My New Neighbour

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Chapter 61

“Party at my home this Friday", Greg’s booming voice could be heard echoing through the entire empty hallway and everyone laughed at his exciting tone.

“Cool, dude. I’ll be there.”, Jordan waved a hand at him while walking down the hallway, probably to catch up with his next one night stands girls. I shook my head at him. Him and his player ways.

“Well, will my amazing dancing partner be there too?” Greg smirked at me but glanced at a perked up Sandy who squealed in pleasure. He rolled his eyes at her and made his way towards me.

“So?", Greg grinned at me while an embarrassed Sandy stomped her way away from us but not before sending me one of her what-she-thinks-is-a-glare.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to -

“No, I’m not gonna hear it. You’re coming and that’s final.”, he covered his ears with his hands and shook his head from side to side to prevent me from arguing with him.

“Fine!", I huffed and pushed him away. He laughed and went to follow Jordan down the hallway.

“Babe”, a pair of arms wrapped themselves around my waist from behind and I felt a head nuzzling itself in my opened hair. I sighed and relaxed into his embrace while grabbing the back of his hands.

“Hmm”, I hummed in response and he pulled me more closer.

“I don’t like that guy and I don't like it when he talks to you.“, he grumbled and exhaled a long breath as if to get rid of his frustration after seeing Greg talking to me. My heartbeat skipped three times and started fluttering when he kissed my side neck. Shit, I will never understand why I would always get that tingling feeling whenever Max would merely touch me. It’s been always like that. I thought that it was a simple thing but I could feel it expanding into something more powerful from day to day. I sighed again and glanced at his frowning face over my shoulder. I sighed. Do I ever stop complaining?

“That’s a petty thing, Max.", I chuckled at his possessiveness.

“It doesn’t seem like a petty thing to me.", he said through clenched teeth and turned me around in his arms.

“What?“, I giggled when I saw his narrowed eyes studying my face.

“Nothing.", he shook his head at me and ran his right hand through his messy hair. He always does that whenever he was frustrated, so, I knew something was definitely up.

“Tell me, Max.", I said flatly and when he saw my blank and expressionless face, he knew he couldn’t argue anymore.

“Babe, you can never look intimidating to me. You -

“Max", I deadpanned, cutting him off and sending him one of my most serious face that I could muster to show him that I can indeed look intimidating if I want to.

“W-well, I .... “, he stuttered and trailed off while looking in a distance.

“See, I can be intimidating when I want to -

“Stop it, babe. I’m trying to say something.", he rolled his eyes at my winning face.

“Trying? See, I told ya -

“Babe.", he said in a serious tone but I just continued to grin at him to prove my point and at last, he snickered and hugged me.

“Stop hugging me. You’re sweaty and stinky.", I shrugged him off and pulled my hair up to tie it into a loose and messy ponytail.

“Yeah, I know.", he shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal.

“And you smell like -

“Don’t", he raised his index finger at me and tried to warn me but it was too late. “You smell like dog poop.", I yelled at him while running down the hallway in a laughing fit.

“Babe.", I heard him whining from behind and soon, he was running after me. No way, I thought and rushed downstairs. Soon, I was wheezing through the remaining parked cars in the parking lot. Well, that’s a first. I won. Max was nowhere to be found and I squealed in delight. I slowly plodded towards Max’s black motorcycle and leaned on it to wait for it’s owner.

I frowned when I felt my phone vibrating through my back pocket. Who will be calling me at this time of the day? I fished it out and looked at the screen. Max?

Accepting defeat that easily, Mr Jackson? I rolled my eyes and picked it up.

“What?", I scowled and narrowed my eyes at his actions.

“Shelly, you need to get the hell out of there right now.", Max shouted and I nearly screeched at how loud he sounded over the phone.

“What’s wrong?", I asked and pouted in annoyance.

The first thought that crossed my mind was that this might be another prank to get back at me but the seriousness of his voice was -

“Get in the school now.", his booming voice was enough to get my ass moving towards the school all at once.

“Okay. Okay. What stick up your ass? Your shitty ass is really shitting me -ah!“, I screamed in fright when the nearby dumpster exploded into pieces along with the sound of a loud booming gunshot.

I dropped the phone on the ground since my hands were shaking like crazy but as soon as I perched down to retrieve it, several gunshots were being fired and I yelped when one almost passed some millimeters from my left arm, almost grazing my skin. Shit, I felt a weird chilling sensation pass through my whole body when realization dawned on me that these gunshots were being aimed at me. I whipped the phone away from the ground quickly.

“Max", I whispered and hurried to cover behind one of the cars.

“Shelly, listen to me -

“Max, they - ", I jumped and sobbed when more gunshots banged against the car which I took refuge in. I let out a bloodcurdling sound when one of the windows crashed and pieces of glasses flew everywhere. I dunked down when some pieces came straight at me.

“Shelly, you have to get the hell out of there. Get inside -

“I can’t -

“Shelly, please, do you trust me? Shelly p -

“I trust you, Max. It’s just that -

“Then, you need to get inside now -

“Okay”, I whispered and tried to stand up.

“Just close your eyes and do it, love. I’m right here.”, he whispered softly.

His voice being so soothing and vulnerable was enough to make me feel protected. I need to do this. Once I stood up on my feet, I felt like I would fall down again but I held myself up with the help of the car.

I closed my eyes and took one step forward.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

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