My New Neighbour

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Chapter 49

“You know what? I’m going home!“, I yelled and quickly got up to run as far away from him.

“Shelly!“, he shouted my name several times but I kept on walking the way back to school because let’s just say that I know my way back home from there!

I could hear him running after me, so, I quickened my pace but alas!

“Shelly!“, he yelled and seized my left shoulder to turn me around.

“What?“, I whirled around and crossed my arms over my chest.

“We are nearly there”, he said calmly.

“So?!“, I asked him but he smirked and winked at me.

“You’re so stubborn”, he chuckled and pulled me in his arms.

“Shut up”, I whined and slapped his right arm lightly.

I jumped back when he yelped in pain and squeezed his right arm tightly.

“What’s wrong? What happened? Are you okay! Max, what -

He bursted out laughing like a hyena and knelt down on his knees while squeezing his stomach.

“You -s -should ha- have se- seen your f- face”, he whizzed out and sat cross-legged on the street.

“You’re ugh!“, I stomped my feet annoyingly.

“Oh! I’m sorry, baby”, he cooed and pulled me down toward him. I cried when I stumbled but he caught me and I ended up in his lap.

“Max! Leave me. We are in the middle of the road”, I tried to loosened his grip around my waist but in vain.

“Look who’s talking!“, he muttered sarcastically.

“Ugh! Let me go!“, I wiggled and tried to slip out of his grasp but oomph!

“No!“, he deadpanned and tightened his hold on me and pressed his head on the back of my neck. Oh gosh! Ignoring the butterflies which once again came to wander around in my belly, I sighed.

“Maxxx! I want coffee”, I whined again and turned around to look at him with a pout.

“Well, for that you will have to walk”, he cupped my chin and pouted adorably. So cute.

“But I don’t wanna walk”, I sighed again and nuzzled my face in the crook of his neck. I felt him take a long breath, shivering a little bit when I kissed him on his right shoulder. Karma is a bitch.

I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck and he rocked us from side to side slowly and gently. I left my lips linger in between his exposed neck and left shoulder, teasing him while he tried to control his breathing. I could feel him swallowing hard and he sighed in pleasure. He squeezed his eyes shut and fisted the hem of my sundress in his hands which were wrapped around my waist.

“Shelly”, he whispered, his voice a little husky and his eyes filled with lust and desire.

“Hmmm”, I moaned and my eyes widened when I realized what I just did.

“Shelly! Stop....“, he sorts of warned me but failed miserably when I bit his left earlobe. Shit! I need to stop.

No! Don’t!

I have to stop.


I really need to stop.

I pulled away all at once and stood up but I stumbled. Shit!

“Woah! Careful, babe”, Max grabbed my arms before I could kiss the ground! Thank god! I closed my eyes and sighed in relief. I heaved in and out heavily. I tried to control my beating heart while controlling my breath but nothing seems to be working.

When I opened my eyes, I nearly screamed in fright. We were in a very awkward position. I was perching down forward toward Max who had grabbed my forearms to prevent my fall. We were too close. If I move even a little bit, I swear my lips will be touching his. His eyes locked with mine. His gaze was so intense and intimidating! I could not look away.

His eyes trailed down and stopped on my chest. He gulped hard, his Adam apple bobbing up and down. I could not breathe anymore. I froze.

“Eyes up, you pervert!“, I screeched and pulled away but he pulled me back and pecked my lips. What the hell? I swear my heart is gonna burst out at any moment right now. He smirked when he saw my paled face.

“Come on, baby. Let’s go”, he wrapped his right hand around my left wrist and pulled me along with him but I stopped.

“Noooo!“, I cried and pouted at him.

“What now?“, he asked with a bored face but he chuckled when I glared at him. I raised up my opened arms toward him and gave him the best puppy eyes that I could muster.

“Oh god! Kill me now”, he grunted and looked up... Wait! the sky? I looked at him in disbelief.

“What are you doing?“, I asked and looked up too but the sky was the same, just plain light blue, nothing special then why is this idiot interested in the sky now?

“I’m praying to God!“, he deadpanned and looked at me with a blank look.

“What? Alex does this too. But why do you guys pray like this? I mean like there are churches where you could actually see God and pray over there. Here, you can’t even see him or even know if he could even hear your words. I mean like you should see t - mphdgwyahy”, he covered my mouth with his right palm and put his left index finger in front of his lips.

“Shush”, he groaned and sighed in annoyance.

“Whsfdyyy”, I asked him but he only looked at me confusedly.

Well! What do you expect? I can’t talk. I mean I can talk but not with your hand covering my mouth. Can someone tell him that? Ughhh! He’s such an idiot.

No! He’s not!

Yes! He is!



Nope! He’s not!

Oh, just shut up!

I licked his palm with my tongue and he yelped and jumped back.

“Ewww”, he wiped his hand on his jeans and looked at me like I was crazy.

“What ewwww?“, I imitated his voice and he chuckled but shook his head from side to side at me.

“You are such a child!“, he snickered. Wow. Thanks for telling me that twice in only like ... What? I checked my wrist watch and oh, it was like in only thirty minutes. He suddenly ran his hands through my hair and messed it.

“You did not just -

“Oh, I just did!“, he shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal. It was indeed a big deal. You can’t just mess with my hair and expect me to not give you a real ass beating!

“Run”, I seethed out calmly while I glared at him.

“Really?“, he chuckled and looked as if he couldn’t believe me. Never underestimate the power of a common girl.

“Run”, I repeated again and narrowed my eyes at him.

His eyes widened in fright and he gulped hard. Hmm, seems like he finally realized that it would be best if he starts running like in.... Right now!

He took off and I ran after him, trying to catch him but shit. He runs like a robot. Stupid! And soon I crashed into his back when he stopped abruptly. Ouch! I grabbed his collar to pull him toward me but stopped when I saw the little coffee shop.

I pushed Max out of my way and rushed in. Hmm, it smells so good. I forgot that I had to give Max a real ass beating.

Well, whatever! It’s coffee time!

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