My New Neighbour

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Chapter 55

“Hey - umhp", Max pressed his left palm on my mouth, cutting me off completely while hiding my face in his chest.

“Shush, baby. I know you can’t watch x-rated movies. I’ll tell you when it will be over.“, Max cooed and caressed my hair like he’s soothing a little baby.

I slapped his hands away and shrugged him off. I glared at him with a don’t-you-dare look and pushed him away when he raised his hands to touch me again.

“Whoa! That’s hot, babe....okay, okay. Sorry”, he raised his hands up in surrender and pouted at me.

I looked away, avoiding him completely. I swear I can’t bear it when people do that with me. That’s how someone can easily win my heart when I’m angry with them. I mean, like really. Whenever someone would do that puppy face with me, I would cool down and be as cool as ice. Why? I don’t know.

“Babe”, Max whined again while wrapping his arms around my waist and nuzzling his face in between my right shoulder and the crook of my neck from behind.

“Don’t talk to me, I hate you.“, I muttered grumpily and tried to shrug him off again but failed miserably.

“Oh, really? Stop lying, babe. You know you love me”, Max snickered and pulled me more closer to him. This time, I allowed him to pull me into his arms and sighed in relief.

“Did you know about this?“, I whispered and looked at him past my right shoulder.

“About what?“, he asked in confusion and frowned at me.

“This”, I grimaced at Aubrey and Alex who was still sucking each other’s faces, completely lost in their own world at the moment.

“Don’t make such a face, princess. We do that a lot, too”, he chuckled and winked at me with that bad-ass smirk on his face.

“Were. you. aware. of. this, Max?“, I said through clenched teeth and narrowed my eyes at him, my two eyebrows knitted together.

“Wow, you look like such a cute little kitten who’s trying to look aggressive right now”, he smirked and trailed his hands up my waist, his fingers brushing against my exposed belly.

“Max“, I whispered shakily and swatted his hands away.

“Babe”, he whined and hugged me again. This time, his hands disappearing completely underneath my top as they wounded around my waist from behind with his right thumb drawing circles on my left side.

“Tell me.“, I chided and shook my head at his antics while trying to stop my slightly quivering body from shivering as his thumb continued the circular motion.

He hummed in response and pecked my right cheek.

I pushed his mouth away when he started trailing small and light kisses up and down my neck, leaving behind a trail of tingles which caused goosebumps to rise up on my skin.

He groaned in annoyance while I grinned triumphantly.

“Stop whining, you sound like such a girl!“, I deadpanned.

Just when Max opened his mouth to say something, probably something equally as bad as I said to him, a loud bang was heard. We jumped out of fright. What the hell? When I looked at the source of the noise, I couldn't stop from laughing. Aubrey had pushed Alex away with such a force that the latter was sent sprawling on the floor right next to the door. Told you, that girl is dangerous.

Max, however, couldn’t control himself. He started laughing like a hyena. Why was his laughter so contagious? Before, it was just Alex but now that I think about it, I think all bad boys when they laugh, they make people start laughing too but well, it might be just me who thinks that! But then again, maybe it’s because they rarely laugh and when they do actually laugh, they sound so much like the villains in comedy movies whose laugh are like big HA HA HA HA ! See, I told you, it is so funny. I bet you’re laughing right now. Since he was laughing his ass off a bit too much, he slump down on the floor and hugged his belly tightly. I know it hurts. I let myself fall back onto my butt, landing softly on he mattress.

I began cackling a little bit too when I saw Alex sitting like an enormous bear on the floor. Like really. Soon, it was a full on laughing contest. Like who had the funniest laughter and well, I think you already have an idea on why we couldn’t stop laughing now. When we would stop, one of us would chuckle yet again and then BAM a new round of laughter would erupt. And with Alex’s laughter mixing together with ours, it was like impossible to stop.

Soon, we quietened down and I took a long deep breath. I just hope no one would start laughing again. I looked towards my door when I heard noises. Shit! Shit! Shit! I think not only Max and I were startled by the noise of Alex falling down because fast approaching steps were heard coming towards my bedroom. My parents are coming. We all looked at each other with panicked stricken faces. What do we do now?

I think Alex, Aubrey and Max were also trying to think of a way out of this situation but nothing could be done because it was too late. My parents bust through my bedroom door and raised their hands but stopped midway when their eyes trailed on Max, Alex and Aubrey.

What the hell? Why are they standing like they are about to fight against their opponents in a karate competition? Wait! Is that my mom’s frying pan? But why is dad raising it in the air like he’s about to attack someone?

“Mom, seriously? A spoon? How do you fight with a spoon?“, I asked in disbelief and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Well, I can just shove this spoon up the ass of whoever -

“I’m scarred for life. I can’t believe I just pictured this in my mind", Aubrey shouted and shook her head like she’s trying to erase that horrid image out of her mind.

I cringed at her. How could she imagine something like that?

“You’ve got such a dirty mind. You’re -

“Yah! -

“What?“, Alex prompted and jutted his chin at her.

“You... You’re such a pathetic hopeless case!“, Aubrey screamed annoyingly and raised her hands like she was about to strangle Alex but then, stomped her way out of my bedroom. She probably went in the kitchen to get some food. She would always stuff her face with food whenever she’s angry. And well, Alex, being stubborn Alex started following her, like he’s in his own freaking house.

“Wait, Aubrey! What -

“No, you wait, mister.“, my dad stopped Alex by placing his right palm firmly on Alex’s chest and slowly pushed him back to face him face to face.

Oh oh! If looks could kill, I think Alex would be already five or six feet under the ground by now.

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