ….

Shit! Stop stuttering you idiot!

Ughh! Why am I being called an idiot?!!

“Stop!”, I cried and pushed him playfully.

“What? Are you telling me to shut up or are you trying to scare off your dirty thoughts about me and my hot god like body?!!”, Max raised one of his eyebrows at me and gestured to his body.

“W- what?!”, I stuttered yet again and mentally slapped myself for blushing beetroot deep red like a tomato!! Ughhh!

“You know I’m kinda freezing out here!”, he said seriously after some time.

“So?!”, I asked and frowned at his sudden change of subject but I’m glad he changed it because I swear I would have died in embarrassment had he not change it!!

“Wanna cuddle?!”, he smirked and grinned teasingly at me again. And I was expecting him to act civil for once, *chuckles…* who am I kidding with over here!!

Max freaking Jackson duh !!

Yeah right!

Oh, you notice that’s the first time we agreed on something !!

Oh really?! Can you sense it - the sarcasm if no then shut up!

“As if!”, I muttered and scrunched up my nose but couldn’t control the onslaught of heat to my cheeks.

“So cuteeeee!”, he cooed while pinching my cheeks.


I swatted his hands away and sighed!

“I’m tired!”, I groaned again and pouted at Max who seemed to have finally understood my mind.

“Okay! Okay! Let me just carry you!”, he said and lifted me up in his arms.

I squealed and held on his shoulders but that’s not what I wanted…

“NO! PUT ME DOWN!”, I yelled, my voice echoing in the deserted hallway, making him cringed.

“But you told me you’re tired, babe! Let me just carry you!!”, he reasoned but I shook my head.

“NO! Down! Now!”, I yelled again but this time not so loud.

He sigh and put me down.

“Now turn around!”, I ordered but he raised his eyebrows at me.

“Please!”, I pouted giving him my best puppy eyes ever.

“Fine!”, he finally obeyed and turned around.

“Piggy back ride!”, I hollered while jumping on his back. He caught me and managed to balance both of us and started walking with my bag hanging around his neck like a necklace. Haha! I would have laughed at him but considering our situation, I know better than to laugh out loud! What?!! He could easily throw me on the ground!!

“Aren’t you a little bit old for a piggy back ride?!!”, he asked while chuckling and held me tightly while heading toward my locker.

I gasped and hit the back of his head.

“You are never too old for a piggy back ride!”, I said and buried my face in his back and inhaled his scent.

Hmmm! He smelled so good!

“Get off!”, he cried once we reached my locker.

“God! Wait -

“No now!! You are too heavy, you fat pig!”, he cried and faked panting like he just ran a marathon with me on his back!!

I gasped and jumped off his back.

“What?!”, I asked in disbelief and glared at him.

“I was just kidding, baby!”, he winked and I felt a flutter in my chest. Damn you heart!!

I blushed and looked down, finding my sneakers awfully beautiful at the moment. I heard him chuckling and he ran his right hand through my hair.

“You are too cute for your own good, babe!”, he said and I looked up at him to find him staring intently at me. Gosh! I felt a swarm of butterflies zeroing around in my belly.

Hell! Will someone tell these butterflies that my belly is not their freaking garden?!! Tell them to go away but they just kept on rushing around in my belly, making me blush even more!!

He placed a kiss on my forehead and winked at me. I felt a smile taking over my lips at his gesture. We kept staring at each other and just when Max started leaning down to kiss me -

The bell rang and students started filling in through the hallways.

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