My New Neighbour

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Chapter 47

But before I could open the door, Max pulled me back and held me by my waist. He looked awfully mad and had his eyes narrowed down on me. What did I do now? I frowned at his sudden change of attitude!

“Why did that boy call you…. baby?!”, he asked through gritted teeth.

I looked innocently at him, not understanding what he is saying.

“Shelly! I’m asking you something!!”, he yelled in my face and I flinched in fear. His grasp tightened on the sides of my waist and I looked down, gulping! Why was Max like that was beyond my understanding!! Why?! I don’t know!

“Max! Please! You’re hurting me”, I choked and grabbed his arms to pushed him away but I couldn’t!

“Shelly! Don’t make me repeat myself!”, Max seethed out with his tensed jaws.

“Max, please! Leave me”, I wiggled out of his arms and pushed him away.

“Why are you behaving like that?”, I shouted at him, waving my hands out of frustration.

“What do you mean?”, he yelled back and stepped forward but I stepped back which caused him to stop and he looked at me in disbelief.

What do you mean?!! Is that so hard to understand? I asked you why are you behaving like that?”, I fired back and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Like what?”, he frowned and ran his hands through his hair frustratedly.

“Like some possessive boyfriend!”, I deadpanned and wiped at my cheeks, wiping away the first tear which managed to flow down on my left cheek.

“That’s because I am your boyfriend!”, he yelled again, as if he had to yell to prove this!!

I’m really not deaf, you know?!!


“Stop it! Just stop it! You don’t own me, Max!”, I glared at him and fisted my hands, squeezing to ease some pain away.

When he stepped forward, I pushed him back with my right fist slowly and he hesitatingly stepped back.

“Oh! You’re right! I don’t own you!!”, he muttered quietly and chuckled.

I felt my heart pained at his defeated voice and I stepped forward to hug him. I don’t like it when we fight like that! I hate this! He instantly hugged me back and hide his face in the crook of my neck, breathing heavily.

“I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have said that”, I apologised and he pulled away to look at me but held me in his arms.

“No! You’re right! I don’t own you!”, he said again and looked down but I cupped his chin and made him look at me.

“I’m really sorry! Greg is just my dancing partner! He’s just an annoying guy who flirts with any girl but he is a nice friend!”, I felt the need to classify it and then, saw him grimaced.

“What?!”, I asked and snickered, amused by the bitter look on his face.

“You shouldn’t have said that!”, he said calmly but I know he was trying to hide his anger.

“What?!”, I asked again.

“Nothing! Let’s go!”, he shrugged and he pushed the door opened.

He walked in and I followed him in but then he suddenly stilled and jumped in the air like he saw a ghost and then I heard the most girliest loud shrieking coming from him. I covered my mouth to stop myself from bursting out loud in laughter at his reaction but in vain!

“Oh hell no!!”, he screamed and began running at the back of the classroom.

What’s wrong with him?! I couldn’t stop laughing but my laughter died down when I turned to look in front of me to see Alex with a rat in his hand. It was my turn to shriek out loud now, taking several steps back.

“Awwww say hello to Shelly, Minie!”, Alex cooed while caressing the rat and pushed the rat in front of me but I kept stepping away from him.

“Alex no!”, I glared at him but he kept moving toward me with the small hairy creature in his hands.

“Nooooooo! Get that away from me!”, I yelped when my back came in contact with the wall. Ughhh! Stupid wall!

“Alexxxxx!”, I screamed and squeezed my eyes shut.

“Hahahahahahaha!”, I heard laughter and I opened my eyes to see Alex sprawled on the floor, laughing his ass off like a mad man with the little rat sitting on his belly. When I looked closely at the rat, I noticed that the rat was shaking along with his body.

The rat was a FAKE one!!!

My eyes widened in shock and I glared at Alex.

“How could you?!”, I knelt down and began punching him but my punches don’t seem to have an effect on him. Ughhhh!

“So- sorry! S- sorry!! Oh god that was all worth it!”, he grinned like he won a trophy and I glared at him in response.

“Sorry, baby sister!”, he pouted and I smiled at his childish behaviour.

“Baby! Did I hear baby?”, I heard someone saying, then snorted.

I frowned and looked toward the voice to find Sandy, sitting on one of the tables in the middle of the classroom like she owned the place.

I glared at her and she glared back.

“Oh! The feeling is mutual!”, she rolled her eyes at me.

Ughhhhh! I hate her!

“Baby Shelly!!”, she snorted again and then giggled as if she just heard the most funny thing. Alex stood up and pulled me up. He walked toward Sandy and pointed his index finger in front of her face.

“You mess with her, I mess with you!!”, he sneered in her face and I swear I saw Sandy gulping hard in fear but she wasn’t willing to show it on her face. She pushed Alex away and stomped out of the class.

“Oh! She’s scared!”, Alex shook his trembling hands by imitating Sandy’s screech and I chuckled at him.

“She probably went to complain to mommy!”, I heard someone saying and I turned to find Connor with his evil smirk playing on his lips.

I giggled and then glanced at Max who was approaching Alex like a fuming hulk. Oh oh! Seems like Alex angered the monster!!!

Just then Alex’s eyes widened in fear and he squealed like a little girl and ran for the door but not before stumbling over the closed door. I face palmed myself! Can someone put some sense in this guy for me, please?!!

“Help meeeeeee!”, we heard his frantic cry in the hallway till it died down!

Max, Connor and I looked at each other before bursting into guffaws.

And with that my friend, my detention was over!

And it was so so so entertaining!!

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