My New Neighbour

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Chapter 7

Well, let’s get it on, i thought and grabbed my purse.

I put my phone in and zipped it up. I walked downstairs and saw my dad and Max laughing their asses off. Since when did dad warm up to him? I shook my head at their behaviour.

Max looked up when he saw me coming and his eyes swarmed over my body, taking in my appearance. He smirked as if he was satisfied. I felt self conscious again. I can’t help myself from blushing.

What the hell Shelly? Compose yourself.

I tried my level best to compose myself and looked straight ahead, acting normal. I smiled warmly at him, acting good in front of my parents but be ready Max Jackson, once we leave the house *evil laugh* you will be running away from me.

“Shall we go?”, Max asked and shook hands with my father. I nodded and followed him out.

“Bye mom and dad”, I screamed from outside and adjusted my dress well.

“Bye princess”, I heard dad and closed the door.

“Bye and have fun”, mom yelled back and I chuckled. Sure mom, this is what I was thinking. I am gonna have so much fun harassing Max.

“So, are you ready for our date?”, Max asked once we were settled in his car.

“What? Are you crazy? Who do you think you are? We are only going shopping and that’s all. Do you get that?”, I said through gritted teeth and glared at him. I crossed my arms over my chest and looked outside the window completely avoiding him.

But that did not last for long as Max started the car and reversed the car out of the driveway harshly. I was thrown against the door and then at Max. If there wasn’t a seat belt attached to me, i swear i would have been dead by now. He continued driving like a maniac, keeping a death grab on the steering wheel.

His knuckles turned white and he looked furious. His face was solid hard and his eyes narrowed straight ahead. Damn! I think I should not have done that. I should not have screamed at him like that. But it’s too late now. Of course not! It’s never too late. I have to stop him. Yaa, right! Stop him!

“Max, stop it, you are scaring me, please, Max”, but he did not even glanced at me.

“Max, stop!”, I grabbed his left arm begging him to stop. I was screaming like a mad woman at him but he was acting like a deaf person. Oh shit! What should I do? I started panicking and with the car flying down the road, I couldn’t think straight.

“Please, Max, stop it! Stop the car!”, I screamed and cried at the same time. What is wrong with him? I began sobbing uncontrollably. I am gonna die. I am gonna die. I am gonna die. I kept chanting this in my head. Tell my parents that I love them. Tell Rey that am gonna miss her and tell Liam that I love him too.

I jerked forward when the car went still abruptly. I screamed again and lifted my hands to protect myself, shielding my face.

Silence. Complete and utter silence. Is this how death feels like? Am I in heaven? I heard a smack and I hissed in pain. Why am i being beaten? Oh no please! I can’t be in hell. I did nothing wrong. I am so innocent and good to be in hell. I should be in heaven.

I heard a smack again and felt someone shaking me. I opened my eyes and yelped in fright when I saw Max looking at me with wide opened eyes. He was too closed for my liking. He was leaning over me.

Am I alive? Oh I am alive! Thanks God! I am alive! I smiled. I am alive. I couldn’t look at Max. He was only an inch away. If he moved, his lips would be over mine. I looked around and saw that Max stopped the car in the middle of the road but the road was deserted.

I took a long breath when I felt Max thumping my tears on my face gently. I looked up and met his eyes. He was looking at me worriedly. Is my eyes betraying me? What the hell? Max looks so caring. I nodded and gulped down. I smiled at him and he huffed out a sigh of relief.

That did not last long as Max eyes widen even more with recognition when he noticed his actions. He narrowed his eyes at me and I glared at him. Was he bipolar or what? His moods keep swinging more than a pregnant woman.

Wait! Did he slapped me? That smack! He slapped me. I lifted my right hand and checked my right cheek.

“Did you slap me?”, I questioned him but he kept quiet and sat back on his seat.

“Answer me”, I said through gritted teeth and grabbed his left arm to make him look at me. And that sure got a reaction from him. He turned and faced me with red eyes. His cheek bones visible and he ran his right hand through his hair multiple times. Great! I have awaken the monster again.

He raised his left hand and I flinched. He is going to slap me again. I squeezed my eyes shut and waited but got nothing.

“God! Shelly? Shelly, look at me”, Max grabbed my shoulders and turned me to face him. I looked at him and he kept his eyes on me.

“Sorry! I am sorry, I am truly sorry for what I have done and for yesterday too”, he apologized and looked down, his arms dropping down and then he turned away. He started the car again and drove at a constant speed.

I was still in a shock. Did Max Jackson apologized to me? Has he even said sorry before. The word sounded foreign on his lips.

I was brought back from my thought when Max opened the car door for me, waiting for me to get out. Have we reach the shopping mall? I looked around and saw that Max has parked the car near the front of the parking lot.

Max was waiting patiently for me. I grabbed my purse and unclasped the seat belt to get out. He closed the door once I was outside and locked his car. I smiled in content when I looked around.

“Come. Let’s go”, Max said and walked inside. I followed him quietly. We soon stopped in front of Friends ( I invented a name ), the big library with all types of stationery and book stories and variety of pens. This place is my paradise.

I smiled widely at Max and then rushed inside. The small scene in the car long forgotten now that I am here, enjoying the smell of new books. Call me a freak but this is how I am. I love it here. My most favourite place in the whole world, is a library.

I need a new backpack, new notebooks, some of those little purple felt-tip pens and some new story books, I thought. I checked my mobile and saw that it was still three o’clock. Thank you mom for forcing me to tag along with Max. Thinking of him, I looked back but he was nowhere in sight. God! Don’t tell me I have to go searching for him now.

Oh it’s gonna be a long day.

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