My New Neighbour

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Chapter 45

I hurried to my dance classroom when the bell rang at the end of the day, signalling the end of the school day.

Well, it wasn’t the end of the school day for me, I have my after school dance classes which starts as from today. Our dance teacher gave us a day off yesterday since it was the first day of school.

I have been waiting for this years’ classes. I don’t know why but I just couldn’t avoid dancing since I started dancing in eighth grade. Well, let’s just say that I developed a tiny miny little bit of passion for dancing.

A tiny miny little bit ?!!

Okay! Okay! Not a tiny miny little bit but a great and immense passion for dancing and I can’t help but feel thrilled while walking toward my passion.

I just don’t think I would be able to live without dancing!!

It’s just like expressing your own feelings while dancing and it always felt better after dancing your pains and bad feelings away. I don’t know if a normal person would understand how I feel when I dance. I mean like only a dancer would understand a dancer! Maybe!! It’s just a different kind of feeling and we were always taught by our dance teacher that and I quote ;

“We dance to express and not to impress!”

And that’s how I began dancing with the flow of the music, feeling and understanding the lyrics of the song without caring about the bystanders around me.

I pushed the classroom door which swung opened and I walked in to find all my dancing classmates already there, some sitting, some standing by while going through their phones. I chuckled at the sight and closed the door once I’m fully inside. That’s the sight which I missed during my summer holidays!

We could have continued our dancing classes during the holidays but our teacher had to go abroad to her parents’ home! So, that’s how we couldn’t dance at all. But I danced every single day to strengthen my dancing steps and I also learned some extra dancing steps and other dancing styles. My favourite one is the hip-hop one and break dance styles which I combine together to form my own form of dancing.

I know! I know! You must be wondering how the hell can a pathetic loser, nerd and a nobody’s favourite dance be the loudest and dangerous kind of styles?!! Haha! Dangerous! I don’t know but everyone would probably expect the nerd’s dancing style to be the freestyle one! Well, I don’t dress like a dancer and I don’t feel the need to behave like a dancer because I know dancing comes from inside and I don’t like to show off !!

And then I know hip-hop dancers’ clothing styles are different from normal dancers and all. Like the badass kind of thing but I really don’t like to show off so yeah and I think St-Xavier’s high schoolers should really pay into consideration that one should never ever judge a book by it’s cover!! Like they did and are still doing to me, naming me nerd, geek or whatever the names are all about. Like really! I have been telling repeatedly that if I’m the kind of students who just want to get the hell out of this school for once and for all by getting my straight A’s, then whether they name me nerd of whatever they feel like really don’t affect me.

I may have been a victim of bullying long ago but really, since Aubrey saved my ass the other day, I was like a lot more stronger and I managed to just avoid all my bullies!! It may have gotten worst but it’s been like what? Three days?!! They bullied me for three consecutive days and on the third day, Aubrey threatened them and made them ran away. Since that day, I’ve always been grateful of Aubrey. Had she not been there, then, I don’t know what would have happened! But I’m glad I overcame such a situation!!

Since that day, my mom put me in after school additional activities. And well let’s just say that I’m so so so happy that she put me in the dancing one. I was able to overcome my fear and perform my first dance in front of my dancing classmates. Well, they were kinda shocked at first when they saw my dance and Greg, my dancing partner, fell down from his chair. I still laugh when I remember that day. It was hilarious!! They thought and still think that I’m one of the best dancers among them but I would always deny them.

We all became good friends. We all merged in well as a whole group and I think no one would be able to defeat us when we are together. And since then, I became a lot more capable to walk alone with my head up in and out of school without giving a care about anyone.

“Hola! Te fallé, bebé”, Greg hollered and rushed toward me.

I looked at him confusingly. What the hell did he just say?!!

When he saw my confused face, he stopped and looked down. His arms hanging mid air. He looked funny!! I’m sure he was about to hug me but stopped when he saw my expression!

“No me echas?”, he said slowly and pouted.

“Okayyy! This is really not funny at all! Why are you suddenly talking gibberish?! Are you well?!!!”, I asked worriedly and placed the back of my right hand on his forehead to check his body temperature! I frowned! It’s normal!!

Everyone was looking at us amusingly, as if they knew something that I did not know! I hate it when people do that!!

Greg swatted my hands away and stared at me with the same pout. He was so cute and adorable. But whenever I looked at Greg closely enough, he was hot! I mean, every boy standing in this class right now was hot! They all are, just in a different kind of way.

Not as cute and hot as Max, though!

Shut up! Max is not cute and adorable. Ted is adorable! Pets are cute! Greg is cute and adorable but Max! Max is just an infuriating cocky person but he is hot and there’s no denying that!

I chuckled and now, everyone frowned at me!

“What?”, I asked confusingly but I was directing this question at Greg who then sighed and grunted.

“That, my friend, was Spanish!!”, he cried in disbelief, as if I should be knowing that kind of language! I mean like really!!

“Well then, you’re not Spanish, then how -

“I learned it during holidays. My grandpa had a whole book about it, so, I went through it and learned a few things and you know what?”, he rambled on about his new fantasy of learning Spanish.

“What? -

“No one seems to be knowing Spanish in this class”, he waved his hands around irritably.

“Yeah b -

“I mean like in this entire school!”, he cried again.

God! What have I gotten myself into? He wasn’t even letting me speak!!

“Yeah but you learned it, so, you could easily teach us a few things! What say, guys?”, I asked our classmates who agreed and nodded along.

“See!”, I winked at Greg who blushed but he covered his cheeks immediately. Okayyy! That’s not weird, at all!!

That’s just how he was, the joking, flirting, funny and outgoing type of guy and we all loved him for being him around us.

“So what have you learned? Tell me something!”, I asked him.

“Okay! Uhhh…. “, he trailed off, trying to remember something to say.

“Okay! This one!”, he finally said after a while.

“Cómo es mi baile impresionante pareja haciendo?”, he asked and grinned.

“Okay! So what’s the meaning?!”, I asked interestedly.

“It means : How is my awesome dancing partner doing?”, he declared.

“Wow! Impressive!”, I muttered shockingly.

“Well! Repeat after me! Oh me estoy haciendo grande y le?”, he said and I repeated after him like he asked me to. Well, that was weird when I spelled it out loud.

“What does it mean?”, I asked while everyone was laughing at the way I spelled it. Haha! Laugh! Laugh! I was too interested to learn a little bit of Spanish to care about your laughter.

“It means : Oh! I’m doing great and you?”, he said and I smiled.

“Gracias!”, he hollered while doing a sort of a monkey dance and soon, everyone erupted into guffaws and I couldn’t resist but to laugh along.

And that’s how we wasted the first hour of our dancing class, joking around and learning Spanish!! But our joyful moment was soon ruined when Chloe asked the most dreading question which I had been trying to avoid the whole day since this morning :

“So, what’s going between you and Max, huh?, she winked and I couldn’t help from blushing deep red like a tomato!!

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