My New Neighbour

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Chapter 48

“I can’t walk!”, I cried and perched down, my hands squeezing the sides of my waist and tried to catch my breath.

“What the hell? You only walk for like what?! … Ten minutes!!”, he exclaimed and shook his head from side to side at me.

“Well! What do you expect from me?!”, I shouted at him and crossed my hands over my chest out of annoyance.

I huffed a sigh of utter tiredness and sat cross-legged down in the middle of the road.

“Are you kidding me?!”, he asked with a blank look on his face.

“What? I’m tired!”, I glared at him and looked away.

“When are you not tired?!”, he muttered, followed by some-incoherent-words and ran his right hand through his hair again and again. Ughhh! Why does he keep on doing that? It’s irritating me!!

“Stop that!”, I scoffed.

“Stop what?”, he shouted now, probably not being able to hold his calm anymore. Well! Okay, then!!

“You know what?! I’m going home!”, I yelled and quickly got up to run as far away from him.

“Shelly!”, he shouted my name several times but I kept on walking the way back to school because let’s just say that I know my way back home from there!

Confused?! Me too 😋 let’s go back to fifteen minutes earlier…

“Come on! Let’s go! Alex is probably waiting for us in the parking lot”, Max wrapped his right arm around my lower back and pulled me along with him.

“Okay!”, we walked, more like strolled down the hallway.

“Max! Hurry up!”, I whined and pulled him by his arm but he was now plodding and I just could not drag him! Ughhh!

“Chillax, babe! Alex will wait for us”, he pulled me against him, my back to his front and we sort of peddled together till we approached the last staircase.

His arms were tightly, but not that tight, wounded around my belly, grasping on the two sides of my waist to hold me plastered to his chest like he was afraid he would lose me! My sundress which was just above my knees, had rose up till my middle thighs and covered only my bum but I couldn’t care less right now! Haha! I would have laughed at such a situation but with the butterflies fighting like soldiers on a battlefield in my belly, I just forgot how a human being usually breathe! I think it’s in and out?! Right?! Yeah right!

But I couldn’t muster the courage to breath normally. Heck! What is wrong with me? Max! Max! Max! What are you doing to me?!

“What’s wrong, babe?”, Max whispered in my left ear and I swear my legs turned jelly right there and then. Thank God, Max is holding me to him otherwise I don’t know what would have happened!!

You would have fallen down, you dimwit!!

Ughhh! Shut up and yeah, for your kind information, only Alex can call me dimwit!! You get that?

“N-nothing!”, I stammered.

“Hmmm”, he hummed in my neck, his lips brushing against my left earlobe and he pecked me on my left exposed shoulder. I felt his lips lingering there and slowly trailed a few kisses up my neck and down again. I felt a tingling sensation like always and felt goosebumps arising on my arms and of course, not to forget, the shiver which went up my collarbone! Oh god no! Why did I have to wear a sundress today?! I closed my eyes and swallowed hard.

That was because you just grabbed anything that came in your hands as you were too busy swooning over Max Jackson!!

Ughhh! Shut up! I wasn’t swooning! I was just thinking about what he wanted to tell me at Starbucks! Okay! Understood? No.. Then okay!! Go to hell!!

My eyes flew opened when I remembered Max’s possessiveness before we entered the detention classroom. Why was he behaving like that? Was he mad because I hadn’t told him about me being in the dancing after school classes? But then again, he only asked me to become his girlfriend today, so, what were you expecting, Max?!! I couldn’t have just narrated my whole life till now for you, right? Yeah right! WAIT! … Or he was JEALOUS?!

Max freaking Jackson JEALOUS?!!

“Were you jealous earlier when you asked me about Greg?!”, I asked him and smiled when he went still, his lips froze near my left ear and his arms hardened around me. Well! I think I hit a sensitive point! Note the sarcasm!

“Uhh- I - I ….”, he trailed off, seeming uncertain with himself.

Ohhh! Seems like I got my answer! I grinned and turned around to look at him. He kept his arms around my lower back and I winked when I saw the grim look on his face, lips set up in a tight straight line.

“So, you were jealous!”, I wounded my arms around his neck and pulled him closer when he avoided my gaze.

He looked utterly shocked by my actions but then recovered by smirking as if he got some great ideas there in that wicked mind of his!

“Yes I was, kitten!”, he winked and pecked me lightly on the lips.

I blushed at the nickname which sounded so sexy coming from his mouth. He chuckled and pecked me on the nose this time. I’m sure I’m even more red than a tomato right now!

“That’s because you’re only mine and I can’t bear see someone else having their hands all over your body”, he seethed out, serious all of a sudden and his jaws tensed as if he was picturing something deep in his thoughts! I gasped and frowned at him! I sometimes wondered if he had split personality but then gradually, I understood that he was just being my boyfriend! My possessive and sweet boyfriend!

I slapped him lightly on his right shoulder and he grinned at my reaction.

“Well mister! We only dance”, I said with a blank look.

“Yeah! Yeah! Come on let’s go”, together we galloped toward the parking lot hand in hand only to find it empty! Dead empty!! Not even a single soul walking around!!!

“Oh shit!”, Max grunted and shouted at the same time.

“Don’t tell me Alex abandoned us?!”, I exclaimed out loud and when Max looked at with a isn’t-that-obvious look on his face.

I glared at him.

“What?”, he asked and discarded his bag on the ground.

“Don’t what me! It’s all because of you!! Who was telling earlier chillax, babe! Alex will wait for us!”, I imitated his voice and he chuckled and shook his head at me.

“That’s not how I sounded like!!”, he said and smirked at me.

“Well! What are we gonna do?”, I asked him and then he grinned like he just got an awesome idea!

“Let’s go somewhere!”, he said and started pulling me toward the school gate.

“You do realise that we don’t have a car, right?!”, I asked him and stopped walking which caused him to halt in his steps too.

“Oh! It’s nearby!”, he shrugged and we started walking again with his right hand holding my left hand tightly.

“But where?!”, I asked and he looked back at me.

“A coffee shop!”, he smiled and I smiled back. Damn! His smile is so charismatic and charming!

“Yay!”, I hollered and punched the air with my right fist above my head.

“You’re such a child!”, he said in disbelief but then chuckled.

Well! What can I do?! I just love coffee !!

Fifteen minutes later ! That’s now 😋

“Shelly!”, he shouted my name several times but I kept on walking the way back to school because let’s just say that I know my way back home from there!

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