My New Neighbour

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Chapter 69

“So?", Max smirked at me once the movie was over.

“So what?", I looked at him wearily while he leaned down to kiss me.

“Stop it.”, I giggled and pushed him away.

If you’re wondering what is happening right now, let me just fill you in about what we’ve done for the last few hours. After deciding that we really needed a break after all those things Max told me about, Max suggested that we should watch a movie.

After two to three movies, we got tired of just sitting around and our asses were seriously starting to get the form of a square. Just kidding! Mine is still sexily rounded but I don’t know about Max, though.

Stop being sassy about your bum!

Shut up.

I slipped out of his embrace but his arms wounded around my waist again and he pulled me back in his lap.

I gasped and squealed when his right hand almost sneaked up my exposed belly. Stupid pervert hand.

“Just craving for your hug, babe.”, he pecked my right cheek while I rolled my eyes at him and his cheesy lines.

I giggled and faced him.

“I need to tell you about something else, Shelly.”, he seriously said after some time, the fact that he used my name sent a chill down my spine.

Well, you can’t really blame me, he only uses my name when he’s serious.

It’s time to continue our discussion that we left midway. However, as much as I want to hear the real truth about everything, I wasn’t really looking forward to learn more after knowing about Max’s father.

I leaned back and sighed in relief when he tightened his hold on me. I would always find myself comfortable and safe in his arms.

“About what?", I find myself questioning him.

I struggled to swallow the lump that has formed in my throat but I stayed quiet and waited for him to tell something.

“Aiden! He’s part of my father’s gang. That’s why he’s been following me around, trying to cause troubles and all but he’s been following everything that my -

“That your father has been ordering him to do, right?", I asked him and the latter nodded in response.

Wow! Like this could not get any interesting.

Aiden! That asshole is really gonna pay for his deeds.

“Babe, listen to me. You have nothing to worry about. The guys and I will handle this, so you don’t have to -

“Just shut up, okay? You can’t just tell me not to worry. Like seriously, how -

“Shelly, please. This is my problem and you don’t have to poke your nose in any of my business that doesn’t concern you, okay? Can’t you just -

“It is my problem too and you can’t deny the fact that -

“That what? Huh? What are you trying to say? That I’m the one who brought you in the middle of everything? Then go. Just go away and -

“What?", I whispered while getting up and shook my head in disbelief at him.

I can’t believe he said something like that.

Is that how it was supposed to be?

“Shelly, look, I’m s-sorry -

“Go!", I muttered.

“Baby, please.", he looked at me with begging eyes.

“Just go, Max.", I turned my back to him.

“As you wish.”, he simply said and stomped towards the door.

I closed my eyes when tears began brimming at the corners of my eyes.

I jumped in fright when a loud bang echoed around me.

That’s when I lost it and in spite of my best efforts, tears spilled from my eyes and ran down my cheeks. I angrily wiped them away with one hand but to no avail. I sank to my knees and sobbed.


I wiped my damp eyes and cheeks while glancing up when I heard loud music playing downstairs. I got up, hiccuped twice and blew out my nose in the last piece of tissue paper that was fortunately still alive. The others were crumpled in a big mess and thrown around me like garbage.

Thew! Now, I can understand why Aubrey lost it when Ethan left her. Before, when she was going through her first heartbreak, I was so torn myself because I couldn’t help her. Everything that I was saying at that time only made her cry even more louder. Why? I did not know. Maybe, it was because I knew nothing about heartbreaks. Well, it was my brother who helped her.

I giggled when I remembered that night, that girl though. Aubrey always knew how to cheer me up even when I was going through my deepest sorrow, like this one for instance.

My train of thoughts was broken when the person increased the volume of the stereo, well, let’s just say that my house was now shaking with each booming beat that the heavy song was blasting.

My parents. I thought while frowning confusingly.

Oh my God! Don’t tell me they’ve gone mad.

I hastily rushed out of my bedroom.

I literally flew downstairs.

The sight shook me.

I was jungshook!

That’s when I recognized the song that was now playing, it was a Jennifer Lopez’s song and that too my mom’s favorite one. Guess which one?

“..... taken for granted, ignored, overlooked, under appreciate. We have a big big problem, ladies. First you’ve got to get mad...”

My mom who was placing a plate of food in front of father, snatched the poor newspaper that my father was holding in his hands and the latter gaped in surprise.

Well, I guess mom got tired of telling dad to put that newspaper away every time. After seeing my mom’s face expression, I wouldn’t have dared do what my dad did after seeing that the food that was being served was yesterday’s leftovers dinner.

He grimaced at the food and slightly pushed his plate away.

“Can we just order pizza or can you -

“I ain’t gon’ be cooking all day, I ain’t your mama...“, mom starts singing along while Max tried his level best not to laugh out loud, his face was bright red and he almost looked like a chipmunk with his puffy cheeks.

Thinking about him, what the hell is he still doing here?

“No o o oooo, I ain’t your mama...“, mom simply grabbed the plate of food and threw all the food in the dustbin and when she glanced at Max, the latter quickly munched on his food quietly, like an innocent child trying to escape from his mother’s wrath.

I rolled my eyes at him and giggled at my dad’s face. He must have surely said something offensive to mom and the fact that this song started playing might have been just in mom’s favor at the moment.

Perfect timing. Great going, mom. Great going.

“Things are about to change, I hear, I hear...“, mom simply flipped her hair when dad gave her a puppy face, clearly trying to apologize for his mistake.

“We used to be crazy in love. Can we go back to how we were? When did you get too comfortable?...“, my mom slapped my dad on the back of his head and I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I burst out laughing my ass off and sat down on the last step of the stairs while clutching my belly.

Oh my God! This is epic, I can’t...

“Lucky to have these curves, ah-yeah! Stuck hitting on my nerves, ah-yeah! You’re still tryna ride this train?, ah-yeah! But....“, my mom gestured to her still in shape body while singing her lung out, well, she has to maintain her body figure since she’s herself a designer and she has to also, deal with her models and all. So, my mom indeed has an amazing figure, despite her age.

Dad’s eyes widened and he awkwardly looked everywhere but at mom while Max quickly got up while stumbling out of the dining room and coming to stand next to me to avoid this embarrassing situation.

“Mom", I exclaimed but I couldn’t stop laughing to warn her about Max being in the room.

Max averted his gaze from my parents and he stared at me, I knew what he wanted to tell me.

“I’m sorry.", he mouthed and I simply rolled my eyes at him.

I’ll probably get a headache with rolling my eyes that much.

“Please.", he whispered and stepped closer to me.

“Forgive me, babe.”, he gave me his puppy face.

I simply kissed his pout away while smiling at him.

He grinned at me and winked before pulling me in for a hug.

“Love you.”, he kissed my left exposed shoulder.

“Love you too.”, I shivered icily at his touch.

We both sighed in relief and in content.

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