My New Neighbour

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Chapter 67

“What the hell was that, Max?", I whisper yelled as soon as I got into my bedroom.

I threw my school bag on the bed and twisted around to face Max. He had a forlorn look on his face while he shook his head negatively at me. When I raised an eyebrow questioningly at him, he sighed dejectedly and looked down.

Feeling my temper rising, I stomped towards him, my two hands fisted tightly by my sides. Max glanced up worriedly when he heard my advancing steps, his eyes widening in fright at the last moment but couldn’t avoid it when I punched his two shoulders in anger, making him sway on his feet.

I grabbed his collar and pulled him straight before his ass could kiss my bedroom floor. He heaved out in relief before taking another lungful breath when he realized that my hulk like face was merely millimeters away from his face. He smiled sheepishly while trying to untangle my hands from his collar but couldn’t.

“What? Do you think you can escape this situation like always?“, I demanded through gritted teeth.

“Max, I need to know.", I clenched my teeth in anger.

“Shelly”, he started off softly but I knew he’ll try to make me forget whatever happened at school and outside school but no, not anymore.

“Please, Max. I need to know.”, I muttered with a frown on my face.

“Baby -

“I could have died today, Max. That police officer? Who is he? Blake? Who the hell is Blake? He can’t be your friend. He does not look like your friend. Who is he, Max? The gunshots? What would have happened if I was shot? If I had just died right there at school? Would you like that? Don’t you think I deserve some answers? All those times, I let go when you would tell me to forget it. I did not question you once. I know that I was stubborn and persistent at times but it was always me who had to be submissive. Enough is enough. I need to know. Who are all those people, Max? Who are they? Are -

“Shush”, Max pressed his right index finger my lips, quickly sealing my mouth shut.

He untangled my hands from his collar and pressed them against his chest, right over his beating heart. I could feel his heartbeat start to pick up, maybe from the fact that he was about to tell me everything or maybe... it was because of my touch? No, it can’t be but that little interaction sent sparks up my arms and into my whole body.

“I’ll tell you but I need you to take a long deep breath first.”, he nodded slowly at me and I inhaled a long breath while he kept his eyes on me.

He smiled once I exhaled and kissed my forehead.

“Blake is one of my best friends too. He helped me when I was at my lowest point in life. I met him when... when my father left my mother. That bastard left us to depend for ourselves and that too when my mother had a child growing in her womb. She had a job but she had taken her leave at that time and we were all dependent on my father but I guess, my father just did not care. We were facing a lot of financial problems and feeling all the responsibilities thrust upon me, I just couldn’t avoid it and just like that, I met Blake when I was searching for a job.", he paused for a while and chuckled almost darkly.

“I guess, we better sit down.", he threw a smile my way but I just rolled my eyes at him.

“Stupid ass.”, I stick my tongue out at him.

How disgusting!

I know!

“Hey - He rebuked back but I cut him off by pulling him towards my bed.

“So?", I asked him once we were sat down.

“So? You just called me a stupid ass. How could you just -

“Oh, just shut up.", I shushed him down and he pouted like a cute little puppy.

“Whatever" , he shook his head amusingly at me.

“Continue.”, I waited expectantly for his response to which he nodded, a small glint of delight flickering in his eyes.

“Blake wasn’t the bad guy like in most stories, someone in despair would encounter, he was in fact more than just a best friend to me. He acted like an older brother even though, he was simply one year older than me.", he snickered but soon started laughing while looking deep in thoughts. I chuckled along with him and just stared at him. He looked so carefree, laughing his heart out and this sight made me remember when we had met for the first time, our fight in the park.

I was brought out of my trance when he continued on speaking.

“You know, you will definitely like him if you wouldn’t have met him in such a situation. He’s the funniest guy you could have ever met in life. He’s even more funny than Alex but he can be really scary, like very very very scary when he has to be. I know you must be wondering why he has to be scary. He too, had to take over a lot of responsibilities when he was at my age at that time, that’s why he felt as if he needed to help me because he had no one to help him when he needed help. He did not want me to feel the same pain that he had felt when his father passed on his job to him -

“What job?", I couldn’t stop myself from interrupting him.

“A gang leader.”, he muttered and smirked at my face.

“What?", he cupped my face in his warm outstretched hands.

To say that I was shocked would be an understatement.

Max was trying desperately to hide the smile which was slowly making it’s way on his lips but well, you guessed it right, he’s failing. I hit the back of his head and the smile instantly vanished. Like thin air. I would have chuckled at his face expression but I was in too much shock to feel anything.

“You’re telling this as if you’re asking about today's weather forecast.", I shook my head at him when he frowned in doubt.

“What? That’s a normal thing to say, right?", he questioned dumbly with his face dripping with confusion.

Such a dumbo boyfriend.

“It’s normal for you but not for me. Well, considering the fact that I met some wonderful illegal car racers and they also happened to be my friends... uh.. not to forget that one of them is my boyfriend and yeah, I met some really horrendous evil gang members. I really find Blake being a gang leader a normal thing and... oh! He’s my boyfriend’s best friend.", I took a deep breath as soon as I said everything that has been on my mind and glanced at Max with a duh look on my face.

He snickered at me and tucked a strand of my hair which had slipped out of my messy ponytail behind my left ear. The action leaving a chilling sensation going down my spine.

“Okay, okay.", he smiled and raised up his hands at me.

I chuckled and gave him a tight hug.

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