My New Neighbour

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Chapter 60

“Hi sexy!“, a familiar voice whispered huskily in my left ear as soon as I turned around the corner to enter the detention room.

I yelped and before I could even let out a cry, I was whipped around quickly and soon, my back made contact with the cold wall. I hissed at the coldness and punched Max on his right arm. He leaned more closer towards me, his arms cropped up over the wall on each side of my head. He's being too much today. If it's because of my attire, then I'm ready to dress like this everyday, just to rile Max a little bit.

As if he's not possessive enough, a voice utter from the back of the mind. Well, what can I do? A girl gotta dress pretty for her special one, right?

“You scared me.“, I punched him again and again and he groaned in annoyance.

“Ouch! Stop it”, he pouted and grabbed my right hand.

“Stupid!“, I muttered and looked away.

“I know I’m the most Smart Talented Unique Person In Demand but you shouldn’t say that aloud, babe, who knows someone may hear you and steal your sexy boyfriend away from you a-

“W-wait! What?", I was mystified by him.

“Stop frowning, babe. You’ll get wrinkles more earlier than intended.", he snickered and tightened his hold on me.

“Stop it, you dumb-ass!“, I chuckled and pushed him away. Well, guess what? I succeeded. I shook my head while laughing at him when he stumbled on his own feet.

“Shel, that’s not funny at all.”, he glared jokingly at me and I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Oh really?“, I taunted while stepping forward and pressing my hands firmly on his chest.

“W-what are you doing?“, he stuttered and shivered at my touch.

“What does it seem like?“, I whispered in a what I believe is a sexy voice.

“Seems like the good girl is no longer a good one.", he muttered to himself.

I chuckled and closed the little distance between us.

“Shel!“, Max groaned and I felt him take a sharp and quick breath when I brushed my lips against his slightly opened ones. I can't believe it's working.

I hummed in response and pecked him on his rosy lips. It should have been a crime for boys to have such pink lips.

“Goddammit, babe! Stop it, I won’t be able to hold myself”, he said through gritted teeth and pulled me more into his embrace.

“Who’s holding you back?", I bit my lower lip and glanced at him with my eyelids almost shutting. An action I've often watched being played repeatedly in dramas as an act of seduction by women. I wanted to try it and see if it works out and seeing his reaction, it did work out for me. It's just that the place and timing was inappropriate. Damn, if only I knew that I would succeed, I would have tried it when we were in the right place and the right time.

“Shit!", he squeezes his eyes tightly shut and his breath came out raspy and heavily.

“We should stop", he whispered huskily, his voice more sexy than ever. I almost moaned out loud when I felt his little Jr bulging through his tight blue jeans and the way he was pressed up against me, wasn’t helping at all.

“This is the second time today.", he grumbled and groaned in annoyance. I chuckled when I realized that he was referring to the little mishap of this morning.

“I’ll give you a third one tonight.", we both froze at my bold move. Max’s arms tightened even more around my waist and he let out a shaky breath, sending a shiver down my spine. Where did I get the gut to tell him that?

“Babe, just shut up”, he shook his head, chuckling here and there.

“Max”, I whined and covered my face in his chest.

“Ooo, the two little lovebirds - ouch!“, a teasing voice was heard and then, Alex stumbled out of the detention room and fell right in front of us.

“What the hell, Connor? Why did you push me?", Alex whined while rubbing his bum.

“Then, why were you sneaking on these two?", Connor demanded and slapped the back of Alex’s head.

“Stop it, bro, it hurts”, Alex stood up and hide behind my back.

“Oh really? You’re such a creep.“, Connor rolled his eyes and walked back in the detention room.

“Alex?“, Max narrowed his eyes at him, well, it was directed to me too since Alex was covering behind me.

“Sis, save me from the devil, please.“, Alex faked a five year old voice and wounded his arms around my waist from behind.

“Alex!“, Max deadpanned while eyeing Alex’s arms.

“Alex, stop it!“, I smiled sheepishly at Max while pushing Alex’s arms away.

“Connor!“, Alex yelled out loud and rushed in the detention room.

“This guy, though!“, Max huffed out loud and pecked my right cheek.

“Hey, you guys can go”, Connor grinned at Max and then, closed the door.

“What? Where? We have detention”, I shook my head at Max who began pushing me gently towards the stairs.

“Chill, the teacher won’t even know. He’s asleep”, Max pointed out and smirked at my scared face.

“But -

“No buts.“, he chided jokingly while grabbing my right hand and rushing us upstairs. “Come on, we’ll be late for our class”, he added and walked down the hallway.

“But where are we going?“, I asked while looking around.

“Our dancing classes.“, he uttered and winked at me.

“Our what? Y-You .... will dance?“, I questioned him while trying my level best to keep the smile from showing up on my lips.

“Yeah, what’s the problem with that? Wait .... are you laughing at me?“, he frowned while studying my face suspiciously.

“Nope.“, I shook my head negatively at him while biting my lower lip to hide the smile which was starting to show up on my face.

“Then, why are you biting your lips like that?“, he pouted and stole a quick kiss again.

“Can you even dance, Mr Badboy?“, I grinned at him and when I saw his shocked face, I bursted out laughing! I just couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Hey, I can dance .... p-pretty well”, he whined but his confused face said it all. The bad boy trying to dance... that will indeed be funny.

“Why did you even -

“No, don’t even ask that question. I just needed to get some good grades, that’s all.“, he shrugged and looked away.

“Sure! Sure!“, I rolled my eyes at him and pushed the door opened.

“Since when did you start caring about your grades? That’s -

“Just shut up”, he looked down while pushing me in the classroom lightly.

He was nervous. The bad boy and nervous. Wow!

“Oh! Look who just decided to grace us with her presence.“, I heard someone sneering and when I looked at the source of the voice, I literally shivered in disgust.

Sandy! What the hell is she doing in this classroom?

“Max!“, she squealed when she saw Max behind me and jumped up to rush towards us but Max pulled me the other way around and walked towards Miss Kim, who was smiling at us. I waved her away and chuckled when she glared at me. Bitch!

“Shelly, where have you been?“, Miss Kim pulled me in a hug and I returned the gesture.

“Sorry for being late.“, I smiled meekly at her and she rolled her eyes at my puppy face.

“No need to apologize, dear. It’s okay!“, she smiled before turning to address the whole class.

“Okay, students! We have two new students who joined us today. Let’s welcome them, Max and Sandy”, Miss Kim glanced at Max and Sandy and gestured for them to come up front to introduce themselves.

“Hey, I’m Max Jackson -

“And I’m Sandy -

“Who doesn’t know her? Bit -

“Kevin!“, Miss Kim harshly interrupted him while Max snickered.

“Oh God!“, Miss Kim shook his head at Kevin and gave Max a pointed look.

“Okay! Go and practice, guys.“, Miss Kim clapped her hands and everyone dispersed into groups to practice their dance.

“Okay, Shelly, will you change your dance partner or remain with -

“I think Shelly will be better off if she partners with me.“, Max jutted in and winked at me.

“What?“, I gasped and looked at Miss Kim who was swooning over us.

“Miss!“, I pouted but she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively at me.

“I think Max is right. You’ll be better off with him.”, she giggled and turned towards Sandy.

“Well, then, your partner will be Greg.“, Miss Kim threw a fake smile at her.

“What?“, she screeched out loud and began throwing a fit.

“No comments!“, Miss Kim rolled her eyes at her.

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