My New Neighbour

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Chapter 58

We both fell on the hard floor with a big oomph sound echoing throughout the whole canteen. Everyone gasped and stood up, rushing to form a circle around our table to watch the what? ... Is it a free-cost show. It is not some soap operas for crying out loud. Can’t they just mind their own fucking businesses? Oops! Did I just swear? Well, I think these freaking bad boys are really having an effect on me.

“No”, I snatched the small white bag from Max’s grasp.

“No, these are mine.“, he tried to push me away but failed miserably.

“Liar, these are my babies.“, I slapped his chest repeatedly.

“You liar! These skittles are mine.“, he caught my wrists, stopping me from punching him again.

“You stole them from me.“, I cried out in disbelief and frowned at him.

“Stop lying.“, he snatched the bag from my tight grasp and hide it behind his back, away from my sight.

“No, you little thief -

“I’m not a thief, s -

“You kept my babies away from me for so long -

“These aren’t your babies. They’re mine -

“No mineeeee -

"Stop screeching -

“Ungrateful little bum -

“Oh really? Then, what are you? You -

“Sneaky bastard -

“You’re really gonna get it from me now -

“Give me my babies -

“And why should I? They’re my babies -

“Ugh -

“What? Here, take it... “, he swayed the little bag in front of me.

“Ah.... “, I jumped on top of him again and landed in his lap.

“As if“, he swung the little white bag back and forth from his right hand to his left hand.

We kept on wrestling each other on the canteen floor, with nearly everyone watching us, some with shocking expressions, some amusingly, while some awed at us, looking at us like they are watching two cute little puppies fighting in mud.

Others were watching us with distaste and anger, perhaps they can’t disgust the fact that we are having a nice time, sitting around a table with the bad boys. Well, let me tell you, that’s not the truth. Max has stolen my babies. I am so not having a good time right now.

“Stop it, guys.“, Aubrey shouted at us and tried to pull me off Max.

“Leave me!“, I cried out loud and shrugged Aubrey’s hands away.

“You guys are acting like kindergarten’s intolerable little kids.“, I heard Ryder muttering from behind.

“I can’t believe this.“, Jake exclaimed in disbelief.

"This isn't our Max.", Jake added shortly after.

“Yeah Shelly! Go get him...

“Shut up, Alex! You’re only encouraging her -

“So? What kind of brother would I be if I don’t support my sister, h -

“What’s going on here?“, a loud booming voice was heard and the canteen went deadly silent, well what? Is everybody mourning or what?

A loud crashing noise was heard and then BAM ! I’m being tossed around like a wild cat.

“What the hell? What - shit!

“What were you about to say, Miss Anderson?“, the principal raised one of his eyebrows at my rude demeanor.

“Uh - I-I -

“Detention after school for the both of you, guys!“, he shouted in an authorized voice.

“But sir, -

“No buts”, he shook his head at me and crossed his arms over his chest.

“But sir, please listen to me. I will miss my dance classes again and -

“Well, I think that’s your problem.", he grinned wickedly, cleared his throat and walked away.

“Who the fuck is he to talk like that -

Alex stopped talking when the vice principal who was following the principal stopped right in his tracks and turned around swiftly.

“Principal office now, Mr Maynard!“, the vice principal demanded in a low voice.

“Whatever!“, Alex rolled his eyes at him and winked at us before tagging along behind the vice principal.

“That guy surely gonna get in big troubles in the future if he doesn’t mend his ways.“, Aubrey muttered once we all sat around the table again.

Everyone had dispersed from around our table and went back to their respective tables to continue having their meals.

I narrowed my eyes at Max who was wincing and caressing his bum while sitting back in his seat. Skittles’ thief! He stole my skittles. My babies...

When Max glanced over at me, I looked away and shifted in Alex’s seat to sit beside Aubrey.

“Babe”, Max whined but I paid no heed.

“Well, you can be the one changing his ways, huh?“, I whispered in her left ear while her cheeks turned beetroot red. This girl is so whipped.

“Shut up!“, she mumbled quietly and pushed me away lightly.

“Should I?“, I slapped her left arm jokingly and she frowned at me.

“You should!“, she sternly tried to scold me but she couldn’t hide the smile which was threatening to show up on her face.

“Ooh - What are you guys talking about? -

“Is it about Max’s sexy body?“, Jake and Ryder hollowed out loud and this time I couldn’t help from smiling.

“Who wouldn’t like to talk about my sexy body?“, Max cooed and winked at me.

“Definitely not me!“, Connor gagged at the thought of it.

“Not me!“, Jake looked at Max disgustingly.

“Not me too!“, Ryder shook his head at the mere thought of it.

“Why am I even friends with you guys?“, Max groaned and huffed out loud in annoyance.

“That’s because you love us!“, Jake said out of boredom.

“Yeah right, I can really tell how much you -

“Love Max? That’s just next to impossible!“, Alex cried in disbelief while jumping in my seat, beside Max who glared at him in response to his comment.

How did he come back so quickly? Did he run away? Well!

“Right!“, Connor and Alex high-fived each other and laughed at Max’s fallen and gloom face.

“Aww! Is little Maxie -

“Shut up! What’s up with everyone today? You’re all bullying me.“, Max grumbled and pouted at us.

“What the fuck? Am I dreaming right now?“, Ryder stood up in shock and leaned down towards Max to look at his face more closely.

“Nope, you’re not dreaming, buddy. Max has changed and hats off to our sweet and beautiful Shelly for changing our bro.“, Connor faked smiled at me while I just rolled my eyes at him.

“He just pouted.“, Alex wiped at his eyes and studied Max’s face again.

“Are you guys insane? Stop looking at me like that. You’re like two creepy pedophiles!“, Max pushed their faces away from him.

“Or are you guys not normal?“, Aubrey asked with uncertainty in her voice.

“WHAT? WE ARE NOT GAYS!“, Ryder and Alex shouted in unison.

“Well, that’s great to know.“, Aubrey timidly smiled at them.

This girl, though.

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