My New Neighbour

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Chapter 56

“What? Uhmm.. I mean, yesss?“, Alex asked annoyingly at first but then became conscious of the situation that he was currently in and lowered his voice and responded meekly.

“Never ever look at -

“Dad", I cried and shook my head when he glanced at me but then, his eyes flew across from me when someone cleared his throat.

“That’s Alex, my best friend. I guess... I think... he has never been introduced properly before.“, Max answered quietly while he glared at Alex.

“What?“, Alex asked in disbelief when he saw the glare being thrown his way.

“Idiot.“, my mom slapped the back of Alex’s head and the latter hissed in pain.Seriously, is he that hurt? I wouldn’t have talked if I were in his place. Someone has to put some sense in this boy and who’s better than Aubrey herself but I think that girl is eating her senses away with all those cheerios right now. Now that I think of Aubrey being in my kitchen, she better not lay her hands on my nutella.

“Now that I think about it, why the hell are there two guys in my princess’ room and that too, with the door closed?“, my dad’s voice boomed in my now deadly silent bedroom.

“Language.“, mom chided and crossed her arms over her chest while she narrowed her eyes at dad.

“Umm... I - I ummm I -

“Way to go, dad.“, I huffed out in annoyance and sat on the edge on my bed.

“Well, what can I do, princess? You see, your mom is -

“Aren’t you guys getting late for school?“, mom suddenly asked while looking at the clock hanging on one of my bedroom’s walls.

I glanced at my clock and gasped.

“SHIT! WE ARE LATE FOR SCHOOL!“, Alex, Max and I shouted while jumping on our feet to get ready.

Max and Alex jumped straight away from my window and rushed to get ready in Max’s bedroom while I ran straight in between my parents who seemed to be in shock after seeing two monkey men switching branches as if it was nothing.

“Oops, sorry.“, I smiled sheepishly when I crashed into my parents who now seem to have finally recovered from their shock and returned back from la la land.

“How did they do that? Can you still do that -

“Are you crazy?“, I heard my dad crying out loud while I walked in my bathroom, the door closing in on their conversation.

I shook my head at their antics. It’s as if they are still living their college life. This is what happens when you marry at such a young age. My mom was what? 18 when she married dad who was only 20 at that time. See, I told yeah. They were still young but dad would always tell me that they made the right choice by getting married back then. They were happy and they are still happy. They never fought or judged each other, instead, they held onto each other and offered help whenever needed. I love them for being them. My mom’s childishness though...

I smiled when I thought about my parents but cringed when I saw myself in the mirror. My hair is like a bird nest, but then again, when is it not a nest in the mornings?

I hurriedly washed my face and brushed my teeth. I rinsed my face immediately when I was over and then took a quick bath.

Wrapping a huge white towel around my body, I rushed in my walk in closet to just wear anything which would come in my hands first but stopped when I saw Aubrey standing there with some clothes in her hands.

“Hurry up and get dress. Here!“, she placed the clothes in my hands and went out, giving me some time to get dress.

“Thanks.“, I called after her but she stopped and turned around to glare at me. Oops, I guess I forgot something.

“What?“, she jutted her chin towards me, as if, asking me to repeat what I just said. ′Sorry’ I mouthed at her but she stood still, waiting.

“No sorry, no thank you in Aussica’s ( AN👇) dictionary!“, I muttered quietly.

“Yeah, right. No sorry, no thank you in our dictionary.", she chided but then smiled at me and I kindly returned the gesture.

“Hurry that ass of yours.“, she yelled out from outside after closing the door.

I laughed and put on the clothes that she took out for me. Great choice, Aubrey. When I looked at myself in the mirror, for once, I felt gorgeous and even sexy. That’s something only Aubrey would do. The black skirt reached mid thighs but wasn’t that short. The grey crop top matched the skirt well and to top it all, I wore the black leather jacket that Alex had forced me to buy when we went shopping the other day. I then completed my look by wearing my pure black mid calf boots and let my hair flow down my shoulders after brushing through it quickly.

Feeling as if something was missing, I picked up a bobby pin from my drawer and pulled the little bit of my hair which was coming in my face and did a quiff in front, right in the middle, by pinning the other side with another bobby pin, crossing them together so that they held my quiff tight the whole day. I wore one of my favorite choker with a white diamond in the middle and my friendship bracelet which I never forget to wear whenever I’m going somewhere. I then applied little to no make up since I only applied a layer of eyeliner and little bit of pink lip gloss. I feel fresh and simple. Now I’m ready to go.

I rushed out of my bedroom after grabbing my school bag, my heels clinking all the way downstairs. Heck! I think I’m already gonna miss two of my morning classes.

“Took you long enough, babe - Whoa!

Max stopped talking once he turned around to look at me. His mouth hanging open like a fish.

Alex nudged Max but the latter was lost.

“You look so gorgeous, babe.“, Aubrey squealed while looking at me.

I smirked and walked towards Max whose eyes were following my every move but he still couldn’t close his mouth.

I pushed his chin up with my index finger while trailing my left one on the right side of his exposed neck. I looked him straight in the eyes, standing tall in front of him, just a few more inches lacking to match his height but still, I’m glad that I wore some heels. I moved more closer, almost leaning my body onto his, our lips dangerously closed to each others’. He gulped hard and shivered with my touch. Just when I felt his arms snaking around my waist, I pulled away.

“Just close your mouth. Wouldn’t want to catch some flies, would we?“, I winked while smirking at him.

Max groaned in annoyance and closed his eyes, his jaw clenched tightly.

“So bro, I think a cold shower would be the best option for you right now.", Alex nudged him again while jutting his head towards Max’s bottom.

“What - Max immediately stopped talking when he looked down and saw the huge bump through his black jeans. He does not even make a move to hide his boner. That a**hole!

“Shit!“, he cursed out loud followed by some incoherent swear words which he muttered out quietly.

Alex and Aubrey soon bursted out laughing and I soon join in, unable to hold it any longer. Max’s face was priceless.

He quickly dashed out but not before yelling at us.

“Shut the fuck up!”

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