My New Neighbour

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Chapter 63

Silence! Complete and utter silence..

The gunshots had stopped and I almost sighed in relief when the banging echoing through the hallways had stopped too. I wished I could heave a real sigh of relief but the tension, the calmness and the silence surrounding us was so immense that you could have heard a pin drop.

Fortunately, a familiar banging from downstairs broke the silence between us and Connor cleared his throat to break the weird tension. However, we all went stiff when we recognized that the familiar banging was in fact the main door swinging open harshly and closing back with a bang that echoed in the whole school since the compound was empty.

Well, it wasn’t really that fortunate.

“We need to get moving.", Max deadpanned while seizing my left hand in a hurry and interlaced our fingers tightly together.

And just like that, we began running like hippos.

For the first time in my life, I wasn’t complaining about how huge the school was. Being huge with lots of stairs going up and up was an advantage to us since there was a lot of space to move and to easily hide. I soon felt a burning sensation sizzling up and down my feet from running so much but I kept moving on since I was being dragged everywhere by Max in every direction or maybe, it was simply due to that fact that there was probably a psycho chasing us who wouldn’t hesitate to kill us once we’ll be sighted.

Despite my aching feet, I kept running but when I really got fed up, I glared at the back of Max’s head since the latter didn’t even glanced back at me to make sure if I were okay. But the way he was squeezing my hand, somehow, reassured me that he only wanted to get us out of this shit as soon as possible.

After a while, Alex fell back and closed his eyes.

That’s when we all came to a harsh stop.

If we would have been in a car, we would have landed directly in God’s lap with such a harsh brake. What am I even thinking? I think I’m going crazy.

“What the hell are you doing, Alex?“, Max exclaimed.

I was about to swing a punch directly in Max’s back for bluntly asking something like that when poor Alex had lost consciousness but stopped when I heard the latter responding with sarcasm dripping in his voice. My fist hanging midway in the air, millimeters from Max’s back. What the hell? I thought he was seriously injured. That asshole.

“You know, I have a really rare disease called ‘lazy as shit’ and my doctor advised me not to move when - “, he groaned and covered his face with his outstretched palms when Max suddenly grunted out and took a threatening step towards him.

“You little mother fu -

Connor started swearing at Alex who was giving us big puppy eyes but Max shut him down too.

“Not now, Conner. Don’t make me use the soap method -

“For that dirty mouth of yours.”, Conner continued it with a robotic tone and smirked devilishly at Max. “I’ve heard that more than a hundred times now.", he winked at us but when Alex snickered, Connor’s gaze shifted and he glared at Alex who now had an innocent look on his face.

Max huffed tiredly with slumped shoulders as if he was tired of their attitudes towards each other.

“But you swear all the time when you’re mad." Alex whined while looking at Max accusingly and shook his arms around like a seven year old child.

I chuckled at his childish behavior and went to sit down beside him since my legs felt stiff but froze when Max uttered his next words.

“I’m me. You’re you. And you can not cuss in front of my girl.", I blushed, looking down and my blush deepened hearing him chuckled amusingly.

I covered my cheeks in embarrassment and my eyes fell on Alex who was grinning mischievously at me. I immediately glared at him but his grin widened even more in response. I pouted and dropped down the idea of sitting beside him.

Connor threw his arms in the air and shook his head at us.

“Do I have to remind you guys that we probably have someone chasing us right now?", he asked through clenched teeth.

“Guys, we haven’t seen anyone yet. We only heard the banging of the door -

“Shh, I think the police is here.“, Connor shushed us while peeping through one of the aligning windows in the hallway, his act suddenly reminding me of the Peeping Tom.

“Shit!", Max cussed out loud and looked to and fro between them. What? Don’t tell me they are doing that mind linking thing like werewolves again. Ugh, it’s so frustrating.

I were about to remind them of my presence when Connor immediately took the initiative. He pushed himself away from the window all at once to remain in the shadows and away from the police sight. He stopped in front of me and held my shoulders softly while gazing into my eyes with a serious expression on his face which would mean only one thing, it’s serious business.

“I just saw some police officers coming in. I need you to remain calm and give them a statement about what happened but... “, he trailed off and glanced at Max with a questioning look who nodded in response with a poker face, like he was afraid to show any kind of emotions right now.

“Don’t and I mean it, don’t include us. Make as if we are not even here.", I gulped hard while bobbing my head up and down to show him that I’ve understood.

“Come here.", Alex pulled me in a corner, behind some lockers, away from any sight. “Just stay here and come out only when you see the police, okay?“, he asked me and I nodded, too afraid to say anything.

“Shelly", Max whispered and slowly made his way towards me to pull me in an embrace.

I returned the gesture almost immediately and took in a long breath, inhaling his comforting cologne. It may sound selfish but I did not want to let go. I just wanted to be held in his arms like this forever but I knew, sooner or later, I would have to let go.

His arms loosened and I let him pull back despite my heart telling me to do otherwise but I ignored it, for once, listening to my brain. He kissed me lightly on the lips and I savored the little moment.

“We’ll be in the art room. Just tell them some lie, babe.", Max whispered and I nodded at him.

My lips began trembling when he stepped behind. God, I’m such a crybaby. No, not anymore. I gave Max a reassuring smile and he winked at me, trying to lighten the situation a little bit and it surely worked.

“Let’s go, guys.", Connor muttered and they began running away to hide, leaving me standing there, looking at their retreating backs like a retarded person.

I grimaced while turning around to wait for the police officers to make their entrance. I sat down against the cold wall and waited to welcome them.

Okay, let’s do this.

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