My New Neighbour

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Chapter 6

Later on that day, I was sitting cross legged on my bed watching today’s episode of pretty little liars while eating my favourite snack. Oreos. Lots of oreos. I usually hide them under my bed but since my mother found them, she threatened to throw them out. And I was so worried about my babies that i threw a fit in the house. Since that day, I kept all of my favourite snacks in my cupboard.

After eating two to three packets of oreos, I was lying peacefully on my bed, my hands behind my head and my legs crossed straight. What the hell?

“Mom, you are blocking my way”, I whined and threw a pillow at her. She ducked and crossed her arms over her chest and grinned at me.

“Shel, do I have to remind you that you need to go shopping for your school year?”, mom glared jokingly at me. She knew how much I love watching pretty little liars and she chose that moment to disturb me. Great mom! Real smooth!

“I know mom, I am going at four o’clock”, I got up and pushed my mom out of my way lightly.

“Now go, you are disturbing me”, I groaned and narrowed my eyes at her.

“Don’t give me that face, Shel. You are going right now and I have told Max to pick you up so that you could shop together”, mom said and walked out.

“What? Mom, what the hell?”, I hollered after her and rushed out to see her smiling naughtily at me.

“Language, Shel”, she said and nudged my father who was sitting on the couch doing his office works.

“But mom, dad always drives me to the shopping mall and picks me up later on every year on this day”, I said and frowned at them. Are they cooking some kind of story in their minds? They are so evil.

“Yaa, but Aubrey usually goes with you every year and today she is not back yet, so, we thought that you would want to spend some time alone with your precious boyfriend”, she wiggled her eyebrows at me. Oh god! I am surely going to kill you in your sleep today, Max Jackson.

Why are you not back yet, Aubrey? I thought. Aubrey is my childhood friend and another daughter to my parents. She is like the sister I never had. We do almost everything together. We get in trouble together. We are very much alike. The only difference among us is that I am the antisocial, silent and a straight A’s student while she is the ongoing type, famous, gorgeous and model like popular girl at school.

Everyone sworn over her. Even girls. Boys follow her around asking for dates and girls follow her around asking for fashion tips. She is, in other words, the heart throb of St-Xavier high school. I know, you must be wondering how come we are best friends. So, the answer here is our parents are best friends and we grew up together and became besties. We are inseparable.

“Okay, I can go alone and no need to ask Max to accompany me -

“Oh, I have already asked him, he agreed to go with you”, mom winked at me and dad chuckled.

“Okay then”, I muttered angrily to myself and walked back in my bedroom to get ready.

Why did Max agree? He was being a jerk this morning. He couldn’t bear talking to me, then why did he agree? I swear, if he has something evil planned in his mind, I will bury him alive.

I grabbed a light purple sundress with the same colour of flats. It really pays off when your mom is a fashion designer. When I finished dressing up, I combed my hair and let it open. My make up was still intact so I let it like it was and applied a little bit of pink lip gloss.

I was wearing my flats and grabbing a matching purse at the same time when I heard my phone ringing. I smiled at the ringtone, instantly knowing who it is.

Is it too late now to say sorryyyyy - I picked it up.

“Yaa, it is too late now”, I answered and I heard her squealing at the other side.

“Oh god, Shel, you don’t know how much I missed you”, she yelled in the phone and I had to pulled the phone away from my ear. Calm it woman.

“Oh really? I don’t think so Aubrey McAllister. You would have called me earlier and not now”, I yelled back at her. I grinned when I heard her screeching. Good for you. This is what you get when you don’t call me since you went at your grandma’s place. And that was a month ago.

“Please, is it too late now to say sorry?“, she sang and questioned me. I could picture her pouting and giving me her puppy face.

“Oh god! Stop it with the biebs now, Rey”, I groaned at her. She is a great fan of Justin Bieber but I don’t like him. Don’t get me wrong, I love his songs but when you have a crazy best friend fangirling over him everyday and making you listen to all his songs whenever you spend time with her, you will no longer want to listen to his songs. So yaa, that’s how I feel. ( sorry to all fans of Justin Bieber )

“Please Shel, I am really sorry, please forg -

“It’s okay, Rey”, I shut her up.

“Any special reason for calling?”, I added.

“Such a great friend you are, Shel. Can’t I have a talk with my bestie?”, she asked and faked sniffling. She is such an actress. No doubt, she is the main lead in every year drama competition.

“Oh really? I doubt that”, I snickered jokingly at her.

“Okay okay, I just called to let youknowthatIwon’t bebackforthefirstdayofschoolIwillbebackbynextweek”, she rushed with her words.

“What? Come again”, I said annoyingly.

“I won’t be back for the first day of school. I will be back by next week”, she said nervously.

“WHAT?”, I yelled in the phone. When I did not hear any answer, I looked at my phone. She hanged up on me. How… I… You… Why????

I jumped in the air when I heard someone knocking at the door

“Yes”, I called and the door opened revealing my mom who was smiling warmly at me.

“Max is waiting for you downstairs”, she said.

Well, let’s get it on, i thought and grabbed my purse.

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