My New Neighbour

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Chapter 66

Why am I being such a coward?

No, compose yourself, Shelly.

I opened my eyes when I heard Blake snorting in disbelief, almost like he was laughing at me.

You have Max with you, Shelly.

Yeah, I have Max with me.

I raised my head to show him that I’m not afraid but he glanced sideways arrogantly before raising one eyebrow at me, as if questioning my guts.

Blake is an Asian guy with dark maroon hair sporting the classic thin white singlet, ripped faded blue jeans and his black leather jacket hanging off his shoulders. He portrayed the stereotypical image of a bad boy. Well, what was I expecting?

Max pulled back after some time but kept his left arm around the back of my waist. For once, I did not look down, instead I looked right back at Blake who had a fixed gaze on Max.

“Blake, please. Why are you behaving like that?“, Max groaned, breaking the silence. When I glanced at Max, he appeared to be too tired and frustrated to deal with it right now with the way he was clenching his teeth.

“All I know is that we have a big deal to handle right now and both you and Alex are being little sissies over some weak girls...", he yelled out loud but trailed off.

Blake made a weird sound deep within his throat, like he cannot believe he is having such a conversation right now.

Some misogynist, sexist he is.

“Blake, please. I know we have some serious issues right now but -

“But what, Max? They are using your girl as a weakness and I can see that you’re shamelessly falling into the trap set by them.", his voice boomed in the deadly empty silent street.

I flinched and took a step back, hoping that no one noticed me but boy, was I wrong? Blake’s eyes flicked upon me and he smirked as if satisfied with my reaction. Max, who had his left hand on my lower back, glanced down at me when he noticed my sudden jump. He moved his left palm up and down gently and I sighed in relief, almost smiling but I pressed my lips together.

Chauvinist pig!

“See, she’s such a coward and you’re being a coward too.", he deadpanned and glared at Max who returned the gesture almost instantly when he looked back up.

I wanted to warn Max to let it go, I just want to go home.

But in vain, after all it was my fault.

I was the one who followed them.

I unconsciously gripped Max’s shirt with my left hand, making his shirt stretched downwards, his upper chest now full on display. When I glanced at Max, I saw him gulping hard, his Adam apple moving up and down slowly then he squeezed his eyes shut.

Wait, what does this mean? Is Max agreeing with him? Am I really a mistake that he made throughout his whole life? Feeling dejected, I looked down and felt my eyes welled up with unshed tears.

Just when I thought I would no longer be a coward.

Well, I guess I’m really a coward.

Time to go home.

Just when I was about to remove my hold on his shirt, he grabbed my left hand and squeezed it gently. I could feel a tingling sensation travel to and fro every core of my body. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, the feelings that I felt skyrocketed at such a small gesture, only this small, little one made me smile. I gulped hard to stop the sobs which were threatening to come out, the same sad tears turning into happy ones.

“She got you hard, I see? Well, what can I do? I think I need to do what we promise to do when one of us would fall for someone, huh? Remember? Our agreement?“, Blake raised one eyebrow at Max who held his eyes without flinching.

Agreement? What agreement?

I was watching them closely with mixed emotions but I made sure not to make eye contact with Blake. He is weird. All I know is that I should probably avoid him. There’s something else in his eyes, something that I’ve never seen through Max, Alex or Connor.

For once, I felt like if I had to ask for help from either Blake or Connor, I would definitely run to Connor, regardless of how rude or demeaning he is. I mean I know Connor a little bit now. Even though, he is cold-hearted and do most of the talks with his penetrating gaze, I would choose him over Blake at any time. Whoa! I never thought that I would be saying such a thing about Connor but well.... everything changes, right? I hope Connor will change someday too. Well, I do believe that there’s no escape from changes.

Changes in life are inevitable and inescapable.

I guess this is moving on.

I’ve also seen how Connor cares about Max and Alex.

Max’s troubles are also his troubles. His words, not mine.

Well, that’s bros for life, huh?

Now that I think about it, this guy standing in front of me is Max’s friend! Like hell... I can’t believe this.

“Can we not talk about this, right now?“, Max seethed out slowly, his voice breaking my train of thoughts. Max’s expression said it all. He desperately wanted to end this conversation but why?

“Yeah. Yeah. Whatever.", Blake grunted and clenched his jaw.

No, I want to know.

“What do we do with him?“, Max asked while jutting his chin towards the police officer who looked half dead already.

The tension between them now gone, like they did not just had an argument but the air was still stiff, reminding me that this argument wasn’t over. I heaved out a deep breath, a lot of questions pounding in my mind.

Max stepped forward, towards Blake and the police officer, leaving me standing by myself behind. I picked up my bag from the ground and held it to my chest without removing my gaze on Blake. Well, what? I was still a little bit weary about the guy.

My bag becoming my companion once again.

Max tapped the officer’s cheeks slowly to wake him up but instead of opening his eyes, he kept groaning and moaning in pain. Max shook his head at the sight in front of him and stepped back. Blake hoisted the officer up and held him straight. He grabbed the latter’s right arm and wounded it around the back of his neck with his right hand while holding his weight with his left arm. The officer kept swinging back and forth, his head rolling backwards.

“I’ll take him with me. Once he gets up, I’ll see what he has to say...“, Blake trailed off and his piercing eyes met Max’s already fixed gaze.

Cue the werewolves’ mind linking thing. I just rolled my eyes at them. For all I know they could both be real werewolves. Like seriously.

Gr, whatever. I just want to be back home.

Max took a few retreating steps backwards while nodding his head slowly.

“Let’s go, Shelly.", Max turned around and took my bag in his left hand.

He wounded his right palm around my left wrist and pulled me alongside him. I followed him quietly and glanced over my left shoulder for one last time to see Blake looking darkly at us...

... at me.

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