My New Neighbour

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Chapter 51

I pulled back to stare at him and he looked at me with teary eyes. Is he crying?

“What?“, he asked and looked down while wiping his eyes, blushing slightly.

These tears better be only angry ones!

“You’ve been loving me since ninth grade?", I whispered calmly but mentally, I was jumping around like a mentally disturbed person who just escaped from the mental.

Max loved me since so long and I didn’t know anything about his feelings.

That’s because he never told you, idiot!

Yeah right, he never told me.

“Yeah... I- I mean no! Uhmm... Yeah, no wait I mean no.. Shit! This is s- so hard.. I mean like fuck! Uhmm no! I started liking you back then but I love you! .... “, he trailed off, a frown appearing on his face.

“Wait, does that make any sense?“, he asked slowly and quietly as if he was talking to himself. Okay, so I think I’m not the only idiot then. He talks to himself too.

“Ahh shit! I mean like I had a ... uhmm .... c- crush on you since ninth grade but you never noticed me. I tried to make you jealous a few times but you never really paid attention to me. I even kissed Sandy to make you jealous but I think you never look pass your books, huh?“, he chuckled while his cheeks deepened to a tomato red but he did cringed when he mentioned his kiss with Sandy. Like really, his face was worth looking at right now.

At first, I was so shocked that I remained like an idiot, staring at him, with wide opened eyes and lips slightly parted. After sometime, I realized that he had a disappointed look on his face while he waited for my response. I smiled at his fallen face and cupped his face in my hands.

“Aww, really?“, I pinched his cheeks and shook his head from side to side slightly.

“Stop it!“, he slapped my hands away and pouted.

“I love you.“, I kissed his pout away and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“I love you too, babe.“, he pecked me again and pulled me closer toward him.

“Thanks again Max. I don’t know what would have happened that night if you wouldn’t have saved me. I’m really ..... I -

“Shelly, it’s okay! I just want to forget that night“, he said and hugged me.

“But seriously Max, how did you get me back home that night? Wait, you knew where I stayed that’s why you moved in next to my house. You -

He pulled away but held my arms and kept me at an arm distance from him.

“What? No! I kinda asked your best friend, Aubrey and please before you start cussing her, I forbidden her from telling you that it was me. I really didn’t know where you lived.. I think it was merely a coincidence that I moved in next to your house. I swear I really didn’t know w -

“I believe you, Max and I bet you forbidden Linda to tell me too? Right?“, I asked him and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Uhmm yeah!“, he smiled sheepishly at me and I swooned right away. Gosh! This boy will be the death of me.

“So, did Aubrey knew that you had a crush on me?” I asked him and raised an eyebrow at him when his face paled.

“What? No way, I didn’t tell anyone I - uhmm ... I only told Alex and Connor but no one else. I think my ego just wouldn’t let me.“, he said clearly.

“Yeah right! The bad boy just can’t get his reputation ruined for having a crush on a loser like me! You did the right thing by keeping this a secret and -

“Shelly please! I’m sorry! I just ... You aren’t a loser, Shelly.“, he cut me off by kissing me lightly on the lips, making some butterflies roomed around in my belly again. Damn! I shivered when I felt the warmth of his lips lingering on my lips. His soft kisses were killing me. He wrapped his arms on my waist from behind and I interlaced our fingers together.

“Just forget that night, Shelly“, he muttered. I nodded and smiled at him over my right shoulder but I doubted whether I will forget it or not.


"Shelly Jessica Anderson! Hurry your shitty ass up!“, Aubrey yelled and pulled me out of her dad’s car who had agreed on dropping us at Cole’s house for the party.

“Aubrey, please! Joseph, would you mind taking me back home?“, I asked Aubrey’s dad and slumped my butt more into the backseat to escape from Aubrey’s sudden and abrupt pull.

"What? No way!“, Aubrey screeched out loud and began pulling me again.

"I think I don’t really have a say in this. Sorry Jessi!“, Joseph shook his head and raised his hands up. Aubrey’s parents would always call me Jessi and I really don’t know why. But wait, he is not helping me.

I know, I know! No one usually wanna face Aubrey’s wrath and I, personally, stay out of Aubrey’s way when she turns into a lion set out to kill. I felt like crying. I really don’t wanna go in there.

