My New Neighbour

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Chapter 52

“Ah”, someone screamed out loud. What the hell is that?

I groaned at the sudden noise. Who decided to intrude my beauty sleep? I was enjoying my dark chocolate cake in my dreams but someone had to ruin my moment, right? Like seriously, I will kill this person.

I was about to turn around since I was lying on my stomach and face the intruder but the latter jumped on me and sat on my butt, making it impossible for me to even move my body. This person weighed more than a sack filled up with a whole damn lot of potatoes.

“Get up, get up! Up, up, up!“, the person sung at the top of her voice. Heck. Will somebody just tell this person that her voice is horrible? It’s like a frog who has got a sore throat but still trying to sing. What? I just don’t know how to describe this particular voice. It’s just really horrible.

“Geth oumpf meh”, I whined, my voice muffled with my face totally squished into the soft blankets.

“No can do. Now, get up.“, the voice exclaimed with a sigh in the end, tired of trying to detach my arms from around my pillows. A giggle escaped when I tried to reach for the owner.

Not getting access to her arms, I pinched her right thigh.

She squealed. I think my eardrums gonna burst. Okay, well, I think pinching her wasn’t really a good idea. I mustered all the courage that one can have so early in the morning and wiggled my butt from side to side. Just then, a loud noise was heard and then oomph. Did she fall down?. That must have been funny.

“I hate you", she yelled and huffed.

“Oh, I love you babe", I turned around and winked at Aubrey who was sitting cross-legged on the floor, looking defeated with slumped shoulders.

“But I hate you", she glared at me.

“No, you don’t", I sat up and grinned at her.

“I do", she argued and got up but somehow got her legs tangled in my bed-sheets which resulted in her ass kissing my carpeted floor again.

“Oh my God, k-karma is re-really a b-b-bitch", I said in between guffaws and looked down at her. I couldn't stop laughing at her face. It was so precious.


She jumped on me again and my eyes widened in shock at her sudden action. Don’t even ask me how the hell does this girl has so much energy so early in the morning. I really don’t know the answer myself.

“You’re so bad”, she whined and sat on my stomach. I gasped when she landed on me. I can't breathe.

“Get off me, you fatty elephant!", I groaned and wailed at the same time.

Her gasp echoed in the now deadly silent room and I squeezed my eyes tightly shut knowing very well what’s to come.

She screeched out loud. Oh God, her voice is so loud.

“You’re such a bitch.... But wait, you’re my bitch. No. Wait. I’m going off subject here. You’re being such an evil best friend. Instead of hugging me tight while telling me how much you missed me, you’re pushing me away, laughing at my clumsy self and calling me bad names and oh my gosh, you just called me fatty elephant. Am I fat? You’re such a -

“And that’s my crazy best friend for you", I muttered, completely cutting through her ramble and opened my eyes to find her looking at me as if she just realized that apples grow up on trees.

“What? Who are you talking to?", she asked me, her eyebrows knitted tightly together and she looked around bewilderingly!

Just then an awesome idea propped up in my mind.

“Oh you didn’t know? I’m doing a live video on -

“No freaking way! Don’t tell me you have hidden cameras installed in this room right now and don’t tell me that this video will be posted on YouTube later on -

“Oh, you got me. This is gonna be my next video. Just pray that you look good in it -

“What? How could you? How’s my hair? Am I looking good? -

“And why should I tell you? It’s your fault that you sneaked up on me while I was asleep. You -

“Please, don’t put this video on YouTube. I will do whatever you want me to do. Just please. Don’t -

“And why should I do that? I -

“Shelly Jessica Anderson! You better listen to me or else -

“Or else what? What would you do? You -

“Pweeeseeeeeee”, she pouted at me and gave me her best puppy eyes. On no! Not that. She knows that’s my weakness and she still does it. I bet she would start crying if I say no. So, I denied her. Cue evil laughs.

She knows that I always had the habit of filming everything since childhood and yet she always forget to keep that in her mind when she comes at my place. Filming every little moments in my life has been one of my obsession and one day, I captured my brother joggling five eggs in the kitchen, so, I said why not post it on YouTube? It would be my first video ever. And that’s what I did. And of course, with my brother being only half covered, with only a towel wrapped lowly around his waist, with his six-pack abs on display and with his morning messy hair, there was no doubt that that video wouldn’t hit 1 million viewers in only two freaking days. So yeah, I continued pranking my friends and family members after that and I captured every reaction of them. Well, I’m not really a loser on YouTube but I can’t really say the same thing about school.


“Heck, shut up! You-


“Okay. But-


“Are you deaf? I just said that-

“Pleaseeeee, Shel. You know I love you. You-

“Aubrey, I was only kidding. Now will you just get off me-

“What? You were only kidding? You are such a bad fr-

“Oh my god! Get off me right now. I think I’m gonna die-

“Not that easily girl. Now give me my hug.", she squealed and then hugged me tightly.

“Oh god, leave meeeee-

“Oh my innocent eyes”, a familiar voice boomed from the doorway.

I quickly pushed Aubrey who went screaming like a banshee in the air and ended with a groan on the floor again. Oops! I grimaced at Aubrey who was upside down. That’s gonna hurt like a bitch. Sorry again, Aubrey.

I glanced at the doorway to see- No freaking way, Max?

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