My New Neighbour

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Chapter 54

“Aubrey, seriously?", I asked in disbelief.

She has always pushed away all the guys who would come to me to ask me out on a date. Yeah, that’s how she is and not just by being present in front of me like my bodyguard but also by having the talk. She's more motherly in such cases than my own mother if you'll ask me. What more can you expect from a drama queen?

“What? It’s for your own safety.“, she deadpanned and rolled her eyes at me.

Gee, stop doing that. You look like my grandma.

“What?“, Aubrey gasped and twirled around to face me.

Did I just said that out loud?, I thought and frowned at her.

“Yeah, you just did.“, she was aghast and for a moment, I feared she might just scratch me with her claws, oops, nails!

This too? I look at her like she was crazy. Can she read minds now? What happened to her?

“Yeah!“, she whined in frustration and stomped her feet.

“What’s happening to me?“, I yelled out loud and rubbed my eyes.

“I think I’m still sleepy.“, I yawned and sluggishly peddled towards my bed.

Oh how much I miss my baby. My bed! If you were human, I would have married you instantly. What? Can’t I fall in love with my bed? Just when I was about to embrace my love in a tight embrace, two strong arms wrapped themselves around my waist and pulled me away.

“No, leave me! Let me be with my love.“, I struggled to break free.

“What the f -

“Don’t you dare.“, Aubrey shouted at Max and the latter stopped.

“Leave me”, I tried out yet again to break free and voila, I was freed.

Yippee, I jumped right in the embrace of my love and snuggled close to the warmth being offered. I hummed and felt the sleep getting to me but alas.

“Babe”, Max whined from behind but I paid no heed to his pleading. Instead, I spread out my legs and arms like superman getting ready to swing off a high building. What would Max look like in a superman costume? Thoughts began sprouting and I couldn't help but let my mind fantasize about his body in that tight garment.

“Off we go!“, Aubrey demanded and when I looked over my shoulder, she was bossing Max around. She grabbed the back of his leather jacket to drag him out of the room to have the talk. I chuckled and then made myself comfortable, face down on my pillow. Let Aubrey have the talk. I’ll be glad to see Max’s reaction later on when it’ll be over. I giggled into the pillow.

"Psst psssst pss -

“What the hell?“, I groaned and looked up to the source of the noise. Who decided to intrude my beauty sleep again? What’s up with people disturbing my sleep today?

“Alex?“, my eyes widened when I saw him peeping from Max’s window.

“Hey... Hi!“, he smiled sheepishly at me and stood up straighter to wave a hand at me after he realized that he was half hiding in the corner.

“What are you doing?“, I asked him and sat up on my knees in my bed.

“Wait.“, he jumped from Max’s window and landed smoothly in my room.

“Nice hair.“, he commented while walking towards me with a smirk playing on his lips while his eyes roamed shamelessly over my body.

“Hey!“, I cried out in disbelief.

“Eyes up.“, I screeched and hastily covered myself with my bed-sheets. I was only wearing my white shorts and pink lace top. He tried to pull the bed sheet away and I screamed. I felt myself going into a paralyzed state and I couldn't avoid that feeling from evading my personal space again at Alex's behavior. A flash as quick as lightning strikes, got through my senses like a bullet at full force and I'm thrown back into the past with flashbacks of my first high school party. I could feel my body heating up with all the emotions waking up from where they were dormant like a volcano. But that feeling was pushed away as soon as it came when Alex shushed me with his left index finger on his lips and threw the bed sheet on top of me. His eyes never lingered on me. I took a long deep breath to calm myself down when I noticed that everything was alright. He was just being his usual self. I sighed in relief.

“Why? You’re just so sexy that I can’t keep my eyes off you”, he shouted a bit too loud, as if he was trying to make someone hear him rant out.

He was looking over my shoulders. I looked behind and frowned when I saw my closed bedroom door. I looked at Alex again just in time to see him wink at me like he was up to something.

“What the hell are you doing?“, I asked him after I've collected my emotions and thoughts. I frowned at his antics still trying to comprehend what he was up to.

My question was answered when Max bust through the door followed with Aubrey close behind who rushed in like my house was on fire. What the frapping freaking hell? Their eyes widened when they saw us.

I think the sight was just too much for Max. I was grasping my bed-sheets like my life depended on it, my fingers turning white with the pressure I was squeezing it. I never noticed that I had seized onto the sheets when my emotions went all over the place. Oh no, why did Alex do this? It looks like Alex was about to molest me.

"How dare you?“, Max and Aubrey shouted in unison as they both glared at an innocent Alex.


“Wait, what about you?“, Max asked and frowned at Aubrey whose eyes widened like she just register that she had reacted in the same way.

“I- I ... uh .. nothing!“, she looked down timidly but she couldn’t hide her almost red tomato face. Wait, is Aubrey blushing? Whoa, that’s new. The last time that I saw her blush was when she was dating Ethan, her ex-boyfriend. Well, that was because they were both so smitten with each other and well ........ Wait !

Does she like - oh my God. Does she like Alex? No, it can’t be possible. She would have told me but then, she’s Aubrey. Oh my gosh, is my best friend falling for Alex?

I was brought out of my trance when Max wrapped his arms protectively around me, holding my bed-sheets for me. He was clearly enraged and the way he was glaring at Alex right now, would have really made me pissed my pants if he so as much looked at me in that way.

“What the hell, dude?", Max hissed at Alex but the latter’s eyes were solely focused on Aubrey.

“See something you like, pumpkin?“, Alex raised an eyebrow at Aubrey.

“Don’t tell me you will do that just for -

“Shush”, Alex raised his right hand to stop Max who instantly quietened down. I poked Max’s cheeks and when he looked at me, I jutted my chin towards Alex and Aubrey with a questioning look on my face but Max only winked at me, like he knew something I did not know. His moods swing more than a pregnant woman. I pouted and narrowed my eyes at Alex who was advancing Aubrey like a predator.

“W- what are you doing?“, Aubrey stuttered and looked everywhere except Alex. She even looked at me with pleading eyes, as if she was begging me to help her out of this situation.

“Don’t tell me you weren’t angry at what you just saw, Aubrey. Are you still fighting with yourself? Come on, Aubrey. I can clearly tell that you want me.", Alex pointed at himself with his right thumb and smirked at her.

What happened next was just uncalled for.

Alex pulled Aubrey all at once and kissed her.

And what was more shocking was that Aubrey was also kissing him after she'd recovered from her shock of flying towards Alex in a swift motion.

What the fuck just happened?

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