"Come on, Shel, you need to party a little bit for god sakes. You can’t stay in your damn room, doing additional homework, reading wattpad books and watching netflix the whole time!“, Aubrey yelled again and pulled my left arm.

"Shelly, please!“, Aubrey whined and gave me her best puppy eyes. Oh no! God, help me! She knows that’s my weakness. I finally sighed and stepped outside.

"Yayy, I swear you’re gonna enjoy this party, Shel. It’s after all your first party ever. Come on“, she wrapped her right hand around my left wrist and pulled me toward the main door after waving a hand at her father.

That’s why I’m afraid. It’s my first party ever. I never went to parties and never wanted to go ever. But my best friend over here, just wouldn’t take no as an answer.

"Have a great night!“, Joseph shouted and drove away. Well, there goes my ride back home and now, I really don’t have a choice but to go in.

We walked in and the sight just made me cringed out of disgust and fear. My feet were inching to step back and run the whole way back home. The house was already packed with students from St-Xavier high school and with some college guys. On God!

When I looked at my side, my eyes widened in fear. Where the hell is Aubrey? She was right here! Oh no! She left me alone. And she call herself my best friend! What a friend? I looked around and smiled when I spotted Aubrey kissing Ethan, her boyfriend. They were so cute together. They make such a cute couple.

"Hey!“, Amelia greeted me and I smiled back at her.

"Here“, she handed me a glass filled up with a yellow liquid. Eww! What’s that?

"Oh! It’s just some pineapple juice!.“, she explained when she saw the look on my face.

"I saw you standing all by yourself, so, I thought about getting you a drink. Anyway, enjoy!“, she smiled and walked away. Okay, that wasn't weird, right?

I began sipping my juice and soon, I gulped the rest of it.

Hmm, it’s so good.

"Hey! What is such a gorgeous girl like you doing alone out here? Want some company?“, a guy, probably in his early twenties, leaned toward me and I gagged with his breath, yuck! He smelled like he was drenched with a whole lot of alcohol. He snickered at my reaction and despite, being so drunk, he pulled me toward him easily.

"Let go!“, I screamed at him but he wrapped his arms around my lower back and squeezed me tightly. I tried to push him away but I couldn’t. I gasped when I felt his right hand lowering itself toward my butt. Damn! Why did I agree on wearing such a tight little black dress? I’m so gonna kill you, Aubrey if I’m still alive tomorrow. What? This guy might just murder me or do something worse than that to me. Oh no! I kept on wrestling with him to push him away from me and kept on shouting to no one in particular as the music was just too loud for anyone to hear me.

Suddenly, my legs gave out and I had to hold onto the guy’s shoulders for support. What the hell is wrong with me? I held my pounding head in my right hand and when I looked around for Aubrey, everything was so blurry that I felt the need to just close my eyes and sleep. And that’s what I did! I closed my eyes and that was my biggest mistake.

I gasped when I was thrown on a hard but yet soft thing. At first, I bounced a little bit on this thing and the thing bounced again when someone jumped on it too. What the hell? I can’t even open my eyes. When I felt someone’s hands wrapped on each of my thigh, dangerously close to my private part, my eyes threw opened and I shouted, despite my pounding head, and tried to push the guy but failed miserably.

I realised that I was in a room, on a bed, with the same guy hovering on top of me. I could hear the loud music from outside but over than that, everything made no sense. Did anyone drugged me or spiked my drink ... Wait, ... my juice! My juice was spiked. Someone spiked my juice.

When the guy’s hands moved upward even more, I snapped and struggled to push him away. But I just couldn’t. I felt so weak and I just wanted to sleep.

"Hey!“, a voice boomed at the room’s doorway and soon, the guy was yanked away from me. And that’s when, I closed my eyes.

When I opened my eyes, I was in my bedroom, at my house.

End of flashback!

“Babeeeee!“, Max whined and nuzzled his head in the crook of my neck from behind. I wiped the tears which managed to show up on my cheeks before Max could notice them. Damn you tears!

“What?“, I asked him and turned around to hug him tightly. He doesn’t seem to notice that I’m hugging him too tight. I was so grateful of him. Thanks the lord for sending Max into my life.

“Let’s go, I’m tired”, he muttered and pouted at me.

I only hummed in response.

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