My New Neighbour

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Chapter 65

I’m really not liking this but what can I do?

“H-He is my classmate and also my... neighbor?“, I said which came out sounding more like a question.

“Okay...“, he trailed off slowly while still pondering on whatever he was figuring out in his mind.

“So, can I go?“, I asked while jutting my right thump back at the door on which I was leaning on.

“Yeah... no wait!“, he exclaimed suddenly.

“What now?", I asked, not bothering to hide the irritating tone to my question and pulled my legs up on the seat, not at all scared of my action or by the fact that I was doing so in a police officer’s car.

He raised one eyebrow at me as if surprised by my audacity but said nothing.

“So?", I gestured for him to speak and for a moment, I felt like I was the officer and he was in my place.

Well, he was really behaving like the culprit right now.

“Can you give me Max’s phone number? I need to speak to him about -

“About what?“, I demanded in a hurry in fear that he might be a pervert.

“What’s up with you? Are you okay?", he frowned down at me and I quickly faked a smile on my face.

“Yeah! Perfectly fine”, I bobbed my head up and down and he awkwardly shifted in his seat.

Oh my god! He’s nervous and he keeps on looking at his hands like he was too scared to look at me directly in the eyes. Oh no! Don’t tell me that he’s really a gay. Or he is -

I jumped forward when I heard loud and harsh pondering behind me. I held in the cry which nearly slipped out of my mouth but I screamed when the officer was yanked out of the car all at once. I tightened my hold on my bag and rushed to open the door but stopped when I saw a hand reaching out to open it. It felt like everything froze and nothing could be heard. Everything was happening in slow motion and the door handle jiggled but I heard nothing. I squeezed my eyes shut but I was brought out of my trance when I was hit with a cold chilling breeze.

I opened my eyes slowly, scared to see the hands reaching out for me but frowned at what I saw. The car door was opened but that was it. No one reached out for me. I held in a breath and dared to sneak outside while trying to be invisible but that was just next to impossible since I would be clearly visible once I would be standing on my own two feet. My forehead ceased to a frown when I saw no one, nothing peculiar. I sprinted around the car to check where the officer was but saw nothing. I looked around, panting heavily, both from holding in my breath and from running around like a rabbit.

I rushed further down the road without looking back, leaving the car in the deserted street. I know that I seem to be somehow foolish to go around wandering instead of just dashing into my house but I felt as if I needed to check where the officer was.

Didn’t you know that curiosity kills the cat?

Well, nothing could go wrong -

Just then I heard some grunting from over the left side of the street right behind me. I gulped hard when I noticed that this part of the street was covered with dense trees. I debated on whether to continue my investigation or not, I found myself already moving forward. As I drew more closer to where the noises were coming from, I felt my gut twisting and clenching into tight knots and I desperately wished that I had ran straight into my house instead of trying to be Nancy Drew.

I gasped at what I saw once I turned around some bushes to satisfy my curiosity, my bag falling on the ground with a heavy thud. Someone was holding the officer against a large tree trunk and punching the hell out of the him while the latter was trying his level best to stop the punches being thrown at him.

I nearly screamed when a large hand covered my mouth from behind and held my waist when I started struggling to break free.

Told yeah, curiosity indeed kills the cat!

Shut up! I’m about to die and you’re trying to prove your point.

“Stop, babe.", a familiar voice whispered in my left ear and I went still.

“It’s okay”, Max kissed my exposed shoulder and I instantly relaxed.

He removed his right hand from over my mouth and pressed his left outstretched palm over my belly. I squeezed his left hand tightly with shaky hands and pressed my back against him, his embrace somehow consoling me. His right hand soon came wrapping itself around my waist and stopped to cover my trembling hands in a comforting way. He put his head in the crook of my neck from behind and inhaled deeply. I held the weight of his head on my left shoulder and unconsciously leaned my head to the right, letting him gain full access of my left shoulder.

“W-who’s that?“, I stuttered and sighed, content of Max’s presence.

I flinched when I heard the officer winced after receiving another full on punch from the guy. The officer’s head jutted upwards when the punch came into contact with his jaw, his hands falling lifeless by his sides. He almost seemed like he was at the peak of losing his life.

“W-who is -

“That’s Blake.... a friend”, he said hesitantly, like he did not even want to tell me but why?

I almost forgot the matter at hand with Max’s hot breath fanning against the left side of my neck, sending goosebumps across my skin but I shook my head and untangled his arms from around my waist and took a few steps forward. Maybe it was because of Max’s presence or perhaps it was just the adrenaline of helping the poor officer kicking in that I forgot about my fear but well, I can only hope that I would still be alive after practically walking into a death trap by myself.

“Shelly”, Max warned me from behind while I felt his arms touching the sides of my waist but I moved out of his reach before he would pull me back and rushed towards the guy who was physically harassing the officer.

“Shelly, no..... wait!", Max chided but I paid him no heed and grabbed the right shoulder of his friend and forcefully yanked him backwards. He lost his footing and tried to catch himself before falling down. I moved out of his way and he went stumbling into Max who was trying to reach me.

“What the fuck -

“Blake!“, Max exclaimed when his friend raised the back of his right hand, most probably to hit me but his hand froze midway when he heard Max.

“Who the hell are you?", he asked and took a threatening step towards me but I squeezed my eyes shut tightly and shielded myself with my hands when I saw him raising his other hand. See, I told you I was damn foolish and obviously a coward.

“What the fuck are you doing, Blake? Are you fucking mad?“, I heard Max shouting through clenched teeth and I soon felt a familiar pair of arms enclosing around me in a protective way, my hands pressed against his chest. I fisted his shirt with my hands and let out a shaky breath.

A real coward!

Just shut up!

I opened my eyes slowly and my gaze fell on Blake from over Max’s right shoulder. When his eyes flicked on me and he caught me already looking at him, he clenched his jaw and held eye contact with me. I shuddered and avoided his glare by closing my eyes again. Max pulled me more closer when he felt me shivering slightly.

“Oops! It seems like you found your girl, huh?“, Blake chuckled darkly but I did not dare look his way. I just kept my eyes close and hide my face deeply in the crook of Max’s neck.

I don't like him.

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