My New Neighbour

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Chapter 46

And that’s how we wasted the first hour of our dancing class, joking around and learning Spanish!! But our joyful moment was soon ruined when Chloe asked the most dreading question which I had been trying to avoid the whole day since this morning :

“So, what’s going between you and Max, huh?, she winked and I couldn’t help from blushing deep red like a tomato!!

“Uhh- I - i -

“Oh no need to feel shy, Shel!! We all know about all the rumours going on around school about Max and you! We just wanted to hear it from you!”, she declared, grinning like a cheshire cat at me. Everyone seems interested with where this conversation was going!

“What rumours?”, I asked confusingly. We were all sitting down in a really big circle on the floor, well considering the fact that our dancing group was super duper big, the circle was so so so big and they were all talking out loud to be heard properly. But, everyone fell silent when Chloe mentioned Max. They must be all inching to know about Max and I.

“That you and Max are going out together! Well, we just wanted to know, you know as Max is really not the kind of guy who would do the relationship kind of thing!! He is well known with his one night stands shit though!”, Sapphire said bluntly and Seth, her boyfriend slapped her arm warningly.

Ouch! That hurts! Is that what they gossip around about Max and his one night stands!! I just hope that Max has changed! I really hope so!

Well, I think they are all curious to know about whether the rumours are true or not?!! Let’s go for the truth!!

Well, didn’t they know that curiosity kill the cat!!

What?! Where the hell did this come from?! And shut up!

“Well, Max is my boyfriend?!”, I said which came out more like a question, as I was still wondering whether Max will not use me and throw me aside when he gets tired of playing with me! I really hope that this, which is going on between Max and I, is really not a game! I just hope that this new façade of Max is real, that he really loves me!!

“WHAT?!!!!”, they all shouted and I had to cover my sensible ears.

Silent! Deathly silent! Oh! That’s the calm before the storm!

Just then the door opened with a boom which echoed around the now silent room. The storm is finally here!!

They were all looking weirdly at the door with their jaws almost touching the floor and the surprise still evident on their faces since they shouted out loud! Okayyy! I wasn’t expecting such a reaction!! But what’s with the door?!! They looked even more shocked when the door opened!

As my back was to the door, I looked over my left shoulder to see two arms reaching forward toward me. Nooooo! That’s the monster!

I squealed and thrashed around when the two arms wrapped themselves around my waist from behind and pulled me up.

“Babe!”, Max groaned annoyingly by my reaction and turned me around to look at me with his eyebrows knitted together.

“Max!”, I relaxed and smiled up at him.

“I thought it was the monster coming to get me for stealing one of his cats!”, I rambled on about the story I read the other night before going to bed.

“What?!”, Max looked at me as if I grew two heads in two seconds.

“Uhh - I - nothing!”, I face palmed myself for acting like an idiot.

Yeah! An idiot!!

Ughhh! Shut up!

“Anyway, what are you doing here?!”, he asked after shaking his head negatively at my idiocy and looked around.

“Well I -

“You dance?!”, he suddenly asked after finally realising that he was indeed in the dancing classroom.

“No! I sing!!”, I said cheekily and slapped the back of his head.

“Ughhh! Not again!!”, he pouted and I kissed his pout away before even realising what I was doing! Shit! Everyone gasped at my actions and I felt the need of fanning my heated cheeks.

Max chuckled and I pressed my lips in a thin line to stop the smile threatening to show up on my face.

“Well! Isn’t it obvious that I dance if I’m currently in the dancing classroom!!”, I deadpanned and winked at him.

“Well yeah!”, he shrugged while grabbing my right hand, interlacing our fingers together and then pulled me toward the door.

“Where are we going?”, I asked him and he stopped to look at me.

“Did you forget? We have detention!!”, he pointed out and my eyes widened with shock. Shit! He’s right! I forgot!!

Everyone gasped again and I turned to look at all my dancing mates, looking at us like we travelled through another planet! Okayyy!

“What’s wrong with you guys?”, I inquired and they snapped back from their spacing out trance to look at me.

Some of them shook their heads at me while some went back to their own personal talks and by talks, I mean gossiping about us like gossip girls. Well, not the guys, though!! The guys looked really bored with the girls firing gossips around them. I’m sure this is how news spread around like wildfire!! But Chloe suddenly squealed like a fangirl and ran towards us.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you’re dating Max?! That’s like the most epic thing that could have ever happened in this school!! The player finally changes his ways and falls for a girl!! This is like a book story where both the boy and the girl finally falls deeply in love and then gets married and have lots and lots of kids and they live happily ever after!! But how the hell did you get a detention?!!! You - ahhhhhh “, she screamed when Greg lifted her up and carried her away on his shoulder but he turned back to wink at me.

“Let me just take care of that for you, bebé!!”, Greg yelled with Chloe shouting at him to leave her alone. I chuckled at them.

“Thank god!”, I sighed and turned to walk out with Max.

“Oh! Could you just tell Mrs Kim that I have detention and won’t be there today?!!”, I asked Jane and she nodded and smiled back at me.

“Thanks!”, I smiled and walk out.

We kept walking down the hallway and then stopped in front of a red door!! Oh hell! The door is red!

But something seems off about Max!!Why wasn’t Max saying anything? Is something wrong?!! He seems okay back there in the dancing classroom but then what’s wrong now? Ughh! I think he’s really bipolar! I shrugged and step forward to open the red door.

But before I could open the door, Max pulled me back and held me by my waist. He looked awfully mad and had his eyes narrowed down on me. What did I do now? I frowned at his sudden change of attitude!

“Why did that boy call you…. baby?!”, he asked through gritted teeth.

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