My New Neighbour

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Chapter 57

“This morning was just epic, wasn’t it, Shelly?“, Alex questioned while pinpointing Max with his eyes.

I chuckled when I looked up and saw Alex’s grinning cheekily at Aubrey and the others. Alex did not dare look at me after that because Max was sitting right beside me. Connor, along with Ryder and Jake looked confused and glanced at me with questioning looks on their faces.

We were currently sitting around Aubrey and I’s lunch table. Breaking news? I know. For the last three weeks, Max and I would sit outside, in the shade of a big tree to have lunch. It was just the two of us. But today, when Aubrey dragged me in the canteen, Max, along with Alex, Connor, Ryder and Jake came to sit with us. Everyone was shocked at their actions. The whole canteen had quietened down for a while, with everyone staring at us with big saucer eyes but then everyone went back to take care of their own personal businesses after digesting the fact that the bad boys left the popular table to sit with us.

Max made Ryder and Jake tag along with them. If I’m not mistaken, then, Ryder and Jake are both illegal car racers too because since they joined St-Xavier’s high school on their first day which was last Monday, they were always accompanying Max, Alex and Connor. They also seem secretive and mysterious like Max. Now that I think about it, I should probably ask Max about it. I was brought out of my trance when Aubrey spoke.

“That’s true. You guys know w -

Aubrey slumped into her seat when Max glared at her.

“Hey“, I nudged Max at his left side and narrowed my eyes at him for his rude behavior towards my best friend.

“Stop being violent, woman!“, Max grumbled and stabbed his fork in the middle of the piece of pizza which he bought from the canteen.

“Look who’s talking.“, I muttered but grumpy Max raised his fork to stab it again. I cupped my hands over the piece of pizza, covering it away from Max murderous eyes. He stopped right in time, otherwise, he would have stabbed the fork in my right hand.

He raised one of his eyebrows at me, as if questioning my actions.

“What?“, I asked through clenched teeth.

How dare he try to murder this yummy pizza?

He pointed at his plate and tried to remove my hands from around it but I shrugged his hands off.

“Babe -

“No, stop! You won’t get it now.“, I grabbed his plate and placed it in front of Jake and Connor. They both looked at me with a look as if to ask are-you-crazy-or-what?

“Eat up while it’s still hot, it tastes much more better. Try it!“, I gestured for them to eat the piece of pizza before it would cool down.

“You wouldn’t dare -

Max stopped talking when Jake grabbed the piece of pizza and took a large bite out of it. Heck! It’s as if he took half of it at one go and swallowed it without munching on it. I grimaced at him while Connor just pushed the plate slowly in front of Jake. How could boys eat like that? Is it because they have big mouths?

I swear this guy can eat anything at any time of the day and yet he wasn’t fat like big fatties out there who keep on eating the whole day.

When he finished munching on the rest of it, he pointed at the remaining pizza and looked at Connor with a look on his face as if asking are-you-gonna-eat-it-or-should-I ?

“Ugh! Wait - Max stopped talking again when Connor tapped Jake on his back as if encouraging him to eat it. Hah! Take that, Max! Now, you will think twice before trying to kill another piece of pizza.

“You eat it, I think you need it more than me.“, Connor gestured at Jake to continue on munching on the pizza and the latter begrudgingly ate it.

“My pizza!“, Max groaned annoyingly beside me and tapped his head slowly on the table.

“What’s wrong, babe?“, I asked him innocently with a hint of sarcasm dripping from my voice.

“Don’t talk to me!“, he pouted and looked away.

“Aww! Is little Maxie hurt?“, Alex cooed and perched towards Max to flip his hair here and there, messing it up.

“Stop it.“, Max raised his head and swatted his hands away.

Everyone laughed at Max’s messy hair and the latter glared at us.

“So called friends!“, Max muttered under his breath but I heard him.

“What?“, I crossed my arms over my chest and looked at him challengingly, as if, daring him to repeat that again.

“N- Nothing“, Max stuttered and grabbed his bag pack to busy himself in something to avoid our penetrating eyes.

“Whoa, you’re so whipped, Max.“, Ryder hollowed mockingly.

“I’m not!“, Max’s head whipped towards Ryder as soon as the latter said that and glared at him.

“YOU AREEEEE”, everyone shouted at Max and I snickered when Max muttered some incoherent words.

“So, what?“, Max asked through gritted teeth.

“Shush”, I ran my fingers in his hair and styled it to perfection.

“Here, just the way you like it.“, I pinched his cheeks and he pouted at me.

“I want my morning kiss.“, he pulled me towards him while Alex, Aubrey and Jake groaned and Connor and Ryder gagged disgustingly.

“That’s so cheesy, man”, Jake cried out in disbelief and shook his head at Max.

“Please, save it -

“Yeah right, my appetite is gone, you sneaky bast -

“Sucks to be you, man -

“Look who just said that he wasn’t whip -

Everyone started talking all at once.

“Max!“, I warned him and pushed his puckered lips away from my face.

“Babe!“, he whined and pecked my right cheek, not caring about their complains.

“Well, would you give me my morning kiss if I give you skittles?“, he asked and winked at me.

“Skittles?“, I exclaimed out loud and he chuckled at my reaction.

He hummed in response and jutted his chin towards me.

“Hell yes!“, I pecked his left cheek and held out my right hand.

“Skittles first, then, you’ll get your kiss.“, I smiled at him.

He rolled his eyes at me while shrugging his shoulders.

“Why not?“, he pulled a small white bag from his bag pack.

Wait, why does this bag look so familiar? Recognition dawned on me when the memory came to me at full force. Isn’t it the same bag that my mom gave to Cindy, Max’s mom? My skittles!

“Ta-da”, Max raised the white bag in front of me and with that I lunged myself at Max, knocking both of us down on the floor.

My babies! No one messes with me and my babies!

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