My New Neighbour

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Chapter 62

Listening to Max’s soothing voice calmed me a little bit but the swirling emotions in my stomach said otherwise. My mouth went dry and I clutched on my phone, keeping in mind that it’s my only weapon around.

I know that I’m being stupid. But hey, you can’t really blame me, I’m scared shirtless. Anyway, Max listening to everything through the phone was enough to calm me down, he would be able to figure out what’s going on and may be get here as quickly as possible if something was bound to happen to me.

I took a deep breath and took another step forward.

It’s now or never.

More gunshots were being aimed and fired at me as soon as I was right in front of them running like an idiot. I dashed up the remaining steps to get inside, the gunshots trailed behind me, almost getting me in the way but it all stopped once I was fully inside. Luck must have been on my side since I managed to dodge all the bullets in time.

At least, that’s what I thought.

Just when I thought it’ll all be over, my left ankle twisted on the stairs. I yelped when I lost my footing but I managed to hold myself properly before plummeting downstairs. Thew! That was so close to death. Even though I wouldn’t have died with my sudden fall, well, I could have broken a few bones but I would have definitely died if whoever out there would have rained me directly with bullets as soon as my broken ass would be lying out there welcoming him.

“Shelly -

“Max", I huffed out a sigh of relief when I noticed Max holding his right hand out for me. I squeezed his hand hastily and he pulled me up the remaining steps. I clung onto his shoulders like a leach and I felt his arms circling themselves around my waist. I welcomed the warmth it gave me and pulled him more closer if that was even possible.

The gunshots started yet again, banging against the main door which led to the main hallway. Though the windows were shatterproof, the sound those bullets made when they would banged against it, was so loud and deafening. I winced slightly, not at all familiar with the sound of gunshots being fired again and again.

“Please, make it stop.", I screamed in agony, my chest had a burning sensation from yelling out so much.

“It’s okay, babe. I’m here.”, Max whispered, hugging me more tightly while grabbing a handful of my hair to keep me close to his chest. With my right ear already pressed up against his chest, he covered my left ear with his right outstretched palm and it smoothed out the noise a little bit. I tried to control my beating heart which seemed ready to burst out of my chest in a sprint.

A lone tear fell down my already damp cheeks.

I just wanted a simple life .... but not everyone can have it.

“Come, let’s go.", Max rushed us upstairs and soon, Alex and Connor joined us midway. How are they here? Shouldn’t they have been at home already?

“What’s wrong? Who are they?“, Alex’s voice trembled, like he was afraid of something. What’s up with him? I have never seen him like that?

Are we really in serious trouble? How deep is it? But from what?

“Hey bro! Are you okay?“, Max held Alex’s right shoulder with his left hand while his right hand remained pressed up on my lower back protectively.

He said only one word, just one small name....

“Aubrey", Alex whispered and that was enough to make us all freeze in fear of what could possibly have happened to Aubrey if she was out there, alone, with those maniacs who seemed like they are playing a video game with their guns. I shivered at the mere thought of that.

“No way, she had to be at home by now. We had detention and you guys had your extra classes, but Aubrey left when school was over", Connor deadpanned but I could tell that he was holding himself from yelling out. Connor was the more composed one and sure, he always looked like he could wipe you out of existence in an instant but he would never do so if he hadn’t had good reasons for it.

“She isn’t answering my phone, Connor.", Alex gritted out and glared at him.

“Well, why does that concern you? She’s my sister.", Connor shouted back and from the way his jaw was worked up and hands were clenched tightly, his fingers almost turning white, I could feel like he was losing it.

“I’m worried about her, Connor. You never know -

“You shouldn’t be, I’m here for her and I’m not dead -

“I’m not saying something that bad -

“I know what you’re trying to say and I’m just gonna say it once -

“Connor -

“Stay the hell away from my sister or you’ll face it’s consequences -

“Please, Connor -

“And I bet you wouldn’t want to know it’s consequences -

“Connor, listen to me, you’re getting worked up for no reason -

“I mean it, Alex -

“But, you can’t stop me from meeting her -

He was cut off when Connor lunged at him. Connor was short tempered and could do a lot of damage when that temper reaches it’s peak and there’s no going back from there. He reached forward and held Alex’s collar angrily. He shook Alex but the latter barely moved. They were both glaring at each other and I pushed Max slightly towards them. Max glanced at me with a questioning look on his face and I jutted my chin towards the two, he rolled his eyes at me but stepped forward nonetheless to stand between them and held them apart.

“Stop it", Max yelled out and grunted in frustration. His voice held authority and power and that was enough to make them realize just what they were doing. Connor backed up slowly but not before shooting a glare at Alex again.

Alex held his hands up in surrender and glanced at me with a sad face. I swear I saw his eyes tearing up but he looked down before I could clearly see if whether he was indeed tearing up at the mere thought of it or it was just my eyes which were deceiving me.

I knew what he was thinking.

Connor would never accept his and Aubrey’s relationship.

